He gets so excited on evenings we play Minecraft with uncle Jeff.
He also has the early beginnings of a messy gaming station. Look at this mess. Water bottles, snacks, sheesh!

I made a Halloween-themed banner for the little one's room. It's very similar to the one in Animal Crossing, and I know Halloween is his favorite holiday.

I let him use my phone as a mirror briefly and ended up with a dozen photos like this.

We finally joined the bandwagon and snagged an instapot. First attempt was porkloin. It wasn't bad, but I definitely think this is just a cut of meat that neither Chris nor I are excited about. I'm looking forward to doing other recipes in it! Maybe even part of Thanksgiving dinner.

We spent some time running around in the fall weather, enjoying blue skies.

Slowly building a new base in minecraft. Well, the little one is anyway. It's kind of based on his sketch....

I asked the 5 year old to start designing maps and levels he wants to build in Minecraft with his uncle. Here's his first layout. We're getting there. 

It's another foggy morning, although much chillier than a week or so ago.
It's great to get out in the morning. Losing the daylight as we get closer to winter is sad, but we are determined to soak up as much as we can while it's still light out in the morning.