We bought a new vehicle! We've had one car for so long and it's worked great for us, but with the little one getting older and us needing to be on opposite sides of town soon we decide it was time.
The best part for our 3 year old was trying out a new car seat, which is a more big kid design than the older one that he still fits in. He listed all the ways in which the two seats were different once he'd had a chance to try them both.

We participated in the Bridge Run this morning. He ran the first mile by himself, which was pretty impressive. I had to argue with him to get into the stroller since he wanted to keep going, but as soon as he took a seat he downed his water bottle and enjoyed the ride.
At the end there were cookies and chocolate milk. Plus we received medals! He had an amazing time, which made the whole thing worth it.

 It's the weekend and what better way to start it than a trip to the Renaissance Festival?
We were only there for a few hours, but the little one had an amazing time running around with the other kids and visiting the mermaid.

Anyone who purchased the DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 received access to their Torna expansion (which is also a stand alone game) a week early. I downloaded it this morning and played for a bit on lunch.

When you tell your kid to use his fork with his spaghetti and he ends up with a mouthful....

My schedule is packed. There's no time to leave for lunch between meetings so I watched some of the Apple Event during breaks I had.

There is a lot of fog out there this morning.

I brought in a giant stack of coupons the mailman brought us. They're slowly disappearing at work...