I've been carrying this folded up note and sewn pocket tissue holder for the better part of 10 years. My grandmother wrote me the note almost 20 years ago and when I was younger I never really carried around tissues. But now I do and stuff them in the little sleeve she gave me.

It's Super Bowl Sunday. Neither of us are into football or are going to watch the game, but we did have some football stuff for Quinn to play with.

I finally managed to get my hands on a used copy of Bravely Default for my 3DS. It's a game that's done nothing but gone up in price since it came out a few years ago and I refuse to pay $40 for a used game. So after stalking ebay for a bit I found it on the cheap.

So far it's a lot better than the really terrible demo they had out years ago.

Quinn received two different puppies for Christmas. He's mostly been playing with the leapfrog one, Scout, but he is playing more and more with his other puppy as well. It's nice to have both since they each do something different.

Just a little guy running around, investigating everything. 

Leki is getting more and more tolerant of Quinn and his "petting", which honestly is more akin to slapping the cat. 

Chris's dad came out today and visited. I think everyone had a good time. Everyone seemed happy when I came home for lunch!

I headed to GameStop on my lunch break to pick up the Mew card for Pokemon. Since this year is their 20th anniversary they have an event running through the end of the year for a new Pokemon every month. Some require a trip to GameStop.