Since the cat doesn't always use it, the little one will decorate it.

 We drove out to Schwallier's Country Basket this morning.
 They had plenty of entertainment for little ones.
Including fun farm animals to pet!

 The little one was so excited for a Happy Potter themed at the zoo today!
 They had so many cool decorations throughout the zoo.
And fun stations set up to explore different things. The nice thing is a lot of this works for Halloween as well.

I've been doing other things, I swear! But lots of PC gaming while people in the house are sleeping.

I've been enjoying playing various classes on World of Warcraft Classic, which is how the game launched roughly 15 years ago.

The little one was not happy with these. They were supposed to be Harry Potter themed, apparently.

Its his first day of preschool and he's so excited!

It was a beautiful day today!