We went to a local toy show early in the morning. Quinn always enjoys walking around looking at everything, hoping we will buy all the things.
In the afternoon we experimented with painting dragon scales on each other.
I bought some funky colored eye shadow, which is a lot less messy than regular facepaint. So with the help of fishnet stockings we gave each other glittery scales!

My hold on Splatoon 2 finally came in and Quinn couldn't be more interested. Ever since he saw the characters in a Nintendo Direct video he's been asking to play.
Splatoon isn't a game I would seek out, but since we have it I've been enjoying helping the toddler navigate the tutorial.

The latest Adabox arrived and its 007 themed! The toddler was excited about stickers and I was excited about a lockpicking kit!

Sculpting with silly putty is lots of fun!

I picked up the latest Star Wars movie for Chris today. Since I've been so busy at work I didn't have much time to do anything else but a quick run to Target.

...One at a time...

It's been a busy day. We went to the Y, we ran around at the mall...
And spent quite a bit of the afternoon crafting things with Play-Doh. Sprinkled between each of those things was your typical toddler meltdown, which made the day extra long.

Quinn spent the whole morning excited to color eggs, so when we finally sat down to start he was over the moon.
 He became impatient at the end and started dropping eggs into the cups of dye.
Eventually they were all painted. Now he just wants to play with them. Patience is hard for a 3 year old.

He absolutely loves anything spooky, so Luigi's Mansion is the gift that keeps on giving.

Seriously. They're weird.

Today is my half birthday! I didn't pay attention at all today so when I came home to this it was quite a surprise.
Quinn even selected all of the pictures for my 1/2 birthday card!

The toddler selected Rainbow Road in Mario Kart. Thanks to settings you can turn on that keep you on the track, he will never know the frustration that is that course.

He was very excited to wear bunny socks today.

 Corinne came over early this morning and we headed out to the Grand Rapids Public Museum.
Admission is free today, so the place became busier and busier as the morning wore on. Everyone had a great time!

We had the last of a Toys R Us gift card we needed to spend, so we headed to Tanger Outlets this morning. Quinn was very happy with his selection of a Vampirina. He loves all things Halloween.

I finally put a picture of Quinn up at work. He was shopping for a birthday gift in the photo. The car is one he wanted to give me.

It is very cold, every morning at work.

I went fowling after work with some co-workers. It's basically using a football to bowl. It was harder than it looked like it would be.

He's very sleepy but very adamant that he is not.

I've been having a hard time taking a break at lunch lately to run at the Y. I finally made it out today.

I love this restaurant. It's tasty and childhood memories all rolled into one. The only thing missing today was my brother eating extra pieces of olga bread.

I charged my 3DS to play some Fire Emblem while Quinn enjoys some Mario Kart. Things worked well until he discovered Luigi's Mansion and insisted he play the spooky game on the 3DS.

He's slowly getting the hang of controlling a game with two hands. Kind of.

We had an event at work today. They had some leftover balloons so I brought some home for the little one. He loves them!

It snowed overnight.

He's such a silly kid..

Some time in the middle of the night this guy came into our bed. I put him back and a few hours later he did it again. Taking that side off of the crib awhile back has led to a lot of visits from a half asleep toddler.

This is how a toddler eats a doughnut with frosting, I guess.

 We drove across the state today to visit Grandpa Karath for his birthday.
We also made a few other stops, enjoying tasty treats along the way.

We took Quinn to get his typhoid vaccine this morning for some upcoming travel. He loved these tiny couches. He was very impressed at furniture being "Quinn sized".

He's always playing. Always.