Who doesn't want to do battle with a giant candy corn?

Not too chilly for a walk after work. Close, but not quite.

Not much has changed since last year, but I still can't resist playing halloween events in MMOs. It makes up for being too old to Trick-or-Treat.


The weather is starting to get cooler more often and the leaves are slowly changing.

I met an old co-worker and friend for breakfast this morning (Lori), as we often do. This time she mentioned she was going to bring some baby clothes.

Well, she brought a huge tub of 0-12 month clothes, plus another pile of never worn stuff on hangers. We are now officially set on clothing for the next year!

I went out to lunch with some co-workers and noticed someone was having fun while writing the menu for the Hopcat. I am amused.

Lots of fall colors at the local park.