I'm starting to collect enough toys on my desk that I'm making little scenes with them. I think that means I might have too many.

I feel like it's been raining for days. It can stop anytime...

Despite the sprinkling this afternoon, we went out on a bug hunt. We didn't see any bugs but we did catch a little frog.
And we promptly let it go off on it's merry way.

We haven't been to the Detroit area since before Easter, so now that everyone is feeling better we headed out for fun with Grandma Karath.
 There were lots of new toys to play with so everyone had lots of fun.
 And of course new toys at the the Oslund grandparent's household too.
 The weather was nice with just some sprinkles here and there.
Since Deadpool 2 opened this weekend, we left the little one with the grandparents and went out with Jeff to enjoy a Saturday afternoon matinee.
It was a fun-filled day and Quinn slept pretty good when we arrived home.

I drove to a nearby park on my lunch break and played a little Banner Saga on the Nintendo Switch. I really do love this device. It's an excellent form factor.

It's great when the blue sky peeks through the clouds. It's even better when the weather is warm out!

They are an important part of the day.

I had meetings double booked with meetings. I ended up using my phone and earbuds to take my second meeting since I couldn't find anywhere in the building with a free phone.

It's been a busy day.