The morning and later afternoon were clear skies, but early afternoon was a nice downpour. The grass certainly appreciated it, I'm sure.

We stopped in at the Grand Rapids Public Museum for the Grand Rapids Mini Maker Faire. It was a nice show for the first year. They had a lot of tables with 3D printers set up and examples of different things you can print with different filament. Chris

We spent the day in metro Detroit, visiting our parents to give them the news!
 We stopped at my parent's house first for lunch...
...then swung by Chris's mom's house for dessert...
...then headed a little north to see Chris's dad and brother.

Everyone was excited!

I wasn't feeling all that great today but luckily it's a short work day. At least these delicious scooby snacks make the day better.

Stopped in Tim Hortons for a few bagels this morning. Amazingly they managed to give me the wrong bagel, twice. Bleh. Still ate them though.

Chris did some furniture rearranging today and now I have a new nightstand on my side of the bed. I look forward to the cat turning it into a bed in a day or two.

Whipped up a few batches of cookies. I never enjoy rolling dough out but they are tasty cookies, when it's all said and done.

Spent the evening clothes shopping. One of my least favorite activities. At least I have some different clothes to wear to work.