After the heat and humidity of last week, yesterday and today have been absolutely beautiful.

 We spent the day on the east side of the state today. The first stop was the Oslund household.
 The weather was great. Uncle Jeff grilled and we could sit out and enjoy the cooler weather.
 Next up was Grandma Karath. We brought her some cupcakes to help her feel better.
Quinn had a great time with her. He had an elaborate game in which they were in a secret cave and there were all sorts of special scanners and gadgets. She had a great time with him and his imagination.

We spent a big chunk of the day today at the beach. I went out with a co-worker and her son, plus we met one of her friends there. We had a group of 4 kids and they all had a blast.
This little guy was the least interested in swimming, but he did have fun wading in after a few hours, just like last week.

This morning was a bad morning for the network at work.

Today is his first night of soccer starter, which is teaching the soccer moves before being on teams.

The little one wanted to decorate his room to be spooky, and this is what he came up with.

Ran into a turkey and her babies this evening at the park.

We took an early morning walk today, since we were both up early. That let Chris sleep in a little.