Chris bought me a little LEGO set so I spent part of the evening assembling as much as I could without the manual. 

The weather is great so I strolled over to the fish ladder on lunch with some co-workers.

Chris's brother and dad were in town today and we walked around ArtPrize in downtown Grand Rapids. I had a good time with everyone and a lots of tasty food.

I'm still coughing a lot, but I'm feeling much better. So we took a walk on a path in the neighborhood and enjoyed the nice weather.

This month's LootCrate is just awesome for Chris. I've already been giving him random pieces from past crates that I'm not interested in (like vinyl figures), but virtually everything this month is something he'd want. From the tribble to the alien action figure, he's pretty happy with this month's haul.

Adam and Comfort were in town briefly to look at houses and they swung by and dropped of some delicious, throat-soothing honey. Hooray!

I'm feeling better today, but not well enough to sit at my desk and not hack all over everyone, so I worked from home. The cat, excited with my laptop bag, sat on it for awhile and watched me work. He's an adorable companion to have when working from home.

Well, last night was kind of a nightmare of not sleeping well. It doesn't look like there are many things that are ok to take during pregnancy when you're sick, and honestly the one thing I usually do take (a certain cough medicine), seems iffy. So after a night of not sleeping, I stayed home from work today, napped on the couch, watched a bunch of netflix, and finished of a box of tissues. That's productive, right?

The cat was ok with me being home for the most part, as long as I tried not to move too much and interrupt his napping.

Today was a much lazier day than yesterday. I feel worse, so I spent a chunk of the day laying on the couch playing video games and trying not to sneeze and cough all over everyone.

We left the paper out for another day, since Leki is so into it. He really does love anything that is new. Even crinkly paper.

Chris surprised me with an early birthday celebration. Since we have the whole weekend and I appear to be coming down with a cold, today was a perfect day to receive gifts. A nice nerdy t-shirt I can wear for a little while (all of my existing Woot shirts no longer cover my budding pregnancy), plus Watch Dogs to binge on. 
Plus the cat has a new bed of wrapping paper. He loved it so much we just left the paper out for him to nap on. 

Delicious birthday cupcakes were at work when I arrived to celebrate both my birthday and a co-workers for this upcoming weekend.
And at lunch I wandered around downtown checking out the ArtPrize installations going up.

It's not quite fall but the weather has been absolutely cool and wonderful.

I'm starting to feel a little more energetic and the fall-feeling weather has been fantastic, so walks in the evening are awesome again.

I love foggy days.

This is the kind of great entertainment I miss when I'm at work. The 3-legged squirrel begging for food, thus taunting the cat.

We met my parents, aunt, uncle and cousin at PF Changs for lunch. It's an interesting place to have a lunch. The horse is a bit much.

My parents are in town after my mom gave a genealogy talk in Lake Odessa. So we had a nice evening out for dinner and Chris got to show off Google Cardboard.

Plus since both my mother and I have September birthdays, we exchanged gifts. In a few weeks I'm sure we'll do the same thing with Chris and my dad, since they're both in October.

The weather is kind of suspect outside, like it might rain (although probably not) so I wandered through the skywalk and noticed a lot of ArtPrize pieces going up in the hall.

Adam and Comfort are in town for the evening after a day of house hunting. They saw some cool houses and I'm really excited at the idea of them moving back to Grand Rapids!
Plus Chris got to show off Google Cardboard!

Someone is having fun looking out the window.

Ok, this isn't exactly what I did today. I didn't exactly play Guild Wars 2, but I thought about it while I was super lazy on the couch. So that counts, right?

Today is my first day back to work and Friday was the last day for one of my co-workers and friends. So when I arrived at my desk I was pleasantly surprised to find a note, a gift, and even some candy stuffed in my desk. Super thoughtful. I'm going to miss working with her.

It's another awesome summer day that feels a lot more like fall. I'm so excited that fall is almost here!

It's a nice, sunny afternoon. Perfect time for a stroll around the neighborhood.

Dan came over this evening for some TV and to hang out. Chris showed Dan Google Cardboard as well.

Leki was excited for Dan, although the thunderstorm that had rolled by earlier did leave him a little more leery that usual. He also might not have forgiven Dan for bringing an intruder with him last time he was over.

It stormed this morning and it was beginning to look like we were going to be locked indoors all day. But by the afternoon things had cleared up and we decided to take a trip to St Joseph and check out the beach. The downtown area is cute as well. We walked around Silver Beach County Park and I waded into the water a little.

The weather was actually perfect to just sit and enjoy the sun. A very nice summer day that wasn't too hot.

Spent a chunk of the morning playing some Guild Wars 2. It's been awhile since I've played my lower alts, so it was fun to run around and blow things up with the little Ausra (which is gnome-size).

It's been ages since I've tried to knit anything and I still have a half finished scarf to get through, so I thought I'd try to do some today. After about 4 rows I could start to feel it in my arms so...nope. Not going to get through this scarf very fast. I'll probably take the better part of 5 year to finish this thing, but that's ok.

The morning and later afternoon were clear skies, but early afternoon was a nice downpour. The grass certainly appreciated it, I'm sure.