It's going to be a day of assembling a lego kit.

 Chris made the little one a Poltergust-G00 (which is the games version of a Ghostbuster backpack)
We took the skywalk to the convention, which I absolutely love and miss, now that the weather is turning cold. I can't wander around in an office park the same way I could when I worked downtown.
 We stopped by to visit friends at their booths, including Corinne Roberts.
 As usual, we spent time at the lego table, letting the little one build.
The nice thing about the skywalk is that you go through a hotel. Since Luigi's Mansion 3 takes place in a hotel (as opposed to a haunted mansion), it was perfect for a ghost-busting Luigi to explore.

Chris made the little one an elevator button from Luigi's Mansion 3.

It's too early for these. Please make it go away.

It's coming early this year.

We've moved from Harry Potter to Luigi this week, thanks to Luigi's Mansion 3.

Little one decorated a turkey for school. I especially like that he insisted on using a Splatoon sticker.

The little one is sick, I'm sick, and we're just cooped up in pretending to be Luigi's together.