Sometimes oatmeal is so tasty you can't help but drink it.

Also, Chris really likes the Prisma app, if you can't tell.

We've been leaving the door open to the lower level and Quinn has been going up and down the stairs with more and more confidence on his own. He's very good and climbing on his hands and knees but he's getting better at trying to step down like an adult does.

This is a new thing he loves to do - wear towels. Chris snapped this photo (and used the Prisma app he likes) while Quinn was wandering around after a bath.

The prisma app for Android is out so and it's an app Chris really likes so I downloaded it and played with it. Quinn was busy playing with some plastic boats my friend Lori gave us (she gave us a TON of clothing and toys again!). He really enjoyed them. They're like cars, but for water!

While we were at Target Quinn picked up this ball and carried it all over the store. He was even pretty good about me putting it back when we were getting ready to leave. Lately he's been having meltdowns when he can't have what he wants but today he fussed only a little.

With temperatures soaring into the mid-90's, we decided today was a good day to take Quinn to the beach. We took him to the beach at Millennium Park, which is just 10 minutes or so from our house.

When we arrived their the splash pad was under maintenance, but with the beach right there we let him play by the water.
He enjoyed me taking him out where it was deeper and dipping him into the water. As long as his face never got wet he was fine. I'm pretty fussy myself like that, so I understand how he feels.
He had so much fun that he didn't really want to stop to eat. He did, and was obviously hungry with how quickly he scarfed down his food, but there was no whining or fussing like usual when he's hungry.

I'm really looking forward to taking him back again.

Chris took the car and went grocery shopping this morning. He found this can of pasta with some DC superheroes on it.

I had a promo for a NatureBox (well, off of the first order for a subscription) so the snacks I ordered arrived today.

They're ok. Some are super tasty and others are kind of meh. Might be what I selected but I definitely don't think I'd spend $20/shipment for 5 bags of snacks. Things might be different if I was someone who snacked a lot.