I met an old co-worker for lunch today. The food from RAK Thai was delicious. I feel like it's been ages since I've had fried rice. Yum!

Someone was having fun today while I was at work. 

Sometimes Leki thinks he's so helpful...

At his 4 month checkup the Dr said they'd recently revised the recommended age for introducing food. Now it's 4 months instead of 6 months (as long as the baby is ready). So we picked up a few jars of food to experiment over the next several weeks.

First up is carrots!
We tried two different times. He was a little more receptive the second time. Carrots are still weird, but he definitely had some in his mouth and swallowed a little.

So carrots for the next week!

Once things we did discover was that the cat really, really wants to eat baby food. I'm not sure if it's because he wants carrots, or if he's going to want to get into every jar we open. But we had a really hard time keeping him out of the way.

Quinn's 4 month checkup was today, which means shots. As you can see, he's doing alright after a few shots and some lunch.

It's been a busy week for Chris. Adam and Comfort stopped by for a few hours in the afternoon to visit and catch up on things.

Lorelei came over this afternoon and she and Quinn were able to play a little. She's getting so big!

Chris took Quinn on a long walk this afternoon. Part of the path was flooded, but since he's been using the Baby Bjorn the standing water was no issue (this was a more fun afternoon than what I did).

He's really enjoying the walker we picked up yesterday.

It's Father's Day! We had a pretty low key day. Chris was able to FaceTime with both his mom and dad.
Everyone had a really good time.

We celebrated Father's Day early in Oak Park with my parents and brother. Quinn had a really good trip across the state. He woke up ready for action!
Jeff was able to snuggle with him a bit...
And make silly faces and hands at the little guy. 
We also tested out a swing my Aunt Lori gave to my parents. It has a seat and a bed that hook up to it, so this time we tried the seat. The whole thing is pretty large, but it works nice. Its going to take Quinn a little bit to get used to sitting in it, but I think he's definitely going to use it more as he gets older. 
Toward the end of the afternoon he started to crash and fall asleep on my dad. 
But after about 45 minutes in the car he was awake and ready to go!

Chris went out shopping after I came home from work so I decided to try and give Quinn a bath by himself. He's definitely tolerating the water a lot better, although getting out of the bath and into the cold air is still not fun.

Hooray for 4 months!

My mom's good friend Marcia made Quinn a baby quilt. It arrived today and it's adorable. He wont stop staring at the pattern!

A co-worker of mine found a mini Tardis while walking at lunch. So she rescued it from the sun and now it's parked on my monitor.

The bushes we planted a few years ago really struggled last year. But this year they're coming back much healthier. This one even sprouted some flowers.

I've been having some issues with the Raspberry Pi in Quinn's room, so I spent some time fixing the SD card. The hackintosh I created years ago is still alive and kicking, so I just grabbed that and booted up Ubuntu 10. 
In the evening after Quinn went to bed Adam and Comfort came over for the Game of Thrones Finale. Hooray for TV night!

Chris went up on the roof to clean some debris off. Quinn and I had fun watching everything fall down.

On my parent's way back home they stopped by for lunch. I was able to take a long lunch to hang out a little bit. Quinn had a really good time!

My mom had a talk today in Muskegon on Genealogy. So on their way over to there they stopped by while I was at work to hang out with Chris and Quinn.

Hooray for FaceTime!

Ok. He needs to trim down more. Sheesh.

Someone had a good day today.

I had breakfast with my friend Lori and she had yet another batch of toys for Quinn! This time he has a new tummy time mat that's surfboard themed with little toys that float in water. 

Quinn isn't quite 4 months and already he has a ton of books. My friend Lori and my co-worker Kelli both gave us bunches, plus he's received books as gifts from other relatives and friends. So it was past time that we set up a bookcase for him.

Chris assembled the shelves last night and I organized everything once Quinn went down for a nap. It's hard to organize them by anything other than size and rough age category.

For the next year at least this kid will not want for books. Plus I have several books I intend to read to him that I have put aside. 

I picked up some pizza on my way home for dinner.

Chris sent me this photo while I was at work. Someone is enjoying holding things, even his bottle.

We practiced sitting up in his little chair today. He's getting better with it, although after a few minutes he starts to slump forward or to the side.

Now that I'm back to work and having to look at screens all day and various small devices I've noticed that my vision is almost certainly getting worse. I had to bump up the font size on my custom Pebble watch face because I couldn't read the temperature anymore. Ugh.

I found a local shop that provides a free loaner car, so I dropped ours off this morning. They were able to do all of the work today. Plus the loaner I took to work was a Taurus, so I felt right at home.