This year we're not doing anything special for New Year's Eve. We're letting the little guy run around, fall asleep, and then we're going to bed shortly after.

Here's hoping for a nice night of rest.

This little guy made out like a bandit for Christmas. Being the only grand child on both sides means a lot of toys. He's been enjoying them all. This one is a stuffed dog you can program to say his name and favorite food, color, and animal.

I'm not sure what is in that corner, but it's interesting and he's headed for it with his new stuffed animal from his Uncle Jeff.

I'm taking a rare walk at lunch to pick up something to eat before heading back. There is supposed to be a nasty storm this afternoon and evening so I'm working through lunch to leave early. It doesn't look bad yet, but it's just started.

Quinn is getting bigger all the time. We've started letting him walk around a little at the store when we go. He's getting much better about focusing on walking and not immediately wanting to grab things off of the floor.

He's still easily distracted though.

This weekend is all about studying. Study, study, study for a test early next month.

Quinn's first Christmas was fun! He slept better last night than he has in months (which is to say he slept for five hours, which at this point I'll take).

He had fun with all of his new presents, especially the tunnel that the cat thought was safe to lay in.
He had lots of fun chasing our new toy (Ollie). It lights up and moves around, which is fun to run after!

It's Quinn's first Christmas Eve! I had a half day at work so at noon we headed over to the east side of the state for celebrations!
 Quinn got to hang out with his Grandma Karath and uncle Scot.
 He also "helped" grandma with her Christmas gift.
Once all of the presents were opened at Grandma Karath's house we headed out to Grandma and Grandpa Oslund's house. 
 Uncle Jeff helped Quinn unwrap his gifts.
 And Quinn had a fun time running around in his elf costume.

No nap!

I updated my Pebble the other day and opted in to Pebble Health and check it out. It's not bad. I think the fitbit is still more accurate, but they're close. 

When driving home from the Detroit area yesterday the check engine light came on. so now to take the car in and figure out what's wrong. 

Chris Pfeiffer, Chris's good friend from childhood who now lives in China, is in town! So we headed over to my parents house to visit.
 The two Chris's went out for lunch and the rest of us hung out for a bit at my parents house.
 Quinn had a pretty good time seeing everyone and wandering around like a speed demon.
It was good to see Chris again. Since he lives so far away we don't see him often, but he's always fun to talk to.

Quinn turned 10 months yesterday. We were a little busy and didn't get a chance to snap his photo today, however. He had a good time banging that tree ornament everywhere.

Even in a highchair.

The day started out great. I ate a plate of cookies at work.
And then after the day was over I came home to my parents playing with Quinn and getting ready to babysit so we can go see the movie together.

My parents were awesome enough to pick up dinner too. Comfort, Adam and Corinne all came by before the movie. We ate some food, hung out, then headed out to the theater.
We arrived an hour and 10 minutes before the film started and they'd already started seating. So the best seats we could get were in the second row. Not the greatest seats, but the screen was still visible so that's all that matters!
Everyone who was in the first showing (at 7pm) also received a premiere patch.

It was a fun night and Quinn was a perfect angel for his grandparents. I look forward to dropping him off at their place and going to movies or going out to eat next year.

Just one more day until Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.

Trucks are cool.

Quinn fell asleep while FaceTiming with grandma and grandpa.

Quinn met Santa today!

Today is the day Quinn gets to meet his great aunts and uncles. But first we visited with Grandma for a little bit.
When his great aunts arrived he also got to meet his cousin Corinna. She's four months, so a little younger, but he enjoyed seeing her.
 We had a nice lunch and then it was time for presents...
...which he really enjoyed! Great Aunt Terri bought a dancing, singing toy which lights up, so it's all kinds of fun and excitement. 
We also stopped in to visit Grandpa Karath. He had some fun cars for Quinn to play with. They glide very well on the carpet, so they're extra fun!

Chris took Quinn shopping this afternoon while I was at work. I think the little guy had a fun time getting out of the house.

It's 59 degrees outside! I had the stroller in the car so Chris and Quinn couldn't go for a long walk, but they could play in the yard and enjoy the warm weather.

Quinn has discovered a piece of the dishwasher he can pull and bend. Chris has come up with some creative ways to prevent the little guy from getting to it. Quinn spent part of the afternoon trying to figure out how to circumvent Chris's handiwork.

Awhile back a co-worker recommended Tasty on Facebook. They do have some interesting recipes and one of the ones I saw was one for a Chicken Buffalo ring. All the recipes involve using prepared things like crescent rolls, cake mix, and so on. That makes putting things together pretty quick.

So this evening I put together the Turkey Buffalo Ring (which is just a ring of crescent rolls with hot sauce, cheese, turkey and cream cheese). I prepared our second Thanksgiving on Sunday, so there was plenty of turkey leftover to make something else with.

Hooray for a quick meal to make for the week!

Leki was pretty tolerant this morning and let Quinn pet him through the baby gate.

Dan, Angel and Lorelei visited today. It's been a while since I've seen any of them, especially Angel, so it was nice to catch up.
Lorelei really wanted to pet Leki, but he's just such an unfriendly cat with strangers. She did give up and settle for toys since the cat wouldn't come downstairs. Angel read to them both and everyone had a good time!

In the morning we headed out to the local toy show that's just down the road. Quinn had a good time looking at everything on the tables and all the different people.
In the afternoon Adam and Comfort came over for a little to visit and catch up. Adam had a good time letting Quinn sit on his lap and play a bit.

I've put a lot more hours into this little Legacy of Legends 3DS game that I thought I would. Nearly 9 hours since Saturday, which isn't bad considering using the 3DS makes my tendinitis hurt so it severely limits gaming.

Chris put the rug back in the kitchen and someone thinks it's great fun!

He discovered that the tops of the ottomans can be removed and started pulling his toys out.

He's getting better with the sippy cup and is starting to drink from it by himself. Success!

I brought Arthas from the latest Loot Crate to work. I don't have a lot of decorations on my desk and considering Chris has no real link or interest in Warcraft, I considered this figure to be one I cared more about.

So now I have an angry lich king staring at my while I type.