I managed to get out of the house today for a short trip to the store. Its the first time I've gone further than the driveway since coming home from the hospital. And it was glorious. Plus I snagged Chris some weird peeps to try.

Its a little late, but we did manage to get Leki his tasty wet cat food for his birthday. Chris picked up a slightly different brand than usual, so Leki gobbled it down then promptly vomited it all up again. He's eats too fast and has a bit of a sensitive stomach. So far we've only found one cat treat he can eat without throwing it back up. Sheesh.

He's out very own glowworm! At least, that's what this little swaddlme outfit makes me think of. He seems to go back and forth on whether he likes the swaddlme. Some times he enjoys sleeping that tight, sometimes he gets really frustrated, so we don't use it much.

I really like glowworms as a kid. Although it's unnerving how many 80s toys are making a comeback in time for kids growing up now. I may have liked glowworms and other 80s properties, but that doesn't mean I need to recreate my childhood. Don't little kids get their own weird toys? Maybe they have that stuff but I just haven't noticed it yet. All I can think of is Ben 10, and that's a decade old at this point.

Leki turns 7 today. He's been a good sport about the whole baby thing. He's even come around to snuggling with me for a little bit (he was avoiding me cause I smelled like baby).

He's had lots of treats today since we don't have his traditional can of wet cat food to celebrate. but somehow I don't think he's minded too much. Sunlight, naps, treats - all things he loves that he's gotten to enjoy today.

Comfort and Adam stopped by this afternoon to meet the little one and hang out. We put him in his Green Lantern onesie,  even though it's too big. That's ok, he'll grow into it.

Despite the stress of a new baby in the house, Leki is still able to find a nice patch of sunlight to relax in.
Yesterday a surprise package came in the mail from my cousin Robin. She had knit a little football cap for the little one. He is a tad too small for it now, but soon he will be able to wear it.

The Miller's stopped by this afternoon to meet Quinn. It was a short visit, but it was nice to chat with them and see how things are going for them.

So the maternity insert I made for my button jacket is now being used as an extra warm blanket layer for car rides. Yesterday it was bitter cold when we brought him home and today we have to go out and get some lab work done. So we bundled him back up and tucked the insert around to keep him extra toasty on the way to and from the car.

I'm glad that little quilted rectangle is still useful.
In the afternoon we used FaceTime so Chris's mom could see the baby. I'm glad everything got set up last week so that we were able to FaceTime with his mom in the hospital and at home so she can see her grandson.

Today we got to take Quinn home. We arrived back home mid-afternoon. Leki was curious for about five seconds, then ran off and has been avoiding anything even remotely smelling like baby.

Now a days they typically keep you 2 nights for non-complicated deliveries. Chris has been awesome enough to stay up and keep the little one calm while I try to get some shut eye. It's great that he can stay with me the entire time while I'm in the hospital and we're able to do all the things with Quinn together.

Today is the day pregnancy had finally ended. At 4:52am we became a family of four (yes, I'm counting our ginger cat, Leki).

I was admitted around 7pm yesterday and after horrible back labor and then an awesome epidural, Quinn was born.
It's been a long day, considering we've been up since 4am on Tuesday, but it was worth it. 

Now for a nap.

it's a snowy, snowy day. Sigh.

I'm having a harder time walking for any length of time. So I barely made it to the Delos Place in the skywalk. Pregnancy can be done now.

Today is likely the last breakfast at Arnies I'm going to have for awhile. I meet my friend Lori there about once a month, give or take, to catch up on things and eat a tasty danish. Since I'm 38 weeks now I'll likely go into labor sometime in the next few weeks and then we'll be busy with a newborn and trying to figure out how to do everything. So it was good to catch up in person before having to switch to emails sent at 3am between feedings or something.

Plus, hooray for one last tasty cheese danish for a bit.

We don't really celebrate Valentine's day. The first year Chris bought me this adorable dragon and some chocolate, but we both agreed after that the holiday is kind of silly and has too much pressure on some people to do something.

So I didn't buy anything for Chris. But he bought me some chocolate...so then I had to do something! So I tried to make heart shaped pancakes. They're...almost heart shaped.
The weather outside alternated between clear and lots of blowing snow. Since we're still under an advisory and there are supposed to be white out conditions, I mostly just took a long nap and read my book, snuggled up with the cat.

