I'm really digging the latest software update on the Pebble. The menu is nice and the little pop up on the watch face when you are close to an event on your timeline (or calendar) is really nice.

We had a good time at the park today after I got home from work. He had a lot of fun with dandelions and spreading seeds all over.

Playgrounds are fun!

He's just posing for the camera, looking innocent.

We went out for breakfast this morning and the little guy just stared at the ladies in a nearby booth.

He moves all the time and so fast he's a little blur of energy.

Upside down cars are cool too.

You get a lot of random stuff from Loot Crates.

We had lunch together at Brick Road Pizza. Quinn didn't eat much, but he was pretty patient, all things considered.

This weekend is the 3rd annual Grand Rapids Mini Maker Faire at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. We went two years ago but missed last year. So we were excited to see what things had changed and to let Quinn run around the museum. 

When we first got there it was a little overwhelming with all of the people. But as time passed Quinn became more comfortable. 

There are a ton of children's activities, most of which is he very close to being able to interact with but he's still a little too small. But we did find a few activities in the Robot Zoo exhibit.
He was especially fond of these gear pieces and collecting them. 
 The Maker Faire is also in the GVSU Engineering building, which is right next to the museum.
 There were a lot more robotics and 3D printing in the second building. Quinn had a good time watching the remote controlled cars run around in a pen.

Corinne met us early this morning and we all headed out to John Ball Zoo. 
 A co-worker of mine also met us there with his little 11 month old son. It was great weather and we were in and out before the storms hit.
In the afternoon Adam and Comfort came over to join us. Then the storms hit and some tornadoes touched down not to far from us. One was just a few miles from our house and both we and Adam and Comfort lucked out that neither of our houses sustained any damage.

Someone had fun chasing deer this afternoon.

I came into work and found this on my desk. A co-worker brought it in for Quinn. I'm definitely going to enjoy it too!

Sometimes kids get really, really excited. Sometimes they headbutt you. In the face. With their teeth.

This kid missed my eye but they definitely watered after he cut my cheek with his tooth. Ugh, my sinuses hurt so much now.

A co-worker and I met up with a former co-worker for tasty appetizers and drinks during happy hour. Hooray!

Chris found a cheap poke ball for my desk. My collection of toys under my monitor is growing.

Someone is having fun with dress up! The cape is a lot of fun for a little bit, then it's a struggle to get it off.

We visited both Chris's dad and my parents today. The weather was pretty good and Quinn played in a little pool at my parents house before it started raining.

Boxes are tons of fun!

Chasing the cat (and touching his tail) is a lot of fun for at least one person in the house.

Even while waiting at the doctor's office, this kid is just a blur of motion.

He loves to wander around and explore, even if its just the front yard.

This kid is getting big.

 We had some fun at the mall this afternoon.
Quinn even did some coloring at the bookstore.

Last Halloween we bought some costumes in clearance that were too big. Quinn is finally able to wear them (although they're baggy). In time for the Grand Rapids Comic Con and Halloween this October!

So another box (heavily discounted this time) of Blue Apron arrived today. Since we have company coming tomorrow (and will have leftovers from that) I dove right in tonight to bake the first dish, which was seared pork chops and plum salsa. Pretty tasty!

The big problem is Chris doesn't like any vegetables, so I end up with a ton of leftovers. If you cook three meals back to back that's a lot of veggie side dishes left over.

Chris had fun with letters today while shopping.

While walking around downtown Grand Rapids on my lunch I ran into a group of women with large bags handing out cookies.

Who can say no to cookies?

This kid loves his cars.

One of Quinn's favorite things to do in the evening is check for deer in our backyard. Most of the time there aren't any, but when there are it's exciting!