It's Father's Day! We've had a pretty good day. Quinn slept in, had fun sharing Chris's father's day gift (super hero duplos) and running around the John Ball Zoo. Chris got to take a mini-nap and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there (hi dad!).

Chris wanted to spend part of this weekend building some shelves. Since we were already out and about for swim lessons, Quinn and I ran a bunch of errands around town.

Around 3pm this afternoon 3 adorable puppies showed up in the lobby at work. Someone who works in the building owned one and brought in their siblings.

They were so adorable. Puppies should definitely visit offices more often. 

So I texted a co-worker that I was going to be late in the morning so no one would worry I had been in a car accident.

When I came in to the office there was a sympathy card and flowers (picked fresh from the side of the road) for surviving my not-accident.

These guys are so silly and a great group to work with.

We did some swimming practice after dinner tonight. Usually when we go the kids area water toys are off, so it was fun to see them on for a change.

After reading a scathing (and amusing) review out loud on the Pepsi Fire, that same co-worker picked up a 12 pack for everyone in the office to try.

We will see...

So I'm starting Couch to 5K again. I had nearly finished it and then found out I was pregnant (and started spotting) so I stopped a few summers ago. Since my work gives a discount on membership at the YMCA and I'm already taking Quinn for swimming lessons, I thought I'd squeeze in some exercise on my lunch break.

 We took a road trip over to the east side of the state with some friends of ours and their daughter who is 3 1/2.
It was their first time at the Detroit Zoo so we had a lot of fun showing them the cool (also known as air conditioned) buildings. Unfortunately it was 90 degrees today, just like the last time we took Quinn.
After, since we are so close to my parent's house, we stopped in so the kids could take a break and wade in the pool.