He will finally get on Sandy, the penny pony at Meijer, but he absolutely will not let us put a penny in. A year ago he wouldn't get on Sandy, so I guess we are making progress?

It's another year for Grand Rapids Comic Con! We visited our friends Adam and Comfort, as well as Corinne.
 We also played some arcade games together.
And did lots of LEGO construction!

It snowed overnight and the 3 year old is beyond excited!

He wouldn't wear these earlier this year when we were at Great Wolf Lodge, but he's all about these wolf ears now.

They're celebrating birthdays again this month at work, which means delicious cakes, pies and more!

It's important to vote!

Some co-workers brought me post-conversion presents, including this hilarious dolphin. I am totally leaving this guy in the corner in my office to greet visitors.

It's day two of the conversion and we're still going strong. One happy coincidence is that since this conversion is right after Halloween a ton of people brought in their left over candy. Delicious snacks all day long.