We had a pretty good Sunday hanging out together. 

I had foil in my hair! Doing things!

He's having so much fun. Especially for a kid whose been awake for 8 hours straight. I can't believe he isn't melting down yet.

Leki decided to take stand (or seat) and claim the rocking chair as his.

The IT department at work let me upgrade the RAM in my laptop by myself. It was a nice, fun distraction from my regular work.

Leki has found a new hiding spot, secure and away from the baby.

I probably shouldn't eat all of this, but we had all of these delicious ingredients on hand. How could I say no?

 We let Quinn run around the tree house at Rivertown Mall.
He has a pretty good time, although a lot of the kids were older than him and he was shy. When he finally did warm up, he started trying to get into everyone's shopping bags.

Finally playing one of the Black/White games so I can pull my Pokemon over from Soul Silver into the current generation. I picked up a used White 2, and lo and behold there are some legendary pokemon in the party that shouldn't be there. It makes beating the game easier at least (the person had it almost complete), which is what I need to do so I can pull in my old pokemon to the newer games.


Part of the evening involved Quinn running around with a blanket cape. He always enjoys new things, so it was a lot of fun for him.
The latest Loot Crate arrived today as well, and in it was a little plush facehugger. We gave it to Quinn and he immediately put it to his face...

We've moved on from a crib ball pit to a more traditional one. We had a giant box that we dumped the balls in. So far he's been enjoying it!

Quinn is now using an old rocking chair from when my brother and I were growing up. I thought he'd have to be a little older to use it, but since he's been walking so early, 11 months it is!

We watched the State of the State address this evening. Quinn was not impressed.

Or, as my father puts it, 11/12. Almost a year!

We stayed indoors where it was warm while Chris went out shovel. 

We had fun on the stairs today. 

Now that I'm no longer studying for the PMP exam and Quinn is starting to go to bed at a decent hour and sleep better, I have more time for video games. It's been about a year since I've really enjoyed anything on the Xbox One, and I still have Dragon Age to finish up. 

It's been so long...I kind of forgot what I was doing. Oops.

He will not be stopped. 

It's finally started to snow for the season. Its been pretty mild up to this week, all things considering. I guess the snow was inevitable. Anyway, this is what it looked like yesterday. Pretty much the same as today. 

We played our annual State of the Union bingo after Quinn went to bed. Life was almost normal, aside from the giant play pen in the tv room. 

When you pass the PMP exam you get a pin. Well, you get some other stuff too but none of that has arrived.

Now I have a pin!

We've had the box for this car seat sitting in our living room for months. We've been using it as a barrier to things in the living room.

Well, Quinn is finally getting big enough that we're ready to move from the baby car seat to the bigger seat. He spent all day climbing into it.

Something tells me he will be ready for his rocking chair very soon.

Adam and Comfort stopped by for a quick visit. It's been awhile since I've gotten to see them. I've been spending most nights and weekends the last several months studying. So it was nice to visit and catch up on some things.

A few years ago my parents bought me several packs of Scooby Doo wall decals. I'm finally getting to use them and Quinn is enjoying each new one I put up.

I picked up the latest audio book bundle from Humble Bundle. This time it was a Doctor Who bundle and it's comprised of audio dramas by Big Finish

They're a nice change of pace from the regular books I listen to. They're full of sound effects, multiple voice actors, and best of all, they take place in the Doctor Who universe. 

Added a little Maleficent to my desk today. I have a small little toy army growing under my monitor at work.

All in all my last day of vacation has been a pretty productive one. Quinn has been chewing the railing on his crib, so I used a pool noodle we'd purchased awhile back, some extra fleece, and tied the ends of the fleece together along the crib railing. Now if he wants to chew something, he can chew on the fleece and not the wood, which is probably better for his teeth and certainly better for my nerves.
I also did some baking in the afternoon. I made some cookies, a few more cheeseburger egg rolls, and then some cheesecake egg rolls. Most of the recipes online have fancy ingredients and require frying, neither of which I was going to do. So I just used the ingredients on the cream cheese package and baked some egg rolls for 15 minutes at 425 degrees.

They came out alright. I probably should have put some fancy ingredients in them (a few of them did have raspberries and chocolate chips). They're tasty, it's just weird to eat cheesecake without a graham cracker crust. 

I'll probably experiment with other desserts in the future when I buy more egg roll wrappers. 

Finally! I've been studying since September for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. It's hard to study after a day of work, no down time because the baby demands attention NOW (because I've been gone all day), and then not sleeping a full nights sleep. Ever.

I feel like it took ages, but it's done. And now I can finally read a book that isn't related to PMP. Or play video games.

Oh god, I've missed you, Xbox.
Chris made this cute hat for me while I was on my way home.

Yesterday I made a bunch of food. A few different types of tofu for Quinn to try, some banana bread, and a few other miscellaneous things to feed him. So today I gave him some chunks of clementines and tofu.

He scarfed down the clementines and some tofu, even if he made a silly face while doing it.

The bib he's in is one a co-worker gave me and it's great. It has a little pocket at the bottom and catches all of the food he drops - which is a lot. Plus it's easy to wipe down.

I'm looking forward to using this bib and the others during this messier eating phase he's moving into.

Today was Quinn's first outing in a kids play area. The kids area at Woodland Mall has a larger little kids section than the mall by us (which has a tree house in it). I was nervous about letting Quinn play in it - I thought he was still too little. But Chris convinced me and Quinn had a great time. I severely underestimated how considerate kids running around are of each other. I really need to get out around kids more. Sheesh.

Meijer had wonton wrapper and egg roll wrappers on sale, so I picked up a pack of each. I have a few days off next week, so I'm going to try a few different recipes.

Today I tried a Cheeseburger Egg Roll Recipe - or at least I adapted one. I mostly just used egg, cheese, and some seasoning. I tried a few with Worcester sauce, but that stuff is just not my thing.

These turned out pretty good. It would be nice to do something with breakfast food too. Maybe I'll try something with eggs over the next few days.