My boss had ornaments made this year for the team. Hooray for an extra bauble on the tree!

Adam and Comfort came over for a few hours for TV night. They also flipped through some of Chris's art books, including his Andrew Loomis books that he loves.

Leki was less than thrilled. He boldly attacked pant legs and hung on, nails dug in. Sometimes that little guy is a monster when they come over. And by sometimes, I mean every time. He loves when it's just men who visit though. Dan is his favorite person to greet at the door.

Today was a longer than usual checkup. Well, the doctor was actually out for a last minute emergency, so I only met with the nurse. But lots of being stabbed with needles and drinking a sugary drink for gestational diabetes testing. Since I have Rh negative blood I was treated to an extra shot so my body doesn't potentially go after the baby if he has positive blood. But really, that shot wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The great thing about Chris being home during the day is delicious dinner is cooked every night. Huzzah! I'm not sure how he isn't tired of it already. I would be.

I've been watching construction for Arena Place over by the Van Andel progress over the last few months. They're still at it.

They're building a lot of new things in downtown Grand Rapids. It will be interesting to see how well things are supported in a generation and if they can shift the mindset of the area to be more interested in coming downtown and paying for parking.

We went with Adam and Comfort to see Birdman this afternoon. Delightful! It reminded me of a very dark Noises Off (which I love).

It's that time of year again for the Toy & Comic Expo held twice a year in a small school gym about two miles from where we live. This year since Adam and Comfort have moved back into town, they decided to give the show a try.
It's coming off of the heels of the Grand Rapids Comic Con so there was a much smaller emphasis on the comic portion and a much larger one on general toy collection. Especially vintage toys. The crowd was also significantly older than I was. A lot of 50+ aged people toy hunting.

The show does have a certain charm (especially due to an announcer that spends a good portion of the morning giving out door prizes and talking about specials) that makes it amusing to go to, even if I don't personally collect anything they'd sell.

This was definitely a shorter gave than Origins. I didn't do every side quest and have every little conversation, but I did a fair amount and I was still able to complete this game in roughly half the time it took me to complete the first game.

But it's finally done and I can get into Inquisition, which I've been excited to play since last year when they really started to ramp up the media on the upcoming game.