They are finally sleeping together. I suspect neither is aware of that fact, but that's ok.

He's passed out and sleeping with his toy phone. He had a pretty good grip on it.

It's a been a while since I've gone running. Between lots of meetings at work, being out of town, and then being sick, it's been awhile. So I started back up today and slowly. It's great to have a membership at the gym when it's so hot out.

We met our friends at Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. It's a private park with wild and exotic animals. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was a little disappointed in the focus on animals as entertainment vs animal conservation. There is some educational stuff sprinkled around, so that's nice.

The little ones had a fantastic time. Doesn't everyone love parakeets?
That's right - everyone loves parakeets!
After the park we drove over to our friend's house for delicious food and fun outside. It was 95 degrees out, but kids are rarely phased by the heat if there is fun to be had.
In the evening Chris went off to meet friends to watch Solo and we watched our own movie under a blanket fort.

We drove out to Lansing with a friend of mine from work and her son to enjoy a fun sunny day.
We met up with her friend who lives in Lansing and then drove to Impression 5, which is a children's museum in Lansing. 4 kids and tons of exhibits to check out? What kid wouldn't love that?
After several hours of fun we went to a nearby park to enjoy the splash pad.
And of course some Splatoon 2 in the evening when we got home!

I finally cooked with a box of Penzeys Spices that came before we left for China. This Galena Street Chicken & Rib rub makes excellent BBQ sauce. I love the little recipe cards

I ate a mint chocolate chip doughnut today and it was as delicious as I thought it was going to be!

We made a blanket fort and had a lot of fun this evening under the table.

Not the healthiest of lunches, but certainly delicious.

I'm starting to collect enough toys on my desk that I'm making little scenes with them. I think that means I might have too many.

I feel like it's been raining for days. It can stop anytime...

Despite the sprinkling this afternoon, we went out on a bug hunt. We didn't see any bugs but we did catch a little frog.
And we promptly let it go off on it's merry way.

We haven't been to the Detroit area since before Easter, so now that everyone is feeling better we headed out for fun with Grandma Karath.
 There were lots of new toys to play with so everyone had lots of fun.
 And of course new toys at the the Oslund grandparent's household too.
 The weather was nice with just some sprinkles here and there.
Since Deadpool 2 opened this weekend, we left the little one with the grandparents and went out with Jeff to enjoy a Saturday afternoon matinee.
It was a fun-filled day and Quinn slept pretty good when we arrived home.

I drove to a nearby park on my lunch break and played a little Banner Saga on the Nintendo Switch. I really do love this device. It's an excellent form factor.

It's great when the blue sky peeks through the clouds. It's even better when the weather is warm out!

They are an important part of the day.

I had meetings double booked with meetings. I ended up using my phone and earbuds to take my second meeting since I couldn't find anywhere in the building with a free phone.

It's been a busy day.

This sticker rode with me to work, courtesy of my kid.

Since I'm still recovering from a mix of bronchitis and a sinus infection, we stayed home rather than driving across the state. That meant a lazy, relaxing Saturday. Quinn was nicer to Leki today and I was able to play at ton of Splatoon 2 and fight for my preferred TMNT turtle, Donatello (they have a special event going on today).

All in all a good, lazy Saturday.

I brought my switch to work so I could stay indoors on this rainy day and play on my lunch break. Plus I still feel pretty terrible (although better than a few days ago) so I figured I wouldn't want to leave the building.

I died so many times in Donkey Kong that the game gave me this message, unlocking the next level and saying, basically, we know you suck but we want you to keep progressing so we unlocked the next level anyway.

I did a full day at work. I still feel pretty run down and I'm sleeping as though I have a newborn at home, but that's life I guess. I recommended some Audible content to a co-worker and thought I would share here.

Jon Ronson is amazing. If you have Audible (or Amazon Prime) he has a great series about the effects of technology on the porn industry. It's a good listen and it's free!

I came in for a half day in the afternoon. I am determined to feel better and get back to a normal routine!

Of course, then my computer crashed half way through my half day, which I thought was hilarious. Maybe I gave it a virus.

I stayed home another day, still coughing and feeling worse. I had another doctor's appointment, and they let me know that on top of bronchitis, I now have a sinus infection. That explains the feeling of a head cold but a ton worse.

Quinn has had a sniffle but has been in good spirits, so I let him fish with the Nintendo LABO while I rested on the couch.

After staying up most of the night coughing, I stayed home another day. I came down after waking up around noon to find these two taking a mid-day nap.

I've been trying to muscle through the cough I've had which just keeps lingering. I finally made an appointment and saw a doctor, who said I had bronchitis and gave me a few prescriptions. So I took those and went out on a nice warm day to let the little one blow off some energy while Chris took care of yard work and what not.

It's Free Comic Book Day! We drove out to see out friend Corinne who had a table set up at a local comic shop. Plus we picked up some fun kid-friendly comics for the little one.

Quinn was doing much better, so after work while Chris was out seeing Infinity Wars, we headed out to the park to play a little.

I took a sick day, since I was starting to feel worse and hadn't slept well the day before. The whole house's sense of time was off so it was a struggle to get things back on track. But Quinn enjoyed playing with a Lite-Brite and having us both at home.

I had today off to give me time to adjust due to the time change and just relax. Quinn was sick earlier in the day, so we gave him some medicine and lazed around. By evening (morning in Bejing) he was awake and ready for the day to start...

Just like that our trip to Beijing was over. Too short, really. And we will have to come back, this time armed with cough drops and medicine. The air over the course of this trip has slowly irritated my throat into a near constant tickle and cough.

Our flight didn't take off till nearly 5pm, but we arrived early in the afternoon, which was good since we waited forever for Delta to start letting people check luggage.
Once we were through security, I started the hunt for a snack. Unfortunately they put mayo on sandwiches all they way in China.
Once we were settled in, the toddler immediately wanted to watch the My Little Pony movie. He stayed awake for about an hour and then passed out, sleeping the rest of the trip away.
We had a 4 hour layover in Detroit, which the little one loved and I struggled to stay awake for.
Then finally we were on the short flight to Grand Rapids, where the toddler insisted on watching the My Little Pony movie again and stubbornly didn't care about looking outside.

Our friend picked us up at the airport and we were home just before midnight!