All in all a good, lazy day.

We're under a Winter Storm Warning until tomorrow night. The snow has started and so far it looks quiet.

We are supposed to get thundersnow, but every time they announce that I'm disappointed. We hardly ever get thundersnow.

This week we're trying SuperSystem, which is a tabletop game based on superheroes and you can use any miniature figures. The theme works really well with Comfort, Adam, Dan and Chris because they're all big superhero fans. And they all have a ton of HeroClix figures from playing that tabletop game.

You can basically make your own character - similar to how you spend points in an RPG in various attributes. Plus you can mix and match specific skill sets.

It's a nice customizable game. It's not like Warhammer and the like where certain figures are supposed to be assigned to certain types of things. Plus you make up scenarios about why your heroes are doing whatever it is they're doing.

Tabletop gaming still isn't my preferred gaming (I prefer video games) but this was interesting to play.

Chris's mom lives on the other side of the state, so we wanted to get her set up with video calling for when the baby is born. My parents already have all manner of devices to connect to us with but his mom doesn't have a computer or smart phone.

So yesterday Chris's brother Scot set up an iPad for her. And during the day and this evening we practiced using FaceTime.

I think she's really going to enjoy it once she can see the baby and talk to him as he gets older. We were also able to give her a virtual tour of the baby's room, which she enjoyed.

Most of the time Leki lays on me in the evening, purring away and laying across a book or a tablet. But sometimes Leki doesn't need to snuggle with me. Sometimes he wanders over and tries to get in Chris's way, and I'm ok with that.

I've been watching them slowly re-design the 3rd floor of the Hannon McKendry building, which is the floor that leads to the Skywalk.
Today I see they have walls put up with little stars, basically. It's an interesting look. It will look very modern for a few years, and then it will probably start to look dated and have to be redone again. But for now, it is interesting.

It doesn't matter how round my abdomen gets, the cat will find a way to snuggle up to me. Lately he's taken to using my chest as a shelf, if possible. Mind you he's 17 pounds, so that's a lot of orange fur to support. Luckily when I'm on the couch he cheats and uses the couch arm.

I spent part of the morning flashing Lollipop on my Samsung S5. The upgrade itself wasn't painful, but I had an odd issue where if I go back into recovery mode the phone stops booting. So I spent more time than I thought I would trying to figure out what the problem was. Still not sure.

Delicious, cheap lunch today at a nearby downtown restaurant. I keep getting their panang chicken even though I don't like spicy food. Cant. Resist. Coconut Milk.

Work surprised me today with a low-key baby shower lunch. My one co-worker bought these two adorable onesies that I'm excited to put the little one in. They're so awesome!

I decided it was probably time I find a stop watch so I can measure contractions. That seems to be a thing you're supposed to do. Since you can load apps on the Pebble Watch, I just downloaded one onto that. I mean, it's a watch already. Now it's a stop watch!

Comfort and Adam came over to watch a few episodes of Agent Carter and hang out. Hooray for TV night!

This winter has been pretty mild so far. It was bound to start acting like winter at some point.

We're in the middle of a weather advisory and supposed to get up to 12 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. So that means we're pretty much staying home all day where it's warm.
It's also a perfect opportunity to create some replacement felt toys for the bouncy chair we have for the little one. Chris really didn't like the elephant it came with, so we thought we'd make a few of our own that we could swap out periodically.
I decided to go with some basic shapes that were also video game themed. Using what felt we did have in the house, I cut out the cloud from Mario and a Super Star. The Pac-Man ghost will have to wait for a later date when I pick up more felt.

The eyes were pretty easy to sew on.
 And after looking how to do a blanket stitch, I got to work getting the two halves together.
 I stuffed each toy with some poly-fill and used some elastic to hang them with.
We'll be able to adjust them so they're out of reach, although I've stitched everything tight enough that if he does gnaw on anything the worst that will happen is that they toys get wet.

I wanted to do something more intense, like put some lights inside with some of conductive thread and lights I have, but I just cant think of a safe way to incorporate electronics in a baby toy where I  could make the toy safe.

As he gets older I look forward to sewing on blinking lights, speakers, and other arduino parts onto costumes and what not. Adafruit has a fantastic selection of wearables that I'm itching to try but I just can't come up with any projects for me. And as much as I'd love to do a GPS collar for the cat, he never leaves the house so...