In the morning we went over to Frog Hollow to play. He's getting better with play structures and the idea behind them (instead of just playing with wood chips, although he does that too).

After dinner we went over to the Oriole Park elementary school playground. Quinn was enamored with the vehicle they had and kept saying bus over and over.

This boy loves cars.

Loves them.

A sit and spin that Chris ordered arrived today. True to Quinn, he wanted to stand and not sit on it.

Quite a few people are out and about in downtown Grand Rapids. I wandered over by Rosa Park circle on my lunch break and was amazed at the number of people milling about. There's a cluster of PokeStops where you can collect items on a corner and everyone has stopped to play.

Normally people are in a hustle to get wherever they're going. Not today and not while the servers are up for Pokemon GO.

He's pretty sure he's stealthy.

This kid is full throttle all morning every morning, then drops like a ton of bricks for a nap.

I finally had a chance to download Pokemon GO yesterday and played around with it briefly in the evening. Today was the first day I really had a chance to explore the game mechanics. The game is using the same backend as Ingress, which Chris and I played quite a bit a few years back.

The map is similar looking, but the play around capturing Pokemon (where you can have the Pokemon overlaid what you're camera is seeing) ads a whole level of complexity to the game. I can see why it's so popular so fast.

In the morning I dropped Chris off with Quinn at Tanger Outlet and I went to recycle some old computer parts and dead monitors I've had cluttering the house for a long while. I know we didn't get everything loaded into the car we should have (there are bins in the basement I'm sure have old stuff we need to toss), but it was nice to get rid of a trunkload of crap we no longer need.
After I picked up everyone from the outlet mall we went to Millennium Park to see the new boardwalk. There is a boardwalk that connects the loop around the lake and an older unpaved trail.

The boardwalk was much shorter than we thought it was going to be, but Quinn had a fun time running back and forth on it, so the trip was worth it.