These awesome shirts I ordered awhile back arrived. Hooray for positive messages for kids!

Even though two out of three of us are still under the weather, the little one and I are on the mend and he's faring better than I am. So we headed across the state for a visit we already had planned with grandparents.

Grandpa Karath gave Quinn his Christmas gift, which is a fun race bendable racetrack. Quinn loves it and spent a lot of time watching the car race around the track.
In the late afternoon we headed to my parents house to spent some time there as well. Quinn showed off the racetrack Grandpa Karath gave him and had a fun time with Uncle Jeff.

We both felt a little under the weather so we napped on the couch this afternoon. It was wonderful.

It has been a busy day! Today we took Quinn to Snip-Its for his first haircut. He did really well sitting in the chair. Waiting his turn was another matter, however. We really need to work on patience.
In the afternoon our friend Corinne came over. We enjoyed lunch, talked about random stuff, and in general had a great time catching up.
She bought him a cool R2D2 bento box for Christmas, which he tried to feed cheese to.
In the evening before bed I finished up the another fitted sheet. This one is tractors, since he's a big fan of anything with wheels. The Christmas ornament he picked out last month was also a John Deere tractor, so we thought he'd enjoy these.

Our first Hello Fresh box came today. We've tried Blue Apron and I had a coupon for Hello Fresh so I thought we'd give this a try. It wasn't bad, although it was rejected by the toddler and other picky eater in our house.

I have hopes that as Quinn gets older he'll eat more things.

We picked up a few different fabrics at Joanne's. One of them was a Thomas the Train print that I turned into a bedsheet. As you can tell, someone was excited to check them out...

Quinn drew Pocoyo today on the chalkboard (the blue).

This is how you do meetings! An awesome co-worker brought in several bags of twizzlers.

These blinking lights under an overpass are intense. And distracting. I suppose that might be the point?

He's a big fan of this giant light brite at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum.

Its in the high 50s today, which means the weather is just gorgeous. I'm still getting over a cold and coughing everywhere, but that didn't stop us from going to the park this afternoon.
I also got to try out my new transition lenses. They came in last week but I finally picked up my new glasses today. It's been years since I've had them. They seem to be working!

I worked half a day today and came home in the afternoon to rest. This little enjoyed me being home, even if it wasn't exactly relaxing for me. At least I can sit in sleep pants at home. You can't exactly get away with that in the office.

I stopped by Biggby Coffee this morning. I don't drink coffee very often, but when I'm up all night coughing not just last night but the last two nights from a terrible cold, I need something to get me through the day.

A co-worker sent me this today. Seems appropriate for this week's impending inauguration.

I had no idea these things were still around. The little one will enjoy all of the stickers.

Looks like they installed very bright blue lights under an overpass downtown. They so bright it's distracting when you get off of the freeway.

I really like independent and small bookstores. The recommendations they have for series to read are great. I almost never see these at Barnes & Noble.

Quinn has the sniffles today so we've been taking it easy.

Met some co-workers after work for some drinks. Hooray for rum and coke!

The trade shows and conventions that go on during the week at the Amway Grand (and DeVos Hall) are always interesting. I don't know why there is this amazing modified Radio Flyer wagon, complete with light up sides, but ok. It obviously has something to do with something, right?

The cat is so, so very patient. That boy is kicking him under the chair and screaming his name. How that cat doesn't run and hide more often is beyond me.

A co-worker loaned us a few movies to try since Quinn enjoyed Frozen so much. I think he'll really enjoy Tinkerbell because that kid loves Abby Cadabby.

On Saturday while my parents were watching Quinn, Chris and I went out and picked up a new laptop for me. My old one is a nice Dell XPS, but it's about 10 years old and struggles to do a few things. The battery is also pretty terrible. While I could have bought a new battery, upgrading to a newer laptop was preferable. 
Plus it's a 2 in 1, so the hinge works both ways. Switching it into tablet mode makes it an unwieldy windows tablet. It's fun to play with, but 13 inches is too large for a tablet for day to day use.

We watched our first movie with Quinn this afternoon. Up until this point we've watched a few short (30 minute) holiday specials, but today we watched Frozen. He loved it. He sat through over an hour of the movie, captivated by the singing and animation. He finally lost interest near the end, but considering he's never watched for that long without running around simultaneously, he did wonderfully. He's definitely a big fan.

My parents drove out to visit and watch Quinn for a little bit today. The kid was a whirlwind of activity, when he wasn't napping.
He had a lot of fun showing my parents his new train table, as well as other toys he received for Christmas.

It's chilly out there. Winter is in full swing.

This is truly the only way to enjoy delicious vitamin D milk.

 It's snowing today.
Snow is an excellent excuse to try out the waterproof case Chris purchased for my pixel. My Samsung S5 was waterproof, so I would use it in the rain and snow without much concern. The Pixel is not. It's resistant (although not officially) but I don't want to risk such an expensive device. So I tried out this case.

It's a little difficult to hit the buttons on the side, but other than that it works perfectly. Of course the issue is that my winter gloves aren't compatible with touchscreens. I'll have to sew some conductive thread into the fingers and thumbs so the touch screen is usable.

I'm not excited for snow but rain at the beginning of January is weird.

My parents gave us a Costco membership for Christmas this year. The card arrived over this weekend so we went out first thing this morning to sign up.

Quinn had a lot of fun and enjoyed some of the samples at the various food stations. There are definitely some things that are cheaper there than at Meijer, so I look forward to stocking up in bulk on some things, including the animal crackers they sell that Quinn loves.

Sometimes he's pretty nice to the cat and the cat just does not know what to do with that.