The trade shows and conventions that go on during the week at the Amway Grand (and DeVos Hall) are always interesting. I don't know why there is this amazing modified Radio Flyer wagon, complete with light up sides, but ok. It obviously has something to do with something, right?

The cat is so, so very patient. That boy is kicking him under the chair and screaming his name. How that cat doesn't run and hide more often is beyond me.

A co-worker loaned us a few movies to try since Quinn enjoyed Frozen so much. I think he'll really enjoy Tinkerbell because that kid loves Abby Cadabby.

On Saturday while my parents were watching Quinn, Chris and I went out and picked up a new laptop for me. My old one is a nice Dell XPS, but it's about 10 years old and struggles to do a few things. The battery is also pretty terrible. While I could have bought a new battery, upgrading to a newer laptop was preferable. 
Plus it's a 2 in 1, so the hinge works both ways. Switching it into tablet mode makes it an unwieldy windows tablet. It's fun to play with, but 13 inches is too large for a tablet for day to day use.

We watched our first movie with Quinn this afternoon. Up until this point we've watched a few short (30 minute) holiday specials, but today we watched Frozen. He loved it. He sat through over an hour of the movie, captivated by the singing and animation. He finally lost interest near the end, but considering he's never watched for that long without running around simultaneously, he did wonderfully. He's definitely a big fan.

My parents drove out to visit and watch Quinn for a little bit today. The kid was a whirlwind of activity, when he wasn't napping.
He had a lot of fun showing my parents his new train table, as well as other toys he received for Christmas.

It's chilly out there. Winter is in full swing.

This is truly the only way to enjoy delicious vitamin D milk.