I made some Halloween-themed pancakes, which the little one still loves to get.
Lunch was also themed, but he was less impressed since it was healthier.
He decided to be Harry Potter this year, so we put on his costume, grabbed his cauldron, and got ready for some fun that Chris created for him.
Chris designed and drew three mock houses, puppets, a script, riddles and poems for Quinn to enjoy and have fun with, since we're not going out trick-or-treating this year.
Quinn loved it so much, he asked Chris to swap places and Quinn pretended to be a puppet dishing out silly jokes and passing out candy.
We took a fun walk in the afternoon and enjoyed everyone's decorations.
After a second round of trick-or-treating to the houses Chris made, we had dinner and then some fun Halloween festivities in Animal Crossing with grandpa and Uncle Jeff.

Chris spent the evening designing and crafting something fun for our little one on Halloween.

The latest Adabox arrived and it included an adorable LED matrix! I booted up their sample code and this adorable werewolf started to stare back at me.

We are taking advantage of nicer weather before wind, rain, and the cold set in.

We took a fun walk this afternoon, complete with costume pieces. He's been so excited all week for Halloween.

It certainly felt like winter was here this morning. It was 38 degrees and wet outside, so chilly. But that didn't stop us from our morning walk.

We did some coloring with markers....
And some painting... Painting takes too long, he says, so he doesn't like it. He wants to make the thing and then play with the thing, immediately.

It's Chris's birthday! We hung out, made a cake, and let him do what he wanted to do for a few hours, kid free.

The days are rainy and colder now, but the leaves turning are still fun to look at early in the morning before work. It's been nice working from home since that means we can take a longer walk together before I have to be back home to start the work day. I'm really enjoying the lack of a commute and more family time.

I have a new resident on my Animal Crossing Island. He has an...interesting house.

Nintendo has a few physical items you can spend your "coins" on that are earned through various things, like mobile apps. It's not Club Nintendo, but it's something. So a bag and a handkerchief arrived today. That almost makes up for a 7+ hour conference call I was on today.

He gets so excited on evenings we play Minecraft with uncle Jeff.
He also has the early beginnings of a messy gaming station. Look at this mess. Water bottles, snacks, sheesh!

I made a Halloween-themed banner for the little one's room. It's very similar to the one in Animal Crossing, and I know Halloween is his favorite holiday.

I let him use my phone as a mirror briefly and ended up with a dozen photos like this.

We finally joined the bandwagon and snagged an instapot. First attempt was porkloin. It wasn't bad, but I definitely think this is just a cut of meat that neither Chris nor I are excited about. I'm looking forward to doing other recipes in it! Maybe even part of Thanksgiving dinner.

We spent some time running around in the fall weather, enjoying blue skies.

Slowly building a new base in minecraft. Well, the little one is anyway. It's kind of based on his sketch....

I asked the 5 year old to start designing maps and levels he wants to build in Minecraft with his uncle. Here's his first layout. We're getting there. 

It's another foggy morning, although much chillier than a week or so ago.
It's great to get out in the morning. Losing the daylight as we get closer to winter is sad, but we are determined to soak up as much as we can while it's still light out in the morning.

Today is a federal holiday, so my office is closed. That means more fun with the family. We drove over to a nearby park with lots of ducks and geese.

We raked leaves today. He had fun playing in all the piles.

Theater classes started back up, so it's a new round of green screen backgrounds for him to enjoy.
After we ran around in the woods, enjoying the fall weather.

We had fun early this morning in the fog.
Chilly, but worth going out for.

Grandma and Grandpa sent surprise Halloween figures. He was so excited to open them!

I had a doctors appointment this afternoon. I had to put a mask over my other mask since it had a valve I'd covered. So double masks!
In the evening after work we climbed trees and enjoyed the weather.

It's a beautiful, sunny day. Perfect day to goof around outdoors at lunch.

We did our absentee ballots today, and the little one made his own. Daddy won against the cat and Mario. Good job, dad.

He loves to set up his tent and hide in there with the tablet and talk to his grandparents.

We made some monster cards to mail out to family for Halloween.

Every time I leave the office to get water or something, this guy sneaks in and sits on my chair.

The Halloween update is live in Animal Crossing! The first thing the little one did was change his skin an eyes.