This weekend is Grand Rapids Comic Con. We spent half the day at the con with Quinn, who had a blast! He loved all of the attention he received, because who doesn't love a mini-Iron Man with a light up arc reactor.
We stopped by to see Adam and Comfort at their booth, and Corinne (but we forgot to snag a photo of her booth!). I met up with a co-worker and we all walked around the show.

At lunch today a bunch of us played Mario Kart. Nintendo's Switch really is an excellent form factor.

Some items I purchased from Adafruit for Halloween decorations and costumes arrived today. Quinn had a lot of fun with everything.

A co-worker brought in a bunch of Halloween trinkets for an event. He had extra so he gave everyone around him some cool desk decorations.

Quinn spent part of the evening with me while I was sewing in our bedroom. He's very into the dump truck he and Chris picked up today, carting a load of bells back and forth on the table.

I bought a giant bag of candy from Costco last week so I filled this back up today. We have plenty of candy for the next few days, at least.

 Lorelei turned 4 this week! She's getting so big. Her birthday party was today and tons of fun.

Quinn got to hit his first pinata.
 And there were fun photo standees that Dan's mom made. 
Overall Quinn had a great time, even running around outside despite it being freezing!

We woke up and headed out to Quinn's swim lesson in the morning. Chris dropped us off to do shopping so we had a little time before we got picked up. Quinn was very excited to run on the indoor track.
It rained pretty heavily all day today, which meant the outdoor Halloween activities we were going to do were canceled. I spent a big chunk of the afternoon working on my costume instead. Quinn watched the Trolls movie for the umpteenth time as a refresher for a birthday party tomorrow.
By 5:30pm Quinn was out. It's been a busy few days for the little guy.