Always wonderful when there are blue skies above.

My AA Wireless dongle arrived this week and it's been amazing so far. I backed an Indiegogo last year for this. Essentially it's a device that wirelessly connects to your phone and launches android auto. I don't actually mind plugging in the cable, since it also doubles as charging my phone. The thing I've noticed with my phone (pixel 2) is that it frequently doesn't connect or will disconnect mid-driving. I've tried different cables and no real success. Usually I have to reboot the phone, turn off/on the car or some combination of the two. Amazingly this little device has eliminated all of my issues. So it wirelessly connects and STAYS connected. That's great when you're playing an audiobook for a little on in the back, who doesn't understand why his story stopped abruptly.

Glow in the dark clothing is just as magical for him as it was for me when I was little.

I spied these two out front between meetings in my home office. They were having fun in the warmer weather.

About a thousand pounds of dirt I ordered awhile back was delivered before 7am today. Soon my raised garden bed will be filled with dirt!

It's a chilly day out today, but we tried to get out and enjoy nature.
We spooked a turkey while we were wandering around Hager park.
It was a little warmer in the afternoon when we went back out, so that was nice.

It's a cloudy day, but that didn't stop us from getting out for a bit.
He also created a fort and I found him in the afternoon with his Chi's Sweet Home book and Nintendo Switch.

Now that the birds have discovered the feeder, he's excited every afternoon.


He's waiting for birds.

We've circled back to Minecraft. I finally turned on the cheats on our realm, hoping that the little one was more likely to enjoy it if he could keep his inventory. So far he's kind of playing a bit more.

We've been doing a lot of Mario lately, so I made a pokey today with his pancakes.

We ran around a bunch on the nature trails at Hagar park.
Plus they have tons of picnic tables set up, so it was a great place to enjoy a sandwich.

My third Genki purchase arrived today. I've enjoyed their covert dock and the bluetooth adapter. I have less uses for the shadowcast, but for the price I thought I'd snag it and check it out. I honestly thought I wouldn't get a ton of use out of the covert dock but I do, and I'm not even traveling!

It was only a matter of time before they discovered this bird feeder.

I had my second shot today.

When he doesn't want you to take his photo....

His first Toca Life Box arrived today. These skew older than the Sago Mini boxes he's loved, but I thought we should try them for a change of pace.
He enjoyed the art project in it, blowing to color the big poster.
They included a few colors, stickers, and a black marker. He's enjoyed filling things in and using the stencil to create patterns and what not.

The clouds are rolling in.

It's getting cooler (or should I say, it's more spring-like weather) but that isn't stopping us from exploring the woods.
I'm glad I snagged these boots last year - he's really been getting a lot of use out of them these last few weeks.

They're doing construction at the nearby school where we sometimes go and play.

He enjoys making silly expressions with everything he does.

He is committed to using me as a pillow.

The weather has been great the last several days. We've been going out every day at lunch enjoying nature.

We did more exploring in the woods at lunch, and this time - disaster! Well, mud anyway. He was not happy to have mud all over.

We've been exploring in the local woods and he's been loving it.
We went out at lunch and in the evening to explore all of the fun areas where water and trees are.

Today is Easter Sunday and that means it is a busy day of fun activities.
There was an egg hunt outside.
He enjoyed reading books that his grandparents sent to him.

We ate our meal with Chris and Amy who are in England and my parents, who are on the east side of the state.

And enjoyed some tasty ice cream out on the deck in the late afternoon.

We rolled out some sugar cookies this morning.
We made some dango in the afternoon, thanks to Monster Hunter Rise and the adorable palicos serving it to my character.
And we also put together a Poppin' Cookin' kit with Uncle Jeff. Quinn eventually got tired of waiting of his uncle to catch up and grabbed the switch to play some Mario games while he waited.

I'm loving blue skies, even if every day isn't a warm one.

 His solution to playing a game while eating (since he can't a bowl of ice cream downstairs. Clever.