Quinn had a really rough night. And this morning he was pretty fussy as well. He just wasn't happy with anything we did. So Chris decided to try putting some plastic balls he'd bought in Quinn's crib and create a ball pit.

The little guy loved it. He stared in fascination at all the colors.
He tried to mouth them all.
 He kicked them and pushed them with his arms.
And when it got to be too much we cleared them away from his face and arms and he just hung out a little absorbing everything and taking a break. Chris even tossed in the little Spider-Egg (as well call it) for Quinn, since he seems to like to push it with his arms and watch it roll back to him, since it's weighted at the bottom.

It was probably only 15 minutes of play before he was ready to be done, but he was fascinated enough that we'll definitely do this again. He will probably really love it when he's older and can actually pick the balls up.

My parents and brother came out to Grand Rapids to see Quinn (and us). He's much more interactive now at 5 weeks than he was at 2 weeks when they saw him last.
So we had some tummy time and some block tower destruction time on his back. He was pretty much the center of attention for the day.
It was good to have everyone together, although Quinn wasn't keen on looking at the camera. But that's ok. In due time.
It was a long day, so after his late afternoon feeding he passed right out. 

Watching these birds enjoy the puddle at the park really made me miss having a parakeet that enjoyed taking baths in your hands.

It's still cold outside, but sunshine makes all the difference between a depressing overcast day and one that is bright and cheerful.

Awhile back we moved Leki's tower into our bedroom. Since then he's mostly lived in the basket at the top of the tower. In the last day or so he's started using this cube to lay in as well, which is pretty nice. For years he barely used the tower and then once we moved it into our room he fell in love with it. I guess all it needed was a new location. 

I'm glad he's still able to enjoy the giant piece of furniture. 

I cracked open one of the books we received as a gift from Dan and Angel and discovered that the first page is duplicated. It looks like we're missing the page with the dolphin in it. Weird.

I contacted the company to see if they will exchange it for a corrected book.
That didn't stop us though. We looked at the book and then did a bunch of tummy time. This guy loves to be on his stomach, which is a great. I've read that lots of kids hate tummy time. Maybe that comes later when they're older.

I managed to log in for half an hour and do a quick quest in Elder Scrolls Online. Now that Quinn is going a little longer between feedings I can do a few more things, like go to the store for longer, take a walk, or play a video game.

Dan and Lorelei came over for a little bit this afternoon. It took her a little bit to be comfortable around Chris (well, his beard mostly) but once she was comfortable she enjoyed playing with the foam blocks and other toys we have.