Dan and Lorelei came over this afternoon to play with Quinn (and visit with Chris).

I didn't do anything nearly as fun, so I stole this photo from Chris instead of using a photo of paperwork on my desk.

Hooray for bubbles!

I met an old co-worker for lunch today. The food from RAK Thai was delicious. I feel like it's been ages since I've had fried rice. Yum!

Someone was having fun today while I was at work. 

Sometimes Leki thinks he's so helpful...

At his 4 month checkup the Dr said they'd recently revised the recommended age for introducing food. Now it's 4 months instead of 6 months (as long as the baby is ready). So we picked up a few jars of food to experiment over the next several weeks.

First up is carrots!
We tried two different times. He was a little more receptive the second time. Carrots are still weird, but he definitely had some in his mouth and swallowed a little.

So carrots for the next week!

Once things we did discover was that the cat really, really wants to eat baby food. I'm not sure if it's because he wants carrots, or if he's going to want to get into every jar we open. But we had a really hard time keeping him out of the way.

Quinn's 4 month checkup was today, which means shots. As you can see, he's doing alright after a few shots and some lunch.

It's been a busy week for Chris. Adam and Comfort stopped by for a few hours in the afternoon to visit and catch up on things.

Lorelei came over this afternoon and she and Quinn were able to play a little. She's getting so big!