Halloween is such a fun holiday. There's candy, dressing up, and silly antics! Chris and Quinn watched
 When I arrived home from work I quickly dressed for the evening's festivities.
Quinn wasn't interested in putting on his costume, so rocked out his Spider Man tshirt and passed out candy.
He also made sure to swipe some for himself and add it to his little shopping cart.

Quinn really took to this dog on display at the mall. He pet it, hugged it and tried to move it around.

 We had a lot of fun on this gorgeous fall day. Running around at the park...
Running around in the backyard while Chris raked. It was a beautiful day to be outside and enjoy nature.

Lolo came by today sporting a TMNT shirt. We just happened to dress Quinn in his today as well, so their play date was TMNT-filled!

I put up a few prints from Corinne in my cube as well. I also have a cute Totoro print on another wall. Hooray for nerdy art!

I framed the new prints that I picked up from Corinne at the Grand Rapids Comic Con and put them in Quinn's room. We already had Neil DeGrasse Tyson so I had to pick up the companion, Bill Nye.

Plus Quinn is a fan of BB8, so I put up a Star Wars print as well.

He's almost always this happy in the morning. It makes getting ready for work easy when you have a happy face to look at.

 Hooray for Chris's birthday! We enjoyed some delicious birthday cake together after dinner.
Quinn even had some as well!

John Ball Zoo decorates the zoo for Halloween for a few weeks and sets up various candy/toy stations throughout the zoo. So we headed out in the afternoon to check out the festivities. 

The weather was fantastic and both Quinn and I dressed up to have a little fun.
The costume didn't slow him down at all. He still ran around crazy on overload, enjoying all of the kids and play areas.
Chris had a pretty good time as well. We let Quinn stop at several play areas, which we don't usually do, which gave us both a nice break.
And the zoo decorations were pretty cute. I'm looking forward to going again next year!

Today is Grand Rapids Comic Con! Since it's local, it's an easy show for us to pop in and out of. We headed down in the morning for their opening.

We visited Comfort and Adam's booth while we were in the area.
 As well as Corinne Robert's booth.
 Quinn had a great time with all of the costumes everywhere.
And he was able to have some fun with a plethora of lego wheels laid out at a toy table. As a special bonus he napped over two and a half hours, so I'd say this day was a success!

Hooray for fun at the library during story time!

I kind of hope Quinn gets into these little guys.

We've reached that stage...

All the smiles!

I finished up a pendant I programmed for the Grand Rapids Comic Con this weekend. It's an Adafruit Gemma with a small battery soldered to an 8x8 LED matrix. It flips through a few different Justice League logos in a few different colors. Originally I had tried to program some different Zelda icons but a lot of them looked wonky on such a small grid.

Quinn's arc reactor for his Iron Man suit is mostly done but we'll see if I can actually use it. He  seemed uncomfortable with the costume since it has fake muscles and is puffy. So I may end up saving the arc reactor I soldered awhile back for another year if he truly won't wear the costume. 20 months is kind of pushing it expecting him not to grab a blinking light anyway.

I'm ready for this election to be over. Is it election day yet?

 A co-worker of mine is got married today! She had a lovely ceremony and the reception was in her awesome backyard.
She had awesome food, there was good company, and everyone looked like they were having a great time.
Quinn had a fantastic time running around her huge yard and being chased by Chris.

I really like how large a single emoticon will appear on the screen when you get messages. If you scroll back at a later date it's smaller, but the first time it pops up it's big - which makes it easy to see at a glance.

I love this watch. Seriously.

Chris's dad came out and visited today. Quinn sounds like he had a blast!

You can't really tell in the photo, but we're watching an episode of Pajanimals over Quinn's crib. I bought Chris an early birthday gift, which was a pico projector, and he was testing it out.

For awhile Quinn was using silverware, but he's gone back to eating everything with his fingers, including oatmeal.

We picked up a BB8 costume for Quinn yesterday. He's a little unnerved by the roundness of it. Maybe it will grow on him.

Quinn really likes BB8. I noticed that character print fabrics were 50% off at Joanne Fabrics so I picked up a few yards to sew a fitted sheet.
One of the patterns I found online stated you needed a 45"x69" rectangle of fabric, but I used a 42"x68".  I used some elastic I had on hand and spent a few hours cutting and sewing the sheet.
He enjoyed the fabric, pointing out BB8 a few times. He has a small toy BB8 as well so he carried that around while jumping on the mattress. I hope this makes future bedtimes easier.

Today is Lolo's (Lorelei) 3rd birthday party! Being so close to Halloween, kids were encouraged to dress up for the party.
 There were a bunch of kids there and lots of fun things to play with outside.
The food was great and Quinn had a great time. He was very active, running around the entire time (he didn't even stop to eat dinner). He even came up and sat on the back of Lolo's brand new tricycle.

The local library hosts story time during the day so I tagged along for Quinn's first time. I sat in the back and was pretty spaced out due to pain medication, but it looked like a lot of fun for all the little kids.

So I finally had my wisdom teeth removed. The upper ones weren't bothering me too much, as they'd already come through. But the bottom one (of which thankfully I only had one) was impacted and bothering me.
My parents were awesome enough to come out yesterday and stay the night so they could watch Quinn in the morning. He really enjoyed having a second day with them.

My parents came out early this afternoon. They're staying overnight so they can watch Quinn in the morning. An overnight stay means extra Quinn time! 
They also came out with a car load of my childhood toys and school papers. So. Many. School. Papers.

And VHS tapes. I'm not sure what we're going to do with those.

Quinn didn't want to sleep. He stayed up later than normal and helped me make pumpkin pie for my dad's birthday in a few days.

This boy loves to climb so much.

Quinn finally started to ride the escalator today.
In the afternoon Scot and Sedana came to visit Quinn. They brought a fun fire truck for him which he loved.