My parents came out to visit for the day and see little Quinn.
Quinn was pretty good and didn't fuss too much.
So everyone got to hold him and cuddle for a bit.

Plus they brought out a casserole to eat for lunch, some frozen chicken for Chris and I to eat later, and chocolate chip cookies. Score.
Even Leki came downstairs from his cat tower to see what was going on. He got to lay on things he shouldn't and squeezed some sunbathing in as well.
And Jeff had some fun and drew all over a blank Munny we received in a Loot Crate.

When I first finished feeding Quinn and Chris stepped out to get the tire fixed on the car, I should have tried to take a nap
 Instead I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies as a surprise for Chris.

I made it all they way to putting the first batch in the oven before the little one woke up and needed some attention.

Leki is slowly taking an interest in Quinn. This is the closest he's been to the baby, ever. Normally he just runs and hides, although lately he's been sleeping through Quinn's crying more and more.


Some days this little monster just wants to nap in someone's arms. Cute, but I'd like to take a nap too...someday.

It doesnt matter that its cold out - I'm still going for a walk at the park. And I'm super happy the city clears the walking path in the winter. Otherwise today's trip would have been a lot shorter.

I managed to get out of the house today for a short trip to the store. Its the first time I've gone further than the driveway since coming home from the hospital. And it was glorious. Plus I snagged Chris some weird peeps to try.

Its a little late, but we did manage to get Leki his tasty wet cat food for his birthday. Chris picked up a slightly different brand than usual, so Leki gobbled it down then promptly vomited it all up again. He's eats too fast and has a bit of a sensitive stomach. So far we've only found one cat treat he can eat without throwing it back up. Sheesh.

He's out very own glowworm! At least, that's what this little swaddlme outfit makes me think of. He seems to go back and forth on whether he likes the swaddlme. Some times he enjoys sleeping that tight, sometimes he gets really frustrated, so we don't use it much.

I really like glowworms as a kid. Although it's unnerving how many 80s toys are making a comeback in time for kids growing up now. I may have liked glowworms and other 80s properties, but that doesn't mean I need to recreate my childhood. Don't little kids get their own weird toys? Maybe they have that stuff but I just haven't noticed it yet. All I can think of is Ben 10, and that's a decade old at this point.