I met an old co-worker and friend for breakfast this morning (Lori), as we often do. This time she mentioned she was going to bring some baby clothes.

Well, she brought a huge tub of 0-12 month clothes, plus another pile of never worn stuff on hangers. We are now officially set on clothing for the next year!

I went out to lunch with some co-workers and noticed someone was having fun while writing the menu for the Hopcat. I am amused.

Lots of fall colors at the local park.

There were a lot of delicious treats in the breakroom today at work.

It's shaping up to be a rainy week...

The chair isn't new, but it's position in the house is. When clearing out the room yesterday this chair ended up in our bedroom and we left it there for a bit. The cat has pretty much spent all of his waking time being creepy sitting there if he's not laying on one of us.

We have awhile yet (I'm not due until February) but it never hurts to start in on the little things. So Chris spent part of the afternoon clearing some things out of the room for the baby and getting some curtains up.

He's not pictured, but the cat enjoyed all of the activity.

Dan and Angel celebrated their little one's 1st birthday today (technically it's tomorrow). I think she had a blast!