It's New Year's Eve!
We chatted with the grandparents for a bit and played some Animal Crossing with Uncle Jeff and Grandpa.
As the evening continued, we started to prepare for the strike of midnight.
Chris even made some 2021 glasses on the 3D printer.

As the time crept closer to midnight, we booted up Animal Crossing again to celebrate in-game. A little more fun for the 5 year old (and I selfishly wanted to do it too). 
We made it all the way to midnight and celebrated together in game (Chris watched us since he doesn't play).

We have finally reached the point where silence doesn't necessarily mean he's gotten into something he shouldn't. He's really enjoying my old Calvin and Hobbes books.

We played a bith of Minecraft with Uncle Jeff today.

Enjoyed some Stardew Valley today.

 Another day of LEGO set assembly

He's absolutely loving this creeper plushie.
So much that while we were playing Minecraft together he unleashed a ton of creepers in our creative realm that we share with Uncle Jeff.
In the evening we had a tea party with the creeper and skeleton. The table is made of the Millennium Falcon.
And of course we had to set the proper lighting for our party together.

It's Christmas Day! He had to bring his new stuffed animals with him into our room to get us up.
He was very pleased that today is another day of gift opening!
Lots of packages to open and toys to play with.
And of course lego sets to assemble!
Plus books to read in bed. He's doing a really great job reading and immediately started to read one of the Hilda graphic novels once he settled into bed.

We celebrated Christmas eve a little differently this year - all virtual. We set up the tablet in the living room near the tree and let Quinn open gifts with Grandma Karath.
She had a great time listening to him talk about all of the different toys

We took a break between gift opening sessions to go out and play in the snow. We had quite the temperate drop from 50s yesterday to 30s today.
then it was back to gift opening and chatting with family.
When you are the only grandchild on each side of the family, you are showered with gifts and attention.
He had a great time and enjoyed spending time with everyone throughout the day, opening gifts and telling them about his thoughts on everything.

The weather was warm and we spent my lunch hour exploring the woods, not unlike Hilda does, from the cartoon.
In the evening we played some  Minecraft together on our switches in bed. Uncle Jeff joined us for a little bit via FaceTime.

Last night I added to the felt Christmas tree I started back in 2016.
This year, at Quinn's request, I added a felt reindeer.

Today is the first day of virtual safaris hosted by John Ball Zoo. Today the kids met the red pandas, which the little one enjoyed.

We made some snowflakes together.
And we took a very long walk to try to get some of his energy burned off. It didn't work.

I made a loaf in the bread machine overnight.
I specifically made it so we could have thick french toast in the morning. It worked out well.

We took a stroll after dinner around the neighborhood.
He had a lot of fun running around and looking at all of the decorations.

We took a large box that some stuff arrived in and put a blanket in it for the cat. The little one has decorated the box to make it feel more like a home.

He still loves to dress up and run around as Harry Potter.

Lots of fun running around at lunch time.

It rained recently, but now the temperature is cooler and ice is forming. Fascinating for a 5 year old.

We made mini-waffles.
And we drew Christmas scenes.
We made some gingerbread cookies.
And looked at light displays in the neighborhood.

I completed a mission in Cyberpunk 2077 a few days ago and this guy has been following me around on every side mission since. I guess I appreciate the extra firepower, but it's definitely a glitch - Dum Dum shouldn't be around after the mission where you meet him. This game is a hot mess.

An interesting glitch when I tried to cast my PlayStation to a TV.

A giant dirt pile showed up at the local elementary school, so we had to explore.

I love every day that I can see a blue sky.

Our new favorite thing is to sit by the tree at night.

This is a super cute world in the Minecraft marketplace.