Nintendo's Miitomo launched today for Android and iOS. It's a weird app that I probably would have really loved if I were younger. For now I just play around in it wishing I loved it more.

But hey, I managed to get a virtual cat that rides on my shoulder, so there's that.

Ok, it wasn't a giant plate, but still.

It was worth it though.


 A few shirts we bought for Quinn came with velcro patches. Since he's going to outgrow the shirts but not the patches (probably for several years) I thought I'd sew a quick little square pouch he can put the patches on.
So yesterday I put together a roughly one square foot pouch. You can stick a board inside of it to make it sturdy, or use it as a holder for patches (or other things) since there's velcro sewed into the lining so it can close.

And as you can see on the outside, I've a few areas with velcro sewn in and outlined with light thread to make it easier for Quinn to find.

For now he just likes ripping the patches off, but in time I can see him using this more and more.

Last night Chris started to feel bad, and I'm still sick, so we celebrated Easter at home today. Quinn has been in the best mood of the three of us, still happy and energetic, despite a runny nose.

He was fascinated by the plastic eggs opening.
He also tasted his first peep. He really, really enjoyed it.
Even the cat celebrated Easter with some fun new catnip mice.
 The weather was beautiful, so we tried an egg hunt outside...
Which turned into a stick hunt. But he loves being outside and had a really fun time, so that's all that mattered.

Quinn has had some sniffles the last few days and last night I started to come down with it. I've felt pretty terrible today, so while Quinn was napping I played some Fire Emblem and let the cat keep me warm.

This is what happens when a toddler can dump the ballpit out. More fun! And mess...

This morning while Chris and I were getting ready for the day, Quinn spent some time playing with the magnets for his new easel. He loves those magnets!

Grandpa Karath bought Quinn an easel for his birthday and I finally had time to set it up today. So after he went to bed I put it together real quick so it would be ready to play with in the morning.

I've been itching to change up some things on my phone. It's been getting sluggish and I've just been tired of using a rooted version of the stock Samsung OS that comes on the S5. So on Sunday night I finally took the plunge and loaded Android Marshmallow on my phone.

Marshmallow isn't officially out on the Samsung S5, but it is available so different groups of developers have created different custom ROMs you can load onto you phone. I decided to try VRToxin.

So far my phone is a lot snappier. That could have something to do with only running a 170 or so apps as opposed to the 360+ on the Samsung OS. There were a lot of Samsung services I didn't use, like S Health, S Voice and so on, and they're baked into the Samsung OS (why wouldn't they be?).

There are a few odd things that aren't perfect, such as brightness not auto-dimming and the notification LED doesn't work, but so the snappiness of my phone more than makes up for those minor irritations.

Now I just have to re-learn where the settings are, since they're completely different than Samsung's UI.

Leki is getting more and more comfortable with Quinn. He's started napping in Quinn's room during the day.

There were some bananas getting a little to ripe on the counter, so I whipped up a batch of mini-muffins. They're the perfect size for a one year old who likes banana bread.
In the afternoon we wandered around the park by us. It was good practice walking on uneven grass and by the end of our little trip he was barely tripping over anything. Plus he found a stick to carry around with him everywhere, so he was pretty happy about that.

We have a pretty empty mall really close to us. Most of the stores are closed and hardly anyone is ever in it. It's the perfect place for a one year old on the move to explore and not get trampled by anyone.

He's entering the phase where everything must be investigated. The "how does it work" must be answered.

Someone thought it would be fun to attack people as they walked by. He stole my sock...

All the remotes!

He's had a pretty good day, running around in his orange shirt. It's always refreshing to put him in something other than blue. He has. So. Much. Blue.

The chalkboard door is totally worth it.

Quinn had a really good time testing out the chalkboard door downstairs.

This kid loves to carry things. His hands always have to be full. Even when exploring. Must. Carry. Big. Stick.

The days are getting longer and warmer, which means it's time to explore at the local park.

This kid smiles A LOT. He's almost always happy.

He's really enjoying riding around in his new wagon.

Today is the Michigan Primary! We headed out early to vote. Quinn had fun and even unplugged the voting machine.

Finally playing with his Captain America Shield from last May.

Today we are celebrating Grandpa Karath's birthday! His birthday was on the first, so we headed over this weekend to visit. We took Quinn to a local Big Boys. He really enjoyed sitting and watching everyone. Plus he really likes garlic toast and yogurt. 
 Then we headed out to 12 Oaks Mall so he could play for a little.
 After fun at the mall it was time to head back to Grandpa's house for some cake!
Quinn really enjoyed having cake again. I think he's gotten over his uncertainty about frosting.

Today is take your Action Figure to Work Day! So I brought the Han Solo Chris brought me to work and took a few silly photos. Only his arms move, which provided a fun challenge to posing.

I finally have a case for all of my 3DS games. I'm definitely surprised as the number I've collected over the past few years. I really didn't like the DS, for whatever reason. I bazarely purchased or played any games for it. But the 3DS has been fantastic, especially since having Quinn. It's great to be able to close the clamshell and pause a game mid-battle.

So many toys.

It's another day of snowfall. The winter has been, overall, pretty mild. The last few snowfalls have been pretty heavy. Today they're predicting 8-10 inches.