I forgot to take a photo while out at lunch with some co-workers, so instead of you get a map of where Xo is! They have a pretty decent lunch special so I have no problem stuffing my face with spring rolls and rice on lunch.

Chris and I had not watched Sharknado previously, but when we heard that you could sync the movie with Hue lights, we had to give it a try. The whole experience wasn't bad. It will be interesting to see other movies sync up with the Hue lights in the future.

My co-worker baked some delicious peanut butter cookies last night and brought a couple in for me. They made for a tasty breakfast!

I walked up to the fish ladder at lunch with some co-workers. I forgot to snap a photo, so here's one from about a month ago. It looks about the same - wet!

While browsing on the internet looking at recipes, I stumbled across this giant cookie recipe that requires a skillet. I completely forgot that Chris had bought one for me for Christmas (which is terrible, I know)...

So I dug out the skillet and baked a cookie! It's a little overcooked, but that's ok. It's still a cookie!

Chris made sliders for lunch today. They were basically mini-hamburgers, since I really don't like sliders and their traditional greasy and onion flavoring. They weren't bad.

I forgot to take a photo, so you get to enjoy Chris's!

Since I probably shouldn't be wandering around irritating my ankle, I'm going to spend a chunk of this weekend playing the Destiny beta. Chris was awesome enough to start the 12+ gig download so everything would be good to go when I got home. Hooray!

While out walking on lunch I tripped and twisted my ankle. I tried to ignore it, but turns out I sprained it just a little. Same ankle as several years ago. So we spent part of the evening in urgent care, waiting for x-rays to make sure nothing was broken.

The weather has been perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. I'm really happy with a July that doesn't have 90+ degree days every day.

After a hard day of napping, it's nap time for a certain orange cat.

This month's Loot Crate is pretty awesome. The villains theme really makes up for the Transformers crate last month that I didn't really care for.

I spent part of the morning working through the latest living world installment in Guild Wars 2. Not a bad way to avoid the heat today.

Chris was very excited that the Hue Tap hit stores this weekend, so we ran out to the mall to pick one up. I guess that's what I get for dragging my feet on making an arduino-powered button for the hue lights.

Because having pizza for lunch yesterday wasn't enough!

I came back from walking at lunch with a slice of pizza in hand and found a bottle of wine on my desk. A nice, random gift from a co-worker.

GR Makers hosted an Autodesk Fusion 360 talk tonight for their weekly open (non-members welcome) social event. Since neither of us have visited the makerspace, we decided to take this opportunity to check things out.

It's a very nice space and everyone seemed very friendly.

The next chapter in Season 2 of Guild Wars 2's Living World started today. Vines everywhere!

Walked along the Grand River at lunch. It is pretty nice to have something so scenic so close to work.

We took a stroll around the neighborhood park this afternoon. It was warmer than I'd have liked, but it's still a pretty cool July overall.

We don't subscribe to the Grand Rapids press, but occasionally we do get the supplemental newspaper (The Advance). It's been well over a month since I've seen a paper show up. Since today is raining, one was in our driveway when we came home.

Chris bought a box of graham cracker Scooby snacks. I'm a little put off by the shape, but they are so tasty that I keep eating them anyway.

Part of the walkway along the Grand in downtown Grand Rapids is ever so slightly under water today. The ducks seem to be enjoying it.

Chris swung by and picked me up for lunch today. We headed over to the John Ball Zoological Garden for a quick bite to eat and to walk around before I had to head back.

There is a pizza shop (Georgio's Pizza) just down the street from where I work that I've never visited. So this afternoon on my way back from a walk at lunch, I picked up a slice. They have a delicious array of different pizzas. I'm definitely going to have to stop in there again sometime.

It's a sunny day. It really doesn't feel hot enough for July, but I'm OK with that.

We went to see Snowpiercer today. It's only playing at one theater in the area, so we hung out a bit on the other side of town while waiting for the movie to start. Not bad. I'm happy to see an original sci-fi on the screen as opposed to an existing franchise. A nice change of pace.

It's been a lazy day. I played some Guild Wars 2, watched a lot of soccer, and hung around. My kind of Saturday.

Guild Wars 2 launched season 2 of it's Living World this week. It's been awhile since I've played, so I popped in for a bit. They've added a new zone, complete with sandstorms. Weather effects are always awesome to see in game.
In the evening we tried to light some sparklers Chris had picked up awhile back. None of them worked. So..we wandered around the neighborhood.

It's a little disturbing to see aerial fireworks being set off in a neighborhood so heavily wooded. Chris has a post on his blog about it as well (and that's where I stole the above photo from). This is the first year it actually freaked the cat out too.

We drove out to Grand Haven today. We figured we should go before the holiday festivities started and since the weather is so much cooler and nicer today than it will be tomorrow.

It was almost a little chilly in the shade, but I'd take that over the weather we've had the last week or so.
When we got home Leki was pretty exhausted from napping. So we hung out a bit before Dan came over in the evening to watch some TV shows.

My parents drove out to spend the day with us. 
We ate tasty grilled food, hung out for a bit, and took Dayzee for a walk.
I think Dayzee had a pretty good time and napped quite a bit after all of the walking and sniffing. Surprisingly Leki only attacked her once. Maybe he's finally becoming more tolerant of her.

We made sure to do an early morning walk before the humidity really kicked up. I really do like the boardwalk at Palmer Park.