West Michigan had an ice storm last night, which meant everything was coated in the morning. We lost power right before I left for work, but thankfully it came back on by mid-day so the house wouldn't get too cold.

We're supposed to get more ice again tomorrow so that will be fun.

At least the temperatures are warm enough now that salt is effective.

I avoided this game for a good long while. I thought it was like Farmville, and who needs that? I never played Harvest Moon, so I didn't quite understand the reference.

This is very much like Farmville meets Animal Crossing and with a dungeon to go through and all kinds of mysteries to solve. It's a lot more fun an addictive than I thought it would be!

This is an insanely large Oreo cookie. Kinda gross too.

We started off the day with some silly Duplo creations, including this heart which many creatures enjoyed climbing.
We had some crazy banana monsters as well, and then finished up the second Harry Potter movie this afternoon. He's been calling me Hagrid for a few days now, and I'm not sure if I that's a compliment or an insult. Either way, it's funny.

I wasn't nearly as on top of it this time around for Harry Potter-themed food. The movie will take us two days since it's so long and I didn't really get too elaborate this time. I sliced up some bananas, put some gel on them for eyes and called them Aragog's children.

We did watch one half of the movie, which he loved. We also played some LEGO Harry Potter.

We finished up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He's anxious to start in on this one, which he's been asking to read since first seeing it. He's very interested in what this bus is all about.

On my drive in to work there were two rainbows visible. It was an interesting thing to drive toward in the morning. 
The neighborhood is pretty with all of the snow, even if it makes things slow going.

It's another snow-filled day. I decided not to go in, which was good since our offices ended up being closed shortly thereafter. I filled the bathtub with water so Quinn and I had fun for a little bit.
The high for today is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Not warm at all...

I stand by my earlier comment that non-essential workers shouldn't be asked to come in. Retail workers especially being asked to drive in for minimum wage in this type of weather is an atrocity. We need better labor laws so there is protection and guaranteed wages so people who cannot afford it do not get forced to go into work in such dangerous conditions.
We spent a lot of time indoors. I played a far amount of Stardew Valley, Chris enjoyed quiet time and the little one had fun bouncing from activity to activity.