Since we've moved into the house, the weather hasn't been great for Halloween. But we still set up the house and pass out candy. This year we had less kids than last year (and it rained last year!). I suspect because it was in the temperature was in the mid-30s. There were snow flurries earlier this afternoon.

So, only 39 kids this year. Not many, but I refuse to give up. We just have to build an awesome set up to attract them! And wait until they're a little older so it's not scary either...

The cat had a good time for awhile, then wandered off to hide where it was less bright.

I've been enjoying the Guild Wars 2 Halloween event. This year they added a cute little mini, Zuzu, cat of Darkness. Well, with a name like that I had to farm enough candy corn to get one. Now I can run around with a not-so-scary little kitten.

The weather is a little chillier today, so I walked with some co-workers through the skywalk. We stopped and messed with the touch screen at the Amway Grand. They have a very amusing and stock photo for some sandwiches.

The weather is still decent so they're out stringing Christmas lights on the trees downtown.

People are getting their fishing in before the weather turns.

I started out hoping to make a lot more things, but I ran out of butter early on and we have no milk. So I limited my baking to just two things.

The first was baked apple fritters. Since I had some sour cream unopened in the fridge, I busted it out and whipped these up. They're pretty tasty!
Then I used the last of the butter on these delicious candy corn sugar cookies. Of course, we have left over cake from Chris's birthday, but it never hurts to have backup sweets when the cake runs out!

I spent a lot of time playing some more Guild Wars 2. I did read a book (it was a short book), but mostly I just played around in the Halloween event.

It's Chris's birthday! Hooray! We celebrated in the morning just a bit before work, and then a bunch more in the evening once I was home.

Who doesn't want to do battle with a giant candy corn?

Not too chilly for a walk after work. Close, but not quite.

Not much has changed since last year, but I still can't resist playing halloween events in MMOs. It makes up for being too old to Trick-or-Treat.


The weather is starting to get cooler more often and the leaves are slowly changing.

I met an old co-worker and friend for breakfast this morning (Lori), as we often do. This time she mentioned she was going to bring some baby clothes.

Well, she brought a huge tub of 0-12 month clothes, plus another pile of never worn stuff on hangers. We are now officially set on clothing for the next year!

I went out to lunch with some co-workers and noticed someone was having fun while writing the menu for the Hopcat. I am amused.

Lots of fall colors at the local park.

There were a lot of delicious treats in the breakroom today at work.

It's shaping up to be a rainy week...

The chair isn't new, but it's position in the house is. When clearing out the room yesterday this chair ended up in our bedroom and we left it there for a bit. The cat has pretty much spent all of his waking time being creepy sitting there if he's not laying on one of us.

We have awhile yet (I'm not due until February) but it never hurts to start in on the little things. So Chris spent part of the afternoon clearing some things out of the room for the baby and getting some curtains up.

He's not pictured, but the cat enjoyed all of the activity.

Dan and Angel celebrated their little one's 1st birthday today (technically it's tomorrow). I think she had a blast!

There are a fair number of squirrels (and rabbits, racoons and more) in our neighborhood that come up on our back deck, but there is one in particular I love. The 3-legged squirrel. He's missing his right left arm. He's been coming around for the last few years we've been here and he is the only one bold enough to stand there, flick his tail, and wait for you to toss him something.

I'm always glad to see he's doing alright.

I know. This is totally the same photo from a few days ago. That's because this is pretty much what I did this evening, again. There are a lot of places to sneak around in!

Today was the 20 week ultrasound (anatomy scan). We had an earlier about six weeks ago to confirm the age (a dating scan) but this is the big one typically done now.

There was a lot of waiting. 40 minutes of waiting. The last time wasn't that bad. Next time I'll be sure not to schedule anything in the morning if I can help it. Holding a full bladder for that long was painful.

Finally we got in there and voila, we are having a boy! So, now to start actually discussing names.

Years ago after playing a lot of Morrowind I bought Oblivion. I hated it. Hated. So I tossed it aside and left it. The next game that came out for the series was Skyrim, and I loved it. So since it's been a few years and I'm getting restless for an open world to explore (and pilfer, as a thief), I'm giving Oblivion a second chance.

I still really don't like the lockpicking mechanism in game, but it's not bad. I've been enjoying playing it the last several nights.

The weather is getting cooler but the sun still shines on some days.

In Sleeping Beauty (animated movie from 1959), two of Aurora's fairy godmothers fight over the color of her dress. Ultimately she ended up in a pink dress and as a kid I always wanted it blue. So when I saw that she's wearing a blue dress from the Maleficent movie, I was amused.

We visited my parents this Saturday to celebrate my dad's birthday a little early. It's not until Monday, but that's ok. Every day leading up to a birthday can be practice for the actual birthday celebration, right?

When up north earlier this year we missed Forty-Five North's winery. So while in the store today I thought I'd pick up a bottle of what I really wanted to get, since this store carries a lot of wines from Traverse City. Unfortunately they were all out.

But that's ok. I have several months before I can drink any alcohol again anyway. And even after the baby I think consumption will be limited.

I'll still be on the lookout for a restock though, and stash a bottle as soon as one is available for sometime next year.

Dan came over this evening for some tv and popcorn. Hooray!

We've been watching the animated TMNT show and it's delightful. I really liked TMNT when I was a little kid and this cartoon, while different, is still pretty good. So when I arrived home Chris had a small lego set for me with Karai and Leo. Leo was the one I always liked the least, but with this new animated cartoon he's less insufferable and more amusing.

I'm really starting to get quite the collection of LEGOs.