We spent Father's Day on the east side of the state with family. First off was visiting the Oslund side of the family, playing with toys and uncle Jeff.
 And of course hanging out with Grandparents!
 Next was stopping in to see Grandma Karath. She had tasty cupcakes!
And lots of tickle and cuddle sessions for her little grandson.

We spent the day out and about running errands and picking out Father's Day gifts.

Testing remote play for the PS4 on my laptop.

The rain is back. It's been raining all day.

It was not a productive day at work today. My computer is dying a slow death.

It's sunny again! And warm! Hooray for beautiful weather!

So this happened. Tomorrow is our anniversary and the PS4 is on sale due to E3 so...

I've wanted a PS4 for a long time but it's not like I'm able to sit and do a lot of gaming. As the little one gets older I'm able to snatch more and more time playing games. I'm excited to dive into all the games I've missed that are now cheap!
I especially appreciate that I still had a 0.03 balance on my account from 7 years ago.

It's a rainy day today so we watched Star Wars Episode VI today. He had a blast and dressed up quite a bit after.

Over the years there has been some stuff we've let grow crazy, like lily of the valley plants. I decided to rip all of them out of this and start cleaning up parts of the backyard. That meant we spent most of the day outside playing in the dirt.
We also played with some toys, which was probably more fun for these guys.

We're back home and from our mini-trip up north and enjoying this beautiful warm weather! It's a lot warmer today than it was the last several days in the UP so we're enjoying soaking up the sunshine.

We spent several hours at Frederik Meijer Gardens.
 The large horse is always a hit with kids, I'm sure. And ours was no exception. 
 He was fascinated that there were horseshoes.
He also enjoyed some of the other sculptures in the park.

This is the 4 year old's first visit to the falls.
 He. Was. Amazed! He spent the longest he's ever spent staring at anything in nature. The waterfall truly impressed him.
 We visited both the upper and lower falls.
While the lower falls aren't as impressive as the upper, they're still fun. The little one wanted to swim out to see them.

A co-worker recommended Kitch-iti-kipi. It's a spring in the UP that keeps the water 45 degrees year round.
 You wheel yourself out on a raft that is connected to guide wires.
There's a section in the middle of the raft that is open to the water and you can see all the fish swimming.
The further the go, the closer to the spring you get. You can eventually get right over the spring and watch the sand bubble from the water.
 After the spring and lunch, we headed north to Miners Castle. It was very foggy...
We also headed down to Miners beach, which was a lot more fun for the little one. He ran back and forth and watched the waves of Lake Superior.
There were lots of driftwood and rocks on the breach. Someone had built a shelter with the wood so we played a bit there before finally heading back to the car (it was cold).

We are headed to the UP for a few days!
 We stopped at Colonial Michilimackinac before crossing the bridge to the UP.
The little one loved the whole fort and the cannons especially. We spent several hours running around like crazy seeing all the things in the fort.
Late afternoon we finally arrived in our hotel room. We got settled in and enjoyed some dinner in our room while the 4 year old took a break from all of the excitement of traveling.

 First thing in the morning the little one and I assembled a Popin Cookin' candy set.
It was oddly sweet (unlike the reviews for some versions that were savory). The little one enjoyed it well enough, although Chris would only try one bite.
A little bit later while Chris was getting a haircut we assembled a beginner model kit set from Grandma Karath. He enjoyed putting it together, even if the kit was a little old for him (5+). 
While Chris watched the Apple developer event, we went out to do some shopping. We also stopped at Fuji Buffet, which I enjoy. My child was less impressed, although he did discover a love of orange slices.
It was a pretty busy day which meant a quick nap in the car. Then he was energized and ready to go again.

My brother's birthday is mid-week and he will be working, so we spent the day in Oak Park celebrating with family.

Quinn showed off his kanoodle jr and computer.
 We spent quite a bit of time at the park, swinging and sliding.
Then it was back to my parent's house for cake and ice cream!

We put up new blinds in the bedroom today. Quinn was a bundle of energy throughout the whole thing.

Having dinner in the park so the little one can enjoy the sunshine before it rains again tomorrow.

Sometimes he drinks all my water.

His new favorite thing is to buckle himiself in. Then I am allowed to adjust and tighten everything.

While out on a walk at lunch I stumbled across a puddle full of tadpoles. This isn't even a 10th of what was in there.
In the evening we explored more of the "story mode" game on his Kano computer, which has a little character explore the inside of a computer and all the various components.

In the morning we spent some time at the zoo. They have a nice new area where you can pet a tortise or two, which Quinn was interested in.
Later in the afternoon we assembled Quinn's first computer - a Kano computer. This was very easy and he assembled it almost completely by himself.
The color-coded cables really went a long way to help instruct what performed what function. 
When we were up and running Quinn started to play a few games. He had his first introduction to a trackpad, which, for someone who has always used touchscreens, is certainly a new experience.