I finished the C25K program earlier in the summer and I've been running several times a week since. Today was the first 5K I've signed up for.
 Quinn and Chris came out to watch and see the festivities 
My only goal was to complete it with running only, which I did. I averaged a little over 12 minute miles and I'm ok with that. 

If it had been 10 degrees cooler that would have been awesome, but 65-70 degrees is not too bad.

We went to a friend's wedding reception today. Lynn looked wonderful and her husband is delightful. I'm so happy for her!

Who can say no to cupcakes for breakfast? Apparently I can't.

I'm really enjoying the demo of The Octopath Traveler (which is a terrible title). I love the SNES graphics in a 3D environment. Nostalgic yet fresh.

Quinn is starting to get the hang of the buttons on video game controllers. He gets very insistent that I let him try to move characters.

It's sunny and warm out today at lunch.

My co-workers had a little surprise for me when I came back from a week off...

Tonight is the premiere of The Orville, which is a Star Trek-like comedy. Adam and Comfort came over and Quinn stayed up to watch the "space show."