I startled some rabbits this morning when I left for my run.

It's been raining since last night, so everything is good and wet. Now that I have rain boots I can go out and enjoy the weather with the 5 year old. One nice thing is that the weather is warm but dreary enough that most people don't venture out. That means we can run all over the place without worrying about bumping into a crowd of people.
We played in some puddles at the nearby park, and I showed him how to not splash in the water so it doesn't get in his boots. 
We also hunted for frogs. Around this time of year we tend to get them in large puddles where they'll lay eggs. It was fun to wander around and see them.

 It's a beautiful, sunny day. We spent my lunch hour doodling in the driveway together.
I also brought out all the seedlings to enjoy the sun and the warmer weather.
COVID-19 cases in Michigan continue to climb. They're especially accelerating in our county, which isn't surprising that we'd lag a bit behind the metro Detroit area.  Kent county shot up 205 cases in a single day, which is a lot compared to previous days. We're now at 1,305 cases, which isn't too far behind Genesee county on the east side of the state.

 Today the little one dressed as Spider-Man. He wore an outfit during out walk at lunch.
And again when we took a stroll in the evening in the spring rain.

The sun is shining and it's getting warmer out, so I brought the seedlings out for some sunshine and fresh air.

Quinn, Jeff and I met up in Animal Crossing, visiting each other's islands and having a really good time. Jeff is a great sport and stayed on for hours while Quinn showed him all sorts of things. We also keep a separate video chat going so that Jeff and Quinn can talk "face to face" so to speak. It works better for Quinn and Jeff seems to enjoy it as well.

Quinn has been asking all week to go camping. This evening we camped in the living room. I stretched some sheets across the couches and we pulled out sleeping bags after work.
We pretended to roast marshmallows. I offered to actually roast them and he declined. He is not a fan of the crunchy and chewy nature of s'mores. 
We also read books and filled out a sticker book. He had a really good time.

This evening the preschool class got together and had a fun show and tell. It's a true exercise in patience for the kids, waiting one by one to show their toy.

The cold-spell continues and we had a little bit of snow today.

We played stage direction bingo today. Quinn has a weekly class on saturdays (video) with the Grand Rapids Circle Theater so we've been having fun at home in the evenings practicing things.

I had some hot cereal, tea, and Animal Crossing before anyone woke up this morning. The silence was great.

Used some leftover sourdough starter and made some pancakes this morning. Everyone loved them!

Kent County finally has a dashboard of Covid-19 cases, which is helpful. I was hoping for a zip code breakdown, like Oakland County does, but this will do. The positive cases in Michigan overall have been low, but so has the overall number of tests performed. There continue to be supply issues with reagents and swabs, which means less people can be tested.
In non-Covid-19 news, we had our first virtual Kids Play Combo class through the Grand Rapids Civic Theater. Before everything had started I the little one on a waiting list for the in-person class. When they shifted to online they offered more sessions so we were able to sign up.
The afternoon was sunny and warmer than the last several days. The wind cut down on being able to soak up too much sunshine in 50 degree weather, but we still spent time outdoors puttering in the yard.