Today is the first day I've taken off since March, and I needed it! Even working from home all summer, it's nice to be able to take an extra day to do things around the house.

First up was assembling a 3D printer for Chris. Assembly of these has really come a long way in the last several years.
We picked out first cucumber from the garden we're growing! 
 And we set up the tent in the backyard for backyard camping!
He had a really fun time, reading books, playing games, and hanging out in the tent!

He has really been loving running through sprinklers this year!

We took an early morning walk and ran across all kinds of wildlife!

I finally replaced one of the joysticks on one of my joycons. Easy fix!

We made a rainbow railroad in Minecraft this afternoon.

We made a few paintings out on the deck this morning. The 5 year old created a cool backdrop for his characters.
We also made a rainbow tree together!

We opened up the August sago mini subscription box. This farm-themed box is adorable!

The little one showed off his chicken area to Chris. He learned a valuable lesson doing this when he introduced a wolf to all the hens in the hen house...

I also tested out Minecraft on the tablet to see how easy it is for the grandparents to join remotely.

We've been slowly getting into Minecraft. It's never been my thing, but i'm determined to learn it and get into it cause I know the little one will really enjoy it.
So far he's been creating houses for everyone!

Our first cucumber of the season is growing, in-spite of rabbits getting into the netting (they've ravaged the brussel sprouts instead).

It's not often he climbs to the top of his tower these days, so I was pleasantly surprised to see him up here.

This morning we made cinnamon rolls from scratch.
the finished product was definitely his favorite part.

We have our first tomato growing. I'm excited!

The latest installment of Paper Mario has arrived! We spent the evening after dinner checking it out.
Once the sun had gone down we went out to look for the NEOWISE comet. We didn't see it very well, but we are still in the city and there's a fair amount of light pollution. My cell phone takes a surprisingly decent photo of the big dipper compared to what I thought it would do. Definitely not what an SLR would do set up properly, but it works.

Another lunch break walking in the neighborhood, this time with his new wand.

We finally opened the June Sago Mini box which was fairy tale themed. This came with costumes pieces so it was an instant hit.
He's ran around in mid-80s weather on our lunch with this felt hat on and loved every moment of it.

I definitely miscalculated pulling this beet. This is not a beet. This is...not much of anything.

It's Monday. I feel ya cat. I really do.

It's not perfect, but I'm getting marginally better at cutting a little kid's hair. It helps that his hair is naturally wavy so any imperfections are hard to detect.

Flowers have started to bloom on my tomato plant, and I'm super excited!

Some rabbits chewed through my netting and ate my brussel sprout plants.

We spent some time this evening doing workbook sheets.

There's a meteor shower on my island tonight, so Uncle Jeff and Quinn stopped by and the 3 of us hung out and had fun together for a few hours.

It's a beautiful day again today. It's good to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

We are finally starting to run through sprinklers on our daily walks!

Uncle and nephew spent a few hours this afternoon enjoying the update to Animal Crossing and running around being silly.

We have packed the day with all kinds of activities. First up I made a bunch of home made cinnamon rolls. So delicious but so heavy.
In the afternoon we took the car out for it's weekly drive so things don't sit too long. Since I've been working from home, the car isn't getting as much activity as it normally does.
 We enjoyed some home made cheesecake in the afternoon.
And some fireworks in the evening! He was so excited and happy with our very small display.

I bought some Burpee seeds earlier in the spring, and then some bare root plants in late spring. These little Astibilbe have been doing amazing, considering how bad I am with plants usually. I'm really impressed with the quality of plants and seeds from Burpee over those I've purchased in the past in grocery stores.

 It's a beautiful and hot summer day.
These walks we take are great, but it's so hot this week.

It's been a hot week but it's been great to cool off in this little pool.