We went on an adventure in the afternoon to a new park - Wedgewood park. I mean, we've been there before, but it's been awhile.
I like the area by the water, and the bridge. It's near the Grandville middle school, so it probably gets a lot of traffic during the school day.

Monster Hunter arrived today. I played a bit of Monster Hunter World, and I liked it enough I thought I'd give this new game a shot. It's on the Switch, which is my preferred console since I can move it around the house. 

All of the pet companions really sold me on the game. I really enjoyed the Palicoes in the previous game and the palmutes are adorable as well. Who doesn't want a dog you can ride around on? I mean, I totally dreamed of that as a small kid!

The bump in the blankets is our cat. I don't know why he did that, but...ok.

It's an evening for Mario! Jeff and Quinn have been enjoying playing Mario Maker levels they've made for each other.

I've been told that this is our neighborhood, outlined with sticks and other items.

He's been enjoying this bell blanket from Animal Crossing.

We spent a bit of the day at Palmer Park.
The weather was good and the park wasn't too busy.

We set up a garden box in the backyard. I still need to fashion a covering for this to prevent deer from eating things, but I have some time.
I also made this berry coffee cake. Since no one else in the house is interested in pastries with fruit, this baby is all mine.

 More fun time with uncle Jeff.

I had my first covid-19 vaccine shot today.

Being able to work from home means enjoying lunchtime walks with the family.

The six year old has been building Mario characters in Minecraft. this is Luigi.