Chris discovered this while he was cleaning the basement. The 6 year old was so excited, since he's been enjoying this on the SNES emulator on the switch.

Lots of fun to be had at Palmer Park today.

It was windy this morning and we took advantage and flew our first kite together.

The 6 year old has been drawing in the notebook I use for work when I'm not looking.

He brought one of his toy phones today on a walk and chatted with a friend.

It's a rainy morning but that didn't stop us from taking a stroll before work.

We had the park all to ourselves this morning.

This evening we had some FaceTime fun with my parents and brother.

We put up a giant map in his room today. It's basically the size of his bed. He's loving it.
We also discovered a nearby park has a small zipline, so he rode it a few times and enjoyed every moment of it.

It's a bit chilly but that didn't stop us from going to the beach this morning.

We had lots of fun building sand castles and moats together.

Some weeks are heavier than other on lego builds. This week he's been pretty into building different characters and buildings out of his piles of legos.

The 6 year old built a nether portal out of lego bricks for me.

We've overcome the hurdle that is gagging and vomiting with food over the last year. I thing being stuck home in the pandemic helped us to really focus on this and help him push through. He still isn't a huge fan of certain types of foods, but I appreciate he's willing to eat a larger array without huge fights and messes nightly.

I found a cache of things under my desk today. Someone built a little spot while I was taking a walk on lunch and thought he could hang out while I worked. He was disappointed that he wasn't allowed to stay.

Occasionally a squirrel tries to get some bird seed. They always climb up, try, and end up giving up after a bit.

He created a bed of sticks at the park today.

 The next Toca Life Box arrived and we dove into it. It was a build your own board game, and it also came with a pre-printed one you could play right out of the box. Cute kit.

They hung out together for a bit. Normally Leki leaves as soon as the little one sits down, but they were like this for a good long while today.

He barely fits here but insists on hanging out so he can see the birds up close.

The temperature has dropped and the early mornings are a bit chilly. Still wont stop us from getting in a morning walk.

We wandered to the park and it appears they've mowed the grass. He had fun zooming up and down the marks in the grass.

I wandered around in our survival realm, that only I appear to dip in and out of. I found a fortress so that was interesting.

He loves to look at pictures of minecraft and mario on his computer.

We took a trip out of Pickerel Lake today. The sun was shining and the weather was nice.
There were lots of sights to see.
It's always wonderful to visit and walk the trails there.

My old Calvin and Hobbes books have been a very big hit lately. Quinn drew this and we put it up on his bedroom door.
We also decided to camp in the living room, similar to what we did last year.
He always has lots of fun when we do something new, and camping in the living room is no exception.

Pokemon Snap came out last week and I've been enjoying taking all kinds of photos. I thought the 6 year old would enjoy it as well, but since you can't customize your character OR walk around it was not anything that held his interest. I, however, find it delightful.

Chris has a lot more patience and tolerance for being climbed on than I do. Kudos to him for always letting someone, either our kid or the cat, climb all over him.

 Now that I have a bird feeder installed outside of my window, he's taken more of an interest in the window.

He really enjoys hanging out in the office while I'm working. 90% of the time he is sleeping but occasionally he insists on cuddling while I'm typing.

It's been over a year since we've visited anyone and now that everyone (except the 6 year old) is vaccinated we are headed to the east side of the state!
We enjoyed some tasty food they prepared.
There was gaming together.
And building a house at the local school park. Everyone had a really good time and I am looking forward to the next visit already!

It's been a busy day. In the morning Quinn played through the Miitopia demo - I am surprised how much he enjoyed it.
In the afternoon we took walks, did some painting, and enjoyed the nice weather.

Always wonderful when there are blue skies above.

My AA Wireless dongle arrived this week and it's been amazing so far. I backed an Indiegogo last year for this. Essentially it's a device that wirelessly connects to your phone and launches android auto. I don't actually mind plugging in the cable, since it also doubles as charging my phone. The thing I've noticed with my phone (pixel 2) is that it frequently doesn't connect or will disconnect mid-driving. I've tried different cables and no real success. Usually I have to reboot the phone, turn off/on the car or some combination of the two. Amazingly this little device has eliminated all of my issues. So it wirelessly connects and STAYS connected. That's great when you're playing an audiobook for a little on in the back, who doesn't understand why his story stopped abruptly.

Glow in the dark clothing is just as magical for him as it was for me when I was little.

I spied these two out front between meetings in my home office. They were having fun in the warmer weather.

About a thousand pounds of dirt I ordered awhile back was delivered before 7am today. Soon my raised garden bed will be filled with dirt!

It's a chilly day out today, but we tried to get out and enjoy nature.
We spooked a turkey while we were wandering around Hager park.
It was a little warmer in the afternoon when we went back out, so that was nice.

It's a cloudy day, but that didn't stop us from getting out for a bit.
He also created a fort and I found him in the afternoon with his Chi's Sweet Home book and Nintendo Switch.