My parents are in town after my mom gave a genealogy talk in Lake Odessa. So we had a nice evening out for dinner and Chris got to show off Google Cardboard.

Plus since both my mother and I have September birthdays, we exchanged gifts. In a few weeks I'm sure we'll do the same thing with Chris and my dad, since they're both in October.

The weather is kind of suspect outside, like it might rain (although probably not) so I wandered through the skywalk and noticed a lot of ArtPrize pieces going up in the hall.

Adam and Comfort are in town for the evening after a day of house hunting. They saw some cool houses and I'm really excited at the idea of them moving back to Grand Rapids!
Plus Chris got to show off Google Cardboard!

Someone is having fun looking out the window.

Ok, this isn't exactly what I did today. I didn't exactly play Guild Wars 2, but I thought about it while I was super lazy on the couch. So that counts, right?

Today is my first day back to work and Friday was the last day for one of my co-workers and friends. So when I arrived at my desk I was pleasantly surprised to find a note, a gift, and even some candy stuffed in my desk. Super thoughtful. I'm going to miss working with her.

It's another awesome summer day that feels a lot more like fall. I'm so excited that fall is almost here!

It's a nice, sunny afternoon. Perfect time for a stroll around the neighborhood.