I took the day off to play some Luigi's Mansion 3 with the little one and volunteer at his Halloween party. The craft worked out well. It helped having kits prepared for the kids.
Since there's been wind and snow in the forecast, we opted for no cape and instead a winter jacket. But he was still able to be Harry Potter.
One of the things he received today were vampire teeth, so he had to try them out.

 It snowed a little today...
We also finally carved a pumpkin for Halloween.

We have to come up with a craft for Halloween for the little one's party. Chris designed this and figured it all out. It's great to live with someone whose crafty and enjoys it.

Still enjoying Witcher 3 on the Switch. Today is the first time I encountered a graphical glitch and it was hilarious.

Switch v2 has a better chip in it so it runs more efficient. That means a nice bump in battery life!

My parents came over to celebrate Chris's birthday and spend time with their grandson. 
 Since it's Zoo Goes Boo at John Ball Zoo, we were able to walk around and have some spooky fun.
It's fun to go every year and see all of their decorations!

I've been enjoying the map and other items that came with Witcher 3.

Happy Birthday!

It looks like they're building another store in a strip mall. We I'm not sure that's the smartest thing long term, but I guess it depends on what it ends up being.

...and the store has absolutely none of them out.

There are so many stripes!

I finally put together a quick project from last year. I wired up two 8x8 matrices to an arduino.
We now have an pumpkin with LED eyes that move and blink.

He's enjoying running around this big wood play structure at Hager Park.

He's so excited to have Harry Potter blankets, even if you can't see them under all the stuffed animals.

These are still going strong in the little one's room. I love these prints from Corinne!

Mixing up one of the dips from my parents!

I've never played this, so I'm looking forward to it. Should be interesting.

This is his serious gaming face.

We're still slowly organizing his bedroom. He has a fun new sheet set and now all of his stuffed animals can live on the bed without threatening to push him off.
Since it's chilly out, we played a new LEGO game together. This time we tried The Incredibles. I think it's a better game, gameplay-wise, over Harry Potter. But the 4 year old isn't convinced since it's not his favorite set of castle-dwelling wizards.

We headed out to Lorelei's 6th birthday party. It was detective themed so everyone received invisible ink to write with.

We're finally upgrading the 4 year told to a new bed. He was sad to see his old one go and asked why we were destroying it.
Once we had the outline of a bed built he started to get excited. 
We have to rearrange his room a bit, but for now he has a twin bed.

We took a walk after work today. It's starting to get chilly.

This thing is still popular in our house and guarding the little one's room.

The 4th illustrated Harry Potter book came out today and the little one is beyond excited. He tried to organize his room and get everything situated for us to read. He was ready to go to bed at 6pm so I could read to him. I could get used to this.

One of my birthday gifts from my parents were remote-controlled wax candles. My kid immediately took them over and began casting spells from Harry Potter to turn them on.

We spent the day over at my parents house, celebrating three of the four birthdays that occur between September and October.
The little one had a great time with his grandparents.

We spent a big part of the day out and about, playing and hanging out. He had a lot of fun checking out all of the new Harry Potter stuff at the bookstore.

I'm running some cables back and forth between buildings today at work.

This is apparently the only photo I took today, so here you go.

He's really been enjoying playing the LEGO Harry Potter game on the switch.

He decided he'd read Wizard of Oz by himself.