The toddler brought me all of these shoes. Every. Single. Shoe. He. Could. Find.

After work Quinn and I went outside to water some plants. He has his own watering can now and he's very excited.
We also started some seeds in his very own pots. He was pretty excited to drop seeds in the dirt.

Today is my Mother's day and I was greeted with some flowers and chocolate as well as a tasty pancake breakfast. Then we all drove over to the YMCA by my work because I wanted to take Quinn there for swimming. He had fun, but was a little hyper since it was a new space.

All in all a good Mother's Day.

Mothers Day is this weekend so we drove to the east side of the state to celebrate early with family.

Quinn really enjoyed a cupcake for lunch.
 And he had a lot of fun driving a truck around Grandma Karath's apartment.
 He played with some sidwalk chalk at Grandma and Grandpa Oslund's house.
 And ran around like a maniac at the nearby park, enjoying all of the different slide options.
He was so exhausted from such a fun filled day that he slept the car ride home and stayed asleep when he was moved to the crib (which he doesn't often do).

Played a board game at lunch with some co-workers.

Today is the second time a few co-workers and I went out to Geeks Who Drink trivia. There were just three of us this time and we had a pretty good time. Plus, they took our photo and we're on their website for the recap!

I've been trying to prepare some of Quinn's breakfasts with funny faces to encourage him to eat some of the different 

Unfortunately he was not fooled and ate no strawberries.

While Chris worked on assembling Quinn's play house, we took a trip to the local library to pick up a few things and play.