Another bag of crap arrived today, and this one truly is the crappiest one I've received. The macaroni and cheese air freshener is just weird. I guess it's the kind of thing you'd give to your enemy..?

The knife is interesting. I look forward to cutting things with it. But a lipstick case and a mousepad are super random things that I'm not sure what to do with. I have A LOT of mousepads. Hmm...

If you drop something, chances are the cat will eat it. He never, ever would eat food not in his food dish, but this baby changes everything, apparently.

September and October are very busy months for my family because of all the birthdays. Since my dad's birthday is next week during the week, we headed over this Saturday to see everyone.

We first stopped over at my mother-in-law's so she could spend some time with Quinn. Since she can't drive out to see us by herself, we try to stop in if we're able when we're in town so she can see how much he's grown.
In the early afternoon we headed over to my parent's house to do an early birthday celebration and to let them watch Quinn crawl all over the house.

It's Friday after work and we're all smiles over here!

A co-worker brought in a bag full of DVDs and bibs for Quinn. They're awesome bibs that have little pockets to catch all the food he drops (and will drop). And as he gets older the DVDs are going to be fun for him too.

The push walker we picked up over the weekend is kind of nice because it transforms to a little toy he can sit on and push himself along. He's a little short to be able to use it that way, but he does like sitting on it and playing.

The little guy loves to stand, crawl, and try to get out of all places. Even rooms with barriers.

It's my parent's 41st wedding anniversary. I stole these photos from Facebook because they're adorable.
Look how happy they are!