We went to see our first movie in the theater - Cars 3! He's a big fan of Lightning McQueen (or Lightning THE Queen as he calls the car) and has enjoyed all of the movies so far.

He did pretty good, although we had to help hold his seat down. Also, he was pretty insistent on standing for a big chunk of the movie, which worked well since the theater was mostly empty. The movie wasn't bad either and much better than Cars 2.

It's been a fun day. Quinn finished up his swim lessons, we made a peach cobbler (which the toddler snubbed), and we read books in bed. He was so excited that we even had to swap so he could read my book and I could read his Frozen book.

My old wireless headphones have had issues. I like the earbud form factor, but a lot of them are very expensive. Since I've been using just one ear bud for awhile, I decided to get a cheap bluetooth headset. It has a longer battery, fits in my ear better, and has better sound quality.

I would have preferred headphones, but for triple the price, I'll use one earpiece for now.

Cartoons are a good distraction when I need to clip his nails (which he hates for some reason).

He loves pulling this wagon around.

We spent all morning (from 2:30am to about 6am) at the local hospital. Chris was in a lot of pain from a kidney stone so we went in to make sure it wasn't stuck and to get some pain relief.

Quinn was pretty well behaved, all things considering. We even ended up having a pretty private waiting room area with a kids table and fish tank.

I forgot my gym bag at home so I took a quick stroll in the humidity and heat at the local park.

We decided to do an early trip to the zoo today. Our timing was fantastic. It wasn't too hot or cold and it was early enough that the zoo wasn't busy and the animals were fairly active.
 The otters were super playful and fun to watch.
As usual, the little one had a great time running around. The zoo is small enough that we don't typically bring a stroller any more. For those times when he does get too tired to walk Chris and I trade off carrying him. That's a lot less stressful than arguing with him while he tries to drive a stroller into every barricade or person he comes across.