Another fun morning swimming. He is getting more and more comfortable with the water, although he still won't put his face in it.

Chris's cousin was in town today so the stopped by with their two little ones for some fun cousin playtime.

The new pokemon game came out today, so we tried it out a bit after dinner. I picked up the pack with the pokeball controller, which works perfectly for the little one. He loves the lights, the sounds, and the vibrations.

Well, it was going to start sooner or later. I was just hoping for later.

It's important to keep everyone's feet warm.

The touch screen in our new car works well with gloves. I honestly didn't even think about it but as soon as I got in today I was convinced it wouldn't work. I was wrong! It makes sense that they'd build the screens to be both resistivite and capacitive, but it's still nice to confirm.

The fun thing about Starlink is that the toys that came in the box are just that - toys. I'm sure I will regret this purchase at some point, but right now the little one is enjoying being Star Fox in a video game and outside.

He will finally get on Sandy, the penny pony at Meijer, but he absolutely will not let us put a penny in. A year ago he wouldn't get on Sandy, so I guess we are making progress?