We had the last of a Toys R Us gift card we needed to spend, so we headed to Tanger Outlets this morning. Quinn was very happy with his selection of a Vampirina. He loves all things Halloween.

I finally put a picture of Quinn up at work. He was shopping for a birthday gift in the photo. The car is one he wanted to give me.

It is very cold, every morning at work.

I went fowling after work with some co-workers. It's basically using a football to bowl. It was harder than it looked like it would be.

He's very sleepy but very adamant that he is not.

I've been having a hard time taking a break at lunch lately to run at the Y. I finally made it out today.

I love this restaurant. It's tasty and childhood memories all rolled into one. The only thing missing today was my brother eating extra pieces of olga bread.

I charged my 3DS to play some Fire Emblem while Quinn enjoys some Mario Kart. Things worked well until he discovered Luigi's Mansion and insisted he play the spooky game on the 3DS.