I spent a decent part of the day cooking and baking different things.
 We also had some friends over for some 5 person Smash!
Comfort and Adam came over and the 5 of us tried a few rounds of Smash, and then a quick river rafting game in Mario Party.

Today was a pretty heavy arts and crafts day. In the morning we painted Quinn's magic wand. It's a motion activated circuit playground express, and he absolutely loves waving it around to make magical things happen.
I also spent some of the afternoon finally painting a Tardis as part of a larger project.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate arrived today. Anytime a new game (or anything new) appears the little one needs to check it out. 
So we all played together a little and he played a few rounds himself.

I played a bit more Civ VI on the switch at lunch. I'm not great at it, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Oh man, every time I say "I will eat better" something delicious floats into my field of view and I can't help myself.

I tore through the latest Pokemon go for the Nintendo Switch. I really enjoyed it being on a larger device since playing on the 3DS for an extended period of time causes my tendonitis to flare up.

The game was good and I really enjoyed the Pokemon Go! integration.

I picked up this illustrated copy of the first Harry Potter book to read to the little one. The pictures really help and he's been enjoying it!

Made some cookies today. Let the baking for the holiday season begin!