NOTE: Update 1/9/2013: A full project update can be found here.

I'll admit it's been awhile since I've messed with the arduino. I've been pretty into Guild Wars lately so I haven't been messing with it as much. But this morning I decided to get this little project going again.

This version (as opposed to the RF transmission one) involves using an ethernet connection and pushes notifications to iOS using Prowl. There's a nice video out on MAKE which is where I got this idea from.

It's really a pretty easy setup.
Using a snap action switch inside the mailbox, the lid keeps the switch normally closed...
...and when the mailbox opens, the switch triggers the arduino to send the notification out.
Yay technology!

One of the major hurdles with this setup is the need for an ethernet cord. Since my router and front door aren't next to each other, I need a wireless solution.

I spend a chunk of the day trying to get Open-WRT configured on the little WR703N to act as a bridge between the arduino and the wireless network. I only succeeded in wanting to rip my hair out. I'll get there eventually, I just have to undo a lot of "damage" I did today on the router configuration.

Sometime down the road I plan on adding an LED notifier (hence the breadboard in the photos). The plan is to have the light go on once the switch is triggered. The light would remain on until mail is retrieved from the box later in the day. I'm still working out the code for that.

Anyway, if you're curious here's the example code, schematic, and a list of hardware/software I used today.
schematic courtesy of Fritzing




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