I finally pulled the carrots we started growing several months ago. Using the little City Pickers box we picked up earlier this summer I knew these wouldn't grow very big, but I thought they'd be a little bigger.

My work has a lot of fun activities they promote. This month it's related to Art Prize and people are encouraged to create something. I don't sit by the rest of the PMO team so the programmers and their group always adopt me for these events, and this time was no exception.

Our theme was space dinosaurs and everyone painted something (thanks to a co-workers large stash of spray paint and stencils). Mine is a pterodactyl and Saturn, in honor of Cassini.

Today is my birthday! A co-worker brought in these delicious pumpkin cupcakes. I ate several!
 When I got home we celebrated, complete with cake. Quinn was very excited.
The best gift was the card Chris made. He wrote down everything Quinn while they were working on a message. This is the best! I love "mommy will be happy with her photo of her white car", which was included with the card.

Chris took the car today so I did a loop around some parking lots at work. It's not as nice as walking in downtown Grand Rapids, but it will work.

Its nice to see the sunset, even if it is from behind the wheel of a car this time.

The toddler spent a big part of the morning telling me he'd like to get rid of this blue car for a nice, battery-powered red car he saw over the weekend.

 I finished the C25K program earlier in the summer and I've been running several times a week since. Today was the first 5K I've signed up for.
 Quinn and Chris came out to watch and see the festivities 
My only goal was to complete it with running only, which I did. I averaged a little over 12 minute miles and I'm ok with that. 

If it had been 10 degrees cooler that would have been awesome, but 65-70 degrees is not too bad.

We went to a friend's wedding reception today. Lynn looked wonderful and her husband is delightful. I'm so happy for her!