He had a lot of fun with keyboards today.
Chris even gave him his own keyboard, since it was an older one.

We had some FaceTime fun with Grandma and Grandpa before bed this evening. Lots of bouncing around and talking.

 His old slippers were made out of scrap fabric I had with cats on them.
The new ones, which are considerably larger (they have an inch of space in the toes for him to grow into) have little Doctor Who things on them, like a Tardis, Dalek, etc.
I also had some space fabric so I used that for the soles. He likes them, but they're really for when he grows a bit more. Since he wanted to wear them now (because why wouldn't he?) I cinched the elastic much tighter so they'd stay on his little ankles.

I started work this evening on a new pair of slippers for the little one. These are Doctor Who themed since he enjoys the videos of the Tardis.

I tried out a nice bluetooth keyboard for my phone today. Its fold-able, slightly curved and best of all was only $24. For that price its a pretty nice device.

I haven't been baking nearly as much as I used to, but today I did manage to make a few things. First I whipped up some lasagna cups, which are basically lasagna ingredients baked into a muffin tin lined with wonton wrappers. Delicious.
And then I tried some spring-themed sugar cookies with Hershey kisses. They're not too bad either!

There was a lot of meowing this evening in our house.

Played Exploding Kittens at work with co-workers today. This game is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

There were lots of tasty food options at today's potluck at work! Pineapple upside down cake? Yes please!

Saw these Tesla charging stations at a local Meijer today.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out today, and there's a 2g patch that needed to be downloaded prior to playing. I was finally able to play a little later in the evening. It's a pretty game, but I think I'm going to have a hard time playing a game that requires a much larger time commitment at once than Zelda does (the Switch being mobile helps).

I didn't really appreciate how much I would love the Switch's portability and easy on/off to resume your game until I sat down to play Andromeda.

Now that I'm working over by one of my first jobs in Grand Rapids, I'm able to visit one of the parks I enjoyed previously - Cascade Township Park. It has a nice mile long loop around the outer edge of the park which I can walk on my lunch hour.

Yesterday before bed Quinn and I worked on a new quilt for him. He's been loving watching me play the new Zelda Breath of the Wild game.

Originally my intent had been to just make a top sheet, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted a blanket with weight.

The stitching isn't perfect as I really let the layers of fabric move more than they should, but hopefully he enjoys the blanket as much as I do. 

My parents spent the evening in town Friday and spent some time both days with Quinn. He was over the moon with their visit, showing them every toy and testing to see if they would let him do things he know he shouldn't.

 I went with some co-workers for delicious St Patrick's Day cuisine.
It was very, very tasty and filling.

I'm starting to collect more of these than I ever thought I would.

Chris bought me a portable laptop stand that I can use to prop my Switch up on (and laptop I suppose). Gaming in bed just got easier.

Quinn and Chris are learning to share this super hero tower.

It snowed a bit today and we were all reminded that it is only March and it is still winter.

Adam and Comfort were over this afternoon and Quinn had a lot of fun with them.

He hasn't been using his highchair, so I moved it to clean it. Of course since I'd touched it he wanted to eat in it one last time.

Played a card game on lunch. It's nice to do nerdy things with co-workers.

On my fourth day of work there was an awards ceremony (already scheduled, but they were kind enough to invite me to the event) at Dave and Buster's. I spent part of the day there and brought home this colorful Donkey for the little one.

The toddler pulled these off of the foam mats we have and was using them as train tracks. It's always fun to see the new things he invents.

When I came home from work today Quinn slipped on my tennis shoes and went to the door. He was ready to go to work himself.

Today is the first day of my new job. There are plenty of awesome things around, but the most glorious to me is a vending machine. The place I was at for the last several years did not have one of these. I have missed vending machines so much.

It's been several days since I've really left the house. Quinn has had a fever the last several and I've been getting over a cold. With the sun shining and blue skies I had to get out for a little while and enjoy the day. It was totally worth it.

Chris spent part of the afternoon fixing a leaking faucet. The faucet was so old that the set screw was stuck and stripped, which made the whole process more intense than normal.
I played a lot of Zelda in various places all through the house. The portability is really nice. And being able to play with a joy con controller in each hand as opposed to a traditional game controller has been pretty good for my tendonitis. I've only barely started to feel some irritation in my left arm and that's after several hours of playing on and off all day.

Quinn enjoyed watching and playing a little as well, although he napped on and off quite a bit again today.

Quinn and I are both under the weather. It started on Thursday but he developed a fever today. So we took it easy today. We played a little on the switch together (kinda) and Quinn mostly napped on and off.

Leki even cuddled with Quinn at one point, which was amazing since that cat is still vary wary of the toddler.
When his medicine was in full swing, Quinn was pretty active and liked to run around and play. We made some salt dough in the afternoon to practice cooking with.

I missed out on the pre-order window for the Nintendo Switch. I managed to snag Zelda, but not the actual system. I had decided I'd probably just wait, but Chris pointed out I don't have to go to work Friday morning and Meijer is doing a midnight release.

So I decided to try and snag one. I showed up about 10:15pm and there was already a healthy line of 20+ people. The store had 41 units, so I figured I was in a pretty safe position to get one.
Hanging out, listening to podcasts and texting with Chris till midnight paid off. I snagged a switch and controller. Now to just wait for a game to arrive later on Friday from Amazon (hooray 20% prime game discount).

Leki was very happy to finally have all of his people in the house so he could sleep properly.

Today we headed out to White Lake to visit Grandpa Karath for his birthday! Grandpa brought up Chris and Scot's old matchbox cars from the basement, which Quinn loved.
 We went out to eat and did some very important coloring.
Since the weather was rainy and the park we were going to go to was closed, we headed out to IKEA, which is kind of like an amusement park for toddlers...but with things you can buy.
After IKEA we went back to grandpa's house for cake!