Flowers have started to bloom on my tomato plant, and I'm super excited!

Some rabbits chewed through my netting and ate my brussel sprout plants.

We spent some time this evening doing workbook sheets.

There's a meteor shower on my island tonight, so Uncle Jeff and Quinn stopped by and the 3 of us hung out and had fun together for a few hours.

It's a beautiful day again today. It's good to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

We are finally starting to run through sprinklers on our daily walks!

Uncle and nephew spent a few hours this afternoon enjoying the update to Animal Crossing and running around being silly.

We have packed the day with all kinds of activities. First up I made a bunch of home made cinnamon rolls. So delicious but so heavy.
In the afternoon we took the car out for it's weekly drive so things don't sit too long. Since I've been working from home, the car isn't getting as much activity as it normally does.
 We enjoyed some home made cheesecake in the afternoon.
And some fireworks in the evening! He was so excited and happy with our very small display.