We stopped in at the Grand Rapids Public Museum for the Grand Rapids Mini Maker Faire. It was a nice show for the first year. They had a lot of tables with 3D printers set up and examples of different things you can print with different filament.

We spent the day in metro Detroit, visiting our parents to give them the news!
 We stopped at my parent's house first for lunch...
...then swung by Chris's mom's house for dessert...
...then headed a little north to see Chris's dad and brother.

Everyone was excited!

I wasn't feeling all that great today but luckily it's a short work day. At least these delicious scooby snacks make the day better.

Stopped in Tim Hortons for a few bagels this morning. Amazingly they managed to give me the wrong bagel, twice. Bleh. Still ate them though.

Chris did some furniture rearranging today and now I have a new nightstand on my side of the bed. I look forward to the cat turning it into a bed in a day or two.

Whipped up a few batches of cookies. I never enjoy rolling dough out but they are tasty cookies, when it's all said and done.

Spent the evening clothes shopping. One of my least favorite activities. At least I have some different clothes to wear to work.

We spent part of the afternoon walking around downtown Grand Rapids, enjoying the weather and playing a little Ingress. Plus the Polish Festival was going on, so it was nice to see a little bit of that as well.

Last month's loot crate had to be followed up with a Heroes-themed crate. A Groot and a Raphael figure pretty much make this box for me.

I walked with some co-workers in the muggy weather out to the fish ladder. No ducks swimming around by the ladder this time, but there were quite a few people out and about fishing (not directly in the ladder, obviously).

Chris ordered a cheap Google Cardboard copy awhile back and it arrived today. Its an interesting little application you run on your phone and pop into the goggles. Chris has a better write up on his blog with his experience.

Leki spent most of the day recovering from having people over. He really, really does not like women. So any time Comfort comes over he just spends the whole time following her and hissing at her. Hopefully when they move back to Grand Rapids and he sees her more often he'll chill out a little bit.

Adam and Comfort are back in town to do house hunting! They're looking to move back to Grand Rapids. So we spent the evening with them today before they go out hunting tomorrow. Yay!

 It's a cloud day today. But that's ok.

I had big plans to make a lot of different things today. I ended up taking a nap, which meant there wasn't as much time as I needed to make a giant batch of perogies, cookies, and other things. Plus I realized we were almost out of butter, so I guess I wasn't really going to do much today anyway.

I did, however, make some tasty Frost S'more Cups. There is a lot of chocolate, coolwhip, and just overall deliciousness involved in these. I didn't have the special pan the recipe used, but a cupcake pan worked just fine.
For dinner I make some Mini Lasagna Cups, which uses wonton wrappers to hold everything together. They were pretty tasty and more filling than they looked like they would be at first. I substituted ricotta cheese for cottage cheese, so I'm sure mine came out a little soggier than they should have. But the substitution, to me, was worth it since I really dont like ricotta cheese much.

Anyway, if you have a muffin pan lying around unused, these are both fun and tasty recipes to try!

We walked up to the Wyoming library this afternoon to check out their used book sale. I didn't see anything that I necessarily wanted, but I do like popping into those and checking out what's on the tables.

I know! That photo totally looks familiar. That's because it is. I forgot to take a photo while walking around downtown to get lunch. It kind of looked like this though.

There's been a guy out this week carving into the side of the rocks by the Grand Rapids Public Museum the last few days. Maybe it's an Artprize installation going in?

Now that the rain is gone, I walked around downtown with some co-workers, enjoying the weather.

It's a rainy day today so I walked through the skywalk again. It's nice to have a place to walk when the weather isn't so great rather than being cooped up in the office all day.

Will someone just press F1?

It feels like it's been way too long since I've really baked anything. It probably has been. Chris has been doing most of the cooking lately (which is awesome), so in theory that should free me up to bake more. But I just haven't been in the mood.

But today is a new day! I researched a few recipes yesterday of some things I wanted to try and first up was a blueberry crumb cake.

Everything that the recipe says is true - this is a super moist cake. And delicious. And since Chris doesn't like blueberries, the cake is all mine!
Since I was baking a cake all for myself, I thought I should definitely make something Chris can enjoy as well. I know he's a fan of sugar cookies and this frosted sugar cookie bar recipe looked like a great way to make sugar cookies and avoid actually having to roll and cut out any cookies. It was pretty easy to make and it's very tasty. I didn't have quite large enough of a pan, so mine ended up a little thicker than the recipe calls for. But that's ok. They're very sweet and very delicious.
Mark and Karen are in town on their way up north for a vacation so we met up with them for dinner. It has been a long time since I've actually gotten to catch up with them, so it was great to catch up with them. They're always a lot of fun. Hanging out with them was a perfect way to end a pretty awesome weekend!

Jeff is in town staying with Dan and they're all having a gaming marathon. The majority of the gaming will be board games, as that is Jeff's passion. So we headed over to see everyone and play a few games. We even got to catch up with Mark (middle), who I haven't seen in ages.

I chowed down on a bunch of dove chocolates this afternoon. And yes, I think you do make everything lovely, you tasty treat.

I'm looking forward to seeing fish jump this fall (hopefully). Meanwhile I'll just watch the ducks circle around in the rushing water at the fish ladder.

You're never too old for a juice box!

Today is primary day!

They've started installing parklets downtown near my work. Basically they're raised platforms in the streets (where you would normally park). And these raised platforms are for diners to sit out and enjoy the weather.

I don't know that I'd want to sit in the middle of the street and eat outside, but that's just me.

We hung out a little with Adam and Comfort in the morning, taking a stroll at the nearby park. Then they were off to visit Comfort's family and I quickly passed out on the couch for a nap.

Today is Marvel Day at Barnes and Noble and part of their Get Pop Cultured series. Adam and Comfort were asked to give a talk so we headed over this morning to watch them work.
They did an awesome job presenting to the group of 5-7 year old kids. Some of them really got into drawing along, which was cool to watch.
In the evening we met up with Corrine and Dan and we all went out to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie is awesome and I highly recommend going to see it. Plus there was a ice cream after the movie. Hooray!

Comfort and Adam are in town for the weekend for Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel Day at Barnes and Noble tomorrow.

Since they arrived this afternoon, we had dinner at a delicious Indian food restaurant called Curry Kitchen and had a lovely evening of TV and drawing (well, they were drawing).