I met my friend Lori for breakfast this morning and she had some more things she wanted to give us. She's the one who gave us all the baby clothes a few months ago, which was already a super nice gesture in and of itself.

This time she presented me with a big box of books and dvds, a diaper caddie and more. So in addition to being set on clothes, we're pretty well stocked up on books and dvds now!

My brother and parents came out today to visit with us one last time before the baby is born. Chris showed Jeff Watch Dogs, which he was instantly better than me at (of course). He always did pick video games up faster than me.
Chris also showed my parents a game he invented a few months back called Toad and Flies. The game pieces are 3D printed and Chris says his inspiration for the game was Logo, which is a programming language he played with as a kid.

They also brought with them some quilts my aunts made for the baby, as well as some stuffed animals.

This kid already has a gazillion things and he's not even born yet. He is set for the next 12 months on a lot of stuff. I swear.

I met an old co-worker and friend Deanne for lunch downtown this afternoon. We worked together for a few years before she left last year to find something closer to home (she lives in Lansing). Since she was in town for the day it was great to catch up and have lunch with her.

Plus she surprised me with baby stuff. She'd already given me a baby book last year and now a cute onesie, a baby chair, and a nice mug to keep my tea warm (I'm told you'll forget your drink all over the place once the baby is born so this is cut down on the need to microwave constantly).

Chris used to have a weekly game night years ago, before I met him. Dan, Adam and Jeff all played HeroClix. And before that when he was in his 20s he used to play Warhammer with his friend Chris. So he has a lot of different props and figures for various tabletop gaming.

This evening Chris set up a pretty basic board with some giant blocks and old Warhammer pieces to try out the Infinity rule set.

I've never really played true tabletop games, so some of the aspects were a little confusing at first, but after things started to get going it was interesting. Measuring out with a ruler how far your character can move is a...tedious. But I suppose if you were used to it it wouldn't seem like much of a big deal. I think it would be easier to just have a pre-drawn grid of 1" squares.

Dan and Chris both said this was a faster paced game than Warhammer since you can potentially take a turn (a reaction, basically) when someone else makes a move. It almost seems like the difference between a turn-based RPG and an action RPG in video games.

Next we'll have to try out Warmachine, which Dan is interested in.

I actually didn't do much today. I pretty much just caught up on the news (via Chris) on the Microsoft presentation today. He has more information over on his blog.

We watched the Michigan State of the State and then later the State of the Union address and played some bingo. Since both speeches are pretty formulaic and generic on a lot of stuff, it's fun to liven it up with a game.

Leki has been especially cuddly the last few days, settling on me right when I get home. I used to pick him up and carry him with me through the house when I got home from work but as I've gotten bigger it's a little less comfortable to do. I suspect he's missing that.

He's going to be really annoyed at sharing my lap in another month or so with a baby. Poor guy.

Leki has been pretty cuddly this weekend and at night, but since Chris and I have been moving around in the house and were gone for awhile, he's given up for the evening and crawled into his tower.

He has used this tower more since we put it int our bedroom then the 5 previous years he had it combined. I had no idea that moving it to another room like that would prompt him to use it so much. I'm glad he's enjoying it.