We went on an adventure in the afternoon to a new park - Wedgewood park. I mean, we've been there before, but it's been awhile.
I like the area by the water, and the bridge. It's near the Grandville middle school, so it probably gets a lot of traffic during the school day.

Monster Hunter arrived today. I played a bit of Monster Hunter World, and I liked it enough I thought I'd give this new game a shot. It's on the Switch, which is my preferred console since I can move it around the house. 

All of the pet companions really sold me on the game. I really enjoyed the Palicoes in the previous game and the palmutes are adorable as well. Who doesn't want a dog you can ride around on? I mean, I totally dreamed of that as a small kid!

The bump in the blankets is our cat. I don't know why he did that, but...ok.

It's an evening for Mario! Jeff and Quinn have been enjoying playing Mario Maker levels they've made for each other.

I've been told that this is our neighborhood, outlined with sticks and other items.

He's been enjoying this bell blanket from Animal Crossing.

We spent a bit of the day at Palmer Park.
The weather was good and the park wasn't too busy.

We set up a garden box in the backyard. I still need to fashion a covering for this to prevent deer from eating things, but I have some time.
I also made this berry coffee cake. Since no one else in the house is interested in pastries with fruit, this baby is all mine.

 More fun time with uncle Jeff.

I had my first covid-19 vaccine shot today.

Being able to work from home means enjoying lunchtime walks with the family.

The six year old has been building Mario characters in Minecraft. this is Luigi.

It's been nice weather. I know it will get colder and it might even snow between now and May, but for now we're enjoying it.

We played some mario over the internet with my brother Jeff today.

Some lighting for the deck came today, so we put it up and tested it out this evening.

It happened again....

After work we wandered over to the local playground and he climbed around a bit.
In the evening, somehow everyone ended up in our bed. There isn't enough room for everyone!

He loves climbing among tree branches.

It's warming up, but the snow in our back yard is lingering.

I don't work today, which means it's a free day! The 6 year old is enjoying his big wheel, now that he can reach the pedals.
We did a lap around the park together. There is still some snow, but it's melting and will be gone in a few days.

Another fun day out and about at the park.

These two also spent some time playing a board game together.

With the weather warmer and the sun shining, we spent a lot of time outside this afternoon, visiting a two local parks.

Today is my last day at the place I've worked the last four years. It's bitter sweet, as I will miss a lot of my co-workers.
Today is also the day that equipment for my new job arrived and I'm excited to get everything set up for this new adventure.

The snow is slowly melting away.

A certain young person living in our house has been enjoying a lot of Calvin and Hobbes lately.

He likes to lay with his arms under the heater and his face right up against it. I have to constantly move him. I'm not sure how that's even comfortable...

Ok, so we made a lot of Harry Potter treats yesterday, but he didn't want to watch the movie until tonight.
He had a fun time watching one of his favorite movies, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Today is a day for Harry Potter things. I did some cooking on and off today, as well as assembling a spider PB & J sandwich for the six-year old.
We had magic wands.
And chocolate frogs.
As well as pumpkin pasties and polyjuice potion. It was a fun day for making an array of different foods.

Tried grapefruit this morning...he wasn't impressed.

Instead of asking to play Minecraft, he asked to play Clue Jr again. I'm super excited for variety and not arguing about trying different things in the evening.

Today is the cat's 13th birthday. He is a good sport about the party hat every year.

We played our first round of Clue Jr tonight. He really enjoyed it.

I put another shelf into the 6 year old's closet. This will be a good spot for all of his board games, now that he's getting old enough to start enjoying them more.

During a conference call I looked over and found this in my pen holder. Sometimes my husband is so silly, which I love.

I logged in and played a bit of Guild Wars 2, which I haven't done for ages. I have so much junk in my inventory I spent at least 30 minutes organizing things trying to figure out if stuff was worth keeping or not.

We spent some time outside enjoying the sunshine together. I think he had a lot more fun than I did.

He spent a chunk of the day building one of his gifts - a LEGO Minecraft pig house.

Today is a full day of birthday festivities. A scavenger hunt and delicious pancakes.
Fun in Animal Crossing, celebrating with villagers on his island.
And opening presents with Grandma Karath....
...as well as Grandma and Grandpa Oslund and uncle Jeff.
Even the cat joined the celebrations when it was time for cake!