We went in for his 6 month checkup and shots. He had a really good time sitting on the table tearing up the paper.

Chris has spent most of the day working on another blackboard door with a cat door built in for the kitchen, but we managed to all take a stroller ride together in the afternoon. Today is the first day we went without the car seat portion in the stroller. Quinn can sit up just fine, but they really don't design these things for babies as small as he is. Even on the tightest setting the shoulder straps are still too loose. He had a good time though, so that's all that really mattered.

We went grocery shopping today and Quinn sat in the cart. He's a little small still so he slides if you turn the car too quickly, but he was able to sit up the whole time and watch everything, even though by the end you could tell it was a lot more effort for him to sit up and he was getting tired.
In the afternoon Corinne came by to hang out for a bit. It has been about 3 months since we've hung out, so it was nice to catch up and see how things are going. Plus she always has awesome stories to tell.

Quinn likes to chase the cat around now. That's obviously pretty frustrating for Leki, who wants nothing more than to lay on the floor and take a nap. So now he has to start getting laying up where he can't be reached.

of course in another few months the couch wont be safe either. Poor cat.

You put on the wrong socks and don't notice until you get to work. At least nothing had spit up on it.

Quinn has been, up until this week, mostly napping on Chris's chest. But this week Chris is finally transitioning him to nap in his crib. So far it's going alright, although occasionally there's a baby just crawling around trying to play instead of nap.

All the toys!

The baby gates finally went up for the foreseeable future, now that he's on the move and can really zip across the carpet.

Deanne stopped by while she was in town to see Quinn. Since she lives in Lansing and we no longer work together I don't get to see her much. It was pretty nice that she was in town and could swing by for a little bit to see the little one and to catch up a bit.

We drove over to the east side of the state to visit with Chris's parents. Quinn had a really good time with his Grandma Karath.
He enjoyed crawling all over the floor.
And sitting up on the couch, smiling away.
Then we drove out to White Lake to visit Chris's dad, where Quinn got to enjoy sitting on another couch. He's getting to be a pro.
He really likes standing all over everything, so walking on the table with Grandpa was a lot of fun. 
Quinn had a lot of fun. Especially watching the ceiling fan. He loves ceiling fans.

He's getting up on all fours, rocking back and forth, and taking mini-steps before getting back down on his stomach and doing an army crawl.

Quinn tried to eat Leki's tail this morning. Leki wasn't too excited about it and kind of whined until he could get away.
I picked Chris and Quinn up at Comfort and Adam's house at lunch. They were all out walking together when it started to downpour. Since they were near Comfort and Adam's house, they just stayed there until I could pick them up. It looks like they had a good time.

We all went out at lunch for a surprise bridal shower for a co-worker today. We went to XO Asian Cuisine, because there's an awesome server there (Cindy) that several of us love. Plus the food is great.

Today Quinn is 6 months. He's standing more on his own and he's creeping along on the carpet more and more each day.
Chris and Quinn came up to my work today and he was great. He smiled, he babbled, he was just all around well behaved for a kid past his nap time. We are so lucky he's so laid back.

Safely away from a creeping baby, it's time to nap.

We went down to the new Tanger Outlet mall today. The whole thing feels like a time warp to the 1980s. Outside speakers blasting oldies (as in 1950s songs, which were oldies in the 80s), older people milling about waiting for stores to open. And thanks to the heat, I felt like I was in Florida.

Quinn and Chris had a good time. I'm sure Chris will take him down there periodically just to check out the Toys R Us down there.

Today's the first time Quinn's been in a restaurant. I met my friend Shelly for breakfast and brought the little guy along. He did great. He was very calm and played with his cloth book for awhile. And after about an hour I took him out of his car seat and he got to climb all over everything.

It was great catching up with Shelly and good to know that Quinn was ok just hanging out for a bit.
And Shelly gave Quinn some toys. A nice blanket and a cute plush toy. Quinn especially likes the bird that goes with the nesting set.

Very, very interesting.

Chris ordered a Gronk plushie and it arrived today. It's pretty adorable. I look forward to reading Quinn some Gronk comics when he gets older and is less likely to eat paper or electronics.

A co-worker brought in a bottle of wine for everyone on my team. Yay wine!

The last few days have been really beautiful weather when I've been out on lunch. Really nice summer days that aren't too hot or cold.

It looks like they're still working on Arena Place over by the Van Andel arena. It's bigger than it was in December, so progress!

I finally made it back into Pearle Vision to get some new lenses for my glasses. It only took me a month to get back in there after my exam. Sheesh.

We stopped in the nearly vacant Rogers Plaza mall to check it out. Nearly all of the stores are empty and those few that aren't have odd hours. But it does have a post office and a Secretary of State office, which I'm going to assume is what helps keep the building alive.

It's a nice enough building and there is plenty of shopping on the outside of it, but those stores that have an exterior and interior entrance have their mall entrance closed.

They do have a Santa Claus in the winter so I'm thinking this will be a great place in a few years to see him and skip the lines.

We tried a sippy cup this evening since he's been grabbing at anything we drink or eat. He was not interested. It might be because I really didn't put much breastmilk in the bottle so he would have really had to tip it back far to get anything.

Our entertainment for the evening was watching the first Republican primary debate. I laughed so hard I woke the baby up at one point.

I really kind of want to hang out on the blanket this afternoon instead of sit under an air conditioning vent. It's a nice 80 degrees outside but I have to wear a sweater indoors because it's freezing at my desk.

This blanket looks so comfortable. And relaxing.

After I left for work when I was done with lunch these two guys hung out in the front yard and watched cars drive by. Super fun!

Dan and Lorelei stopped by in the afternoon to visit Chris and Quinn. It sounds like they had a really good time.

We drove over to visit my parents today and to hang out with Chris P, who is Chris's childhood friend that now lives in China (he makes video games for a living). 

This was the first time Quinn got to meet him and also the first time Quinn really started to show signs of being unsure of strangers. 
 He did calm down after a bit. He enjoyed spending time outside with my mom.
 We all got to catch up over lunch...
And everyone got a turn with the baby.  
 He was the center of attention.
As a special bonus he really enjoyed being out in the grass. 

We took Quinn out to the basketball court at a nearby park to let him walk around in his walker. Once we took off his shoes and let him go in socks he had a fantastic time!