We've gone to the YMCA a few times and he's really been enjoying swimming at the pool. He's slowly getting more comfortable in the water.

 Adam, Comfort and Dan all came over this afternoon to play the latest Mario Kart.
Quinn enjoyed trying to race with everyone as well. That PS3 controller is magic...

Someone is excited for a car game!

I really thought he'd be exited for car shaped macaroni and cheese. Instead he doesn't believe anyone that it's actually food.

I've been dragging my feet getting the drivers set up on my new laptop (which isn't exactly new anymore). But I finally installed all of the necessary Arduino drivers so I can begin setting up some mini projects more easily.

Now to find a few hours as a chunk to work on a project....

He's been enjoying pulling the wagon around the neighborhood since the weather has started to get warmer.

The weather is beautiful, but I feel for anyone who suffers from allergies.

It's a beautiful day today. I'm very happy to see that spring is arriving in full force the last several days.

It's been a long Sunday. We left to go swimming before 9am, then came back to a fun sand set up thanks to Chris.
We also ran errands together while Chris planted a bush we purchased yesterday. Quinn wore his sunglasses through the whole store and had a really good time.

I read Heir to the Empire awhile back, but my local library didn't have the next book available digitally. They did, however, have the paperback trilogy at their book sale, so I snatched them up. Thrawn is an interesting enough character that I have to finish this series.

There is always so much tasty food at work. It's hard to resist!

This guy still loves his cuddles.

The Little People flap books are like magic to a toddler.

These books are great, although my toddler has learned the phrase "I won't" from this one, which is slightly infuriating. The Gossie and Gertie books are still fantastic books.

I completely forgot to scrub off a tattoo from yesterday's festivities. No one at work seemed to notice this awesome car so I think I'm ok.

What a difference a year makes! This year Quinn really enjoyed the egg hunt outside.
We were able to play the egg tapping game, which even motivated him to eat some hard boiled egg (a rarity). 
Plus he enjoyed the traditional chocolate bunny (ears first, of course). All in all it was a pretty fun day for the little guy.

We celebrated Easter early and on the east side of the state today. First up was Grandma Karath's house.
There were cupcakes and toy cars, two of the toddler's favorite things.
 Then it was onto the Oslund grandparent's house for toys, books and more.
There was even time to sit and enjoy some riveting cartoons on Netflix.

Quinn and I have been enjoying the beach before bedtime. He asks for the sand and water and I lay these two blankets out back to back. We swim, we crawl around on the beach, and show off all of the cool beach activities to his stuffed friends.

A co-worker brought in her Dominion card game. I'm really enjoying all of the card games everyone plays. They're a new thing to learn and pretty adjacent to the video games and other nerdy type things I like.

Met up with some co-workers at a brewery downtown for some trivia. It was a lot of fun!

It's a dreary, overcast day.

I took a walk at a nearby park on lunch because the weather was so nice. Since it's supposed to rain later today, I have to take advantage while I can.

Today is even warmer and nicer than yesterday! This morning I took the toddler swimming for the first time at the local YMCA, which after about 15 minutes he loved. And this afternoon we went to the park and walked around a bit.

The weather is great outside so we did some raking in the backyard. Last fall we had completed about half of the raking in the backyard before snow and ice set in. The toddler had a lot of fun "mowing the lawn" with a shovel.

We played Magic the Gathering at work today. I have no idea where my decks are but I should probably look this weekend...

It snowed today.

It has been raining for days, so I've been going to the mall to walk around at lunch. They have these interesting phone charging stations. Each colored/numbered area is a bay that you can plug your phone in.

They have two at Woodland Mall and I didn't see any phones actually using the machines. I'm curious how many people leave their phones charging.

My backlog of non-fiction books to read is getting a little large...

It would be nice if it were sunnier, but at least it's not raining yet.

The weather is beautiful and the zoo is open for the season! Not everyone is out at the zoo, since it's still a little chilly, but there were plenty of other kids around for Quinn to play with.

Plus, they had a rare Ninja Turtle on display.
He spent most of the time bouncing from play area to play area and didn't care too much about the animal exhibits. That is probably normal for a two year old, but I was still a little sad he wasn't more interested in the animals. Next time!

 Corinne came over this afternoon for lunch and a little fun with everyone.
Since it was such a beautiful day, Adam and Comfort suggested a walk. So they came over and were pleasantly surprised that our mutual friend Corinne was over as well.