It's turkey day! We headed out to the east side of the state to visit family and enjoy the day.

The first stop was at grandma Karath's house. Quinn had an insanely good time trying to touch all of the different decorations she had out for Christmas.

It gets exhausting chasing a baby around and constantly steering them into a different direction. So persistent!
 At my parents house we had fun with a turkey hat we'd picked up at Target.
Quinn enjoyed spending time with everyone.
 Uncle Jeff went with him up the stairs several times since that kid loves to go up stairs. Loves it!
 He enjoyed all of the attention he received.
And even had some "screen time" with his own kiddie phone.

Chris has been playing with the telephoto lens we picked up for the camera. The new camera arrived today and it autofocuses, so now we can take photos easier. Hooray

We determined today after further troubleshooting and talking with Nikon, that the camera is indeed defective. It was possible that the issue was the lens, so when a secondary lens arrived yesterday we were able to eliminate that as an issue.

The camera takes awesome photos, it's just difficult to take in-focus photos of a 9 month old constantly on the move. Still, it works a lot better than my a100 in the low light. It's an amazing difference.

So now to get a replacement that's actually working properly.

Chris has been playing around with a new camera we picked up. There appears to be something wrong with it - it won't autofocus. But you can still get photos if you manually focus. It's a Nikon and much newer than my Sony A100, so it takes a lot better photos in a lot lower light.

This month's Loot Crate arrived yesterday. We picked through it a little yesterday, but since we were so busy we really didn't get a chance to look at everything until today. The theme was combat, and I really thought it was going to be a lot more disappointing since I don't play a lot of fighting games. But the crate was pretty cute, so I'm happy with this month's haul!

Ok, it isn't exactly his first snow, but it is the first one where he can go out and enjoy it. I bundled him up in his snowpants and winter coat and out we went on the deck to play for a bit. He had a pretty good time, considering it was a little difficult to move around in all the layers.
Later in the afternoon Comfort, Adam and Corrine came over. We celebrated Comfort's birthday a little early, since we probably won't see them next weekend. Yay cake!

Chris and Quinn had a nice day hanging out today with Grandpa Karath. It was really nice to come home on visit during my lunch break too. Hooray for grandparents!

Quinn and Chris had a chill day while I was at work. Lots of hanging out and being cute.