On my drive in to work there were two rainbows visible. It was an interesting thing to drive toward in the morning. 
The neighborhood is pretty with all of the snow, even if it makes things slow going.

It's another snow-filled day. I decided not to go in, which was good since our offices ended up being closed shortly thereafter. I filled the bathtub with water so Quinn and I had fun for a little bit.
The high for today is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Not warm at all...

I stand by my earlier comment that non-essential workers shouldn't be asked to come in. Retail workers especially being asked to drive in for minimum wage in this type of weather is an atrocity. We need better labor laws so there is protection and guaranteed wages so people who cannot afford it do not get forced to go into work in such dangerous conditions.
We spent a lot of time indoors. I played a far amount of Stardew Valley, Chris enjoyed quiet time and the little one had fun bouncing from activity to activity.

Yesterday my work ended up closing but today we're open. My drive in was ok but I watched this scene all through work. Just snow blowing and falling, making everything hazy out.
The drive home was not fun. Not at all. Non-essentially services shouldn't have been open (stores, etc) because the driving conditions were not great. The temperatures are going to drop tomorrow and become dangerously cold on top of all of the snow. No one who isn't an essential worker shouldn't be asked to work.

We're at the beginning of a snowstorm in west Michigan. I went out to shovel the driveway ahead ahead of receiving more snow overnight and tomorrow. We'd already gotten quite a bit.

It's a pretty cold day, but light on snow so far. The real storm isn't supposed to roll in until Monday. It's a pity it isn't warmer outside so we could make some snowmen.

We made some Story Bots out of sculpy last weekend and I forgot I'd used glow in the dark white for the eyes. When I was turning off lights in the kitchen I saw these 4 creepy sets staring back at me.

He's really loving this plushie he received for Christmas. Its a helpful companion when we read Harry Potter at bedtime.

This winter has been pretty light on snow so far. It appears January is determined to make up for that.

He pulled all the toilet paper off the roll...

We spent several hours at Catch Air with a friend and her 5 year old. They had an amazing time and, as a special bonus, Quinn napped on the car ride home.

We are keeping warm with home made chili (mostly for me, since others in my house don't like the way I make chili)!
Also more arts and crafts today!

We received quite a bit of snow, and it's still going! Quinn was excited to go out. It was the first thing he wanted to do, before the sun was even up. We waited until later in the day when it was a little warmer.
He helped clean off the car, and rolled around in the snow enjoying himself. It's too bad it's too cold to make a snowman, because that's what he really wanted to do.

How? How is this plant from Mother's Day last year, that looks like it's doing terrible all the time, still grow new shoots and chugs along, months later? 

We had a surprise baby shower planned for a co-worker today. She went to the hospital last night to deliver so...oops. We still had the potluck but man, we messed up.

He found an old doll of mine and spent part of the evening trying to dress her. I'm glad the process is just as frustrating as I remember it as a child. I hated changing clothes on dolls. What a pain.

This Highlights hidden pictures poster came in the mail today, so we spent part of the evening putting stickers on it and coloring. I wasn't really feeling like a lot of bouncing activity from a 3 year old, so it was nice to see something like this to focus him during the evening before bedtime.

I miss phones with physical keyboards. I could type things without looking at the screen or making so many mistakes.

I met my friend Lori for breakfast and she gave Quinn 6 totes of clothes! So many clothes! We spent several hours organizing Quinn's room, pulling out his clothes he's out grown, and of course trying on different outfits!
In the afternoon we put together some crafts. Stickers, drawings and googly-eyes. How can you go wrong?
We hung up a few of his crafty creations on his bedroom door, which he's using as a "doorbell".

I pulled out my old Palm Pre and charged it. It still works. I really wish Android would take a cue from WebOS and implement a better card system. It's a lot wonkier on Android than it ever was on WebOS.

I didn't end up taking any photos today, but I did take a screenshot of this massive amount of mac and cheese.

That is a LOT of mac and cheese.

He is so excited to help fold laundry. I can't believe how much he wanted to do everything on his own.

Last night was a rough night for Quinn and I. I ended up staying home sick. He, however, rebounded quite well and decided early in the morning to "organize" his room, which is Quinn-speak for push his bed next to his table, where he's dumped a bunch of things to play with.

We had some cuddles this evening. He wore his Harry Potter scar all day while I was at work. I can't believe it didn't get rubbed off on anything.

3 year olds have lots of demands. Lots of them.

Quinn is in high spirits and full of energy after a low-key day yesterday. We went out for a walk around the block. This did not burn off all of his energy as I had hoped it would.

Did some cleaning this morning and came across two old tablets. One no longer turns on and the other is running Android 2.1. Off to recycling they go!

Quinn was ill yesterday afternoon after wrapping up the Harry Potter movie. He took two naps and still slept all night. That didn't stop him from insisting that today be another Harry Potter Day (the 3rd in a row, in fact). His mood is almost never dampened when he's under the weather.

He sported a lightning bolt scar, we made chocolate frogs, played LEGO Harry Potter, and assembled different things we saw in the game.

It was a low key day so he could spend time recovering and still have fun.

A gift Chris purchased for me arrived today. It's a physical book with lots of props called S. Essentially its a book, with another story and notes, post cards and other items tucked between the pages as two individuals trade a the book back and forth and make notes for each other. I haven't gotten very far (I'm worried if I leave the book unattended a certain 3 year old will dump the contents) but I'm enjoying what I've managed to read.
We did also celebrate another day of Harry Potter. Today we had more fun pancakes (including a red-headed Ron) and finished up the first Harry Potter movie.

Since we finished the first Harry Potter book last night, we can now watch the movie. The little one declared today Harry Potter day and we had all sorts of fun magical food. Wizard pancakes, snowy PB&J and tasty Hogwarts invitation letter sandwiches.

It's been a whirlwind of activity today. We had colorful pancakes for breakfast. We put together a puzzle, learned Go fish and how to play dominos.
The day was just packed with building forts, running around and in general staying busy. It wasn't until the little one sat down and watched me play a quiet video game that he took the nap he really needed.