Ran around for a little bit in Elder Scrolls Online again this evening. It's such a pretty game. I forgot how good it looked.

Now that I'm back to work I've gotten to really test the pump bag. It's tight, but it works. If for some reason I ever needed more space, I can just pull out the bottle bag and put it into one of the fridges at work.

I'm really glad I made it. It was good experience to mess with a zipper and see how that worked. Plus it's not a single purpose bag, so when I'm done breastfeeding I can reuse the it for something else.

Quinn is mostly sleeping through the night. That means the mornings are usually busy but happy times for everyone. Especially a well rested baby.

Someone is really good at planking and is enjoying airplane.

He's really enjoying standing, even if he doesn't have the balance for it.

I logged in and played a few minutes of Elder Scrolls Online this evening. A nice way to end the weekend before going back to work tomorrow.

I dont like a lot of the bottle racks they sell. Plus it seems like some of the pump parts wouldn't work well for some of them. So I ordered a stainless steel cooling rack. It arrived today and is working perfectly!

They were pretty cute together.