Having dinner in the park so the little one can enjoy the sunshine before it rains again tomorrow.

Sometimes he drinks all my water.

His new favorite thing is to buckle himiself in. Then I am allowed to adjust and tighten everything.

While out on a walk at lunch I stumbled across a puddle full of tadpoles. This isn't even a 10th of what was in there.
In the evening we explored more of the "story mode" game on his Kano computer, which has a little character explore the inside of a computer and all the various components.

In the morning we spent some time at the zoo. They have a nice new area where you can pet a tortise or two, which Quinn was interested in.
Later in the afternoon we assembled Quinn's first computer - a Kano computer. This was very easy and he assembled it almost completely by himself.
The color-coded cables really went a long way to help instruct what performed what function. 
When we were up and running Quinn started to play a few games. He had his first introduction to a trackpad, which, for someone who has always used touchscreens, is certainly a new experience.

We've had a busy day out and about. First we went out for breakfast then played at the mall for a few hours since it was raining.
In the afternoon, once the sun was out, we played at the park and then spent several hours doing yard work. Poor Chris had to come find us because he'd made dinner but we were still busy toiling away in the yard.

It's rained so much this month. I feel like anytime it's not raining we need to take advantage and rush outside. We stumbled across several toads in the yard this morning.
We also spent lots of time at the park. We took a break briefly just because of rain, but once it was over we were back outside.

It was another rainy day today.

We played some video games together this evening. I let him roam around in Assiassin's Creed III, which just came out on the switch.

It's much warmer and the sun is out today. That makes for more fun at the park!

 It's cloudy and cold but that didn't stop us from going to the park to play.
We also swung by Target to pick up some supplies, which he had a lot of fun doing. Being able to pick things out for himself goes a long way in how much fun he has shopping.

He's been having fun dressing up.

After a 19 hour shift at work, I'm finally done at 5am. Time for sleep!

This weekend is a conversion at work so I'm at the office while we work on things. This little guy came out and was sniffing around the back deck around 5pm.

Some co-workers and I met up at a park between our houses and let our kids play.
Quinn had a great time running around chasing all kinds of things.
It was good to get the kids out and let them run around all over.

Someone slept in late today.

 Today has all around been a beautiful day outdoors. The sunrise was great (even if it was chilly out).
We played at the park after dinner. Sunshine and warm weather were wonderful after the last week of clouds and rain.

A new spot opened up recently by us so after dinner we took a little stroll. It's a fun place called Pi-Cafe that features all kinds of different pies you can order.
We were there 30 minutes before they close, so there weren't a ton of options but we did snag a tasty peanutbutter pie, which Quinn and I split.

 It's Mother's Day! We are spending today at home. Quinn made me this card.
 In the late morning, before the rain was supposed to start, we took a nice walk on a nearby trail.
 No rain by later in the afternoon but it still seemed like a good day to nap and cuddle.
Even the cat wanted to snuggle!

We spent the day in the Detroit area. We stopped at my parents house briefly and then spent time at Grandma Karath's assembling LEGO sets and eating desserts.
When we arrived home I headed out to see the Detective Pikachu movie. It was a lot more adorable than I thought it was going to be. Plus they were handing out trading card packs, so that's a cute bonus.

A co-worker gave me this mug today, which is pretty amusing.

 It rained this morning....
Finally the sun came out. On a walk with some co-workers we stumbled across some baby turtles.

The rain is back.

We cleaned the fish tank together today. And when I say together, it was mostly me going "no, don't touch" and "please get this" to Quinn. But he's learning and havn't a good time.
After all that we headed out for another walk. Since it's supposed to rain some of Wednesday and it rained this morning, we're getting out outdoor time when we can.

This morning the little one and I took a long walk along Buck Creek Nature Trail while Chris got a little extra sleep. We had a fun time looking at all the different animals.

We originally drove to Holland to check out Tulip Time, but it was very busy and we couldn't find any decent parking. Plus it's not like we are all super into tulips...

So we drove to Holland State Park, which is on Lake Michigan.
Quinn kept calling the lake the ocean and had tons of fun, even if it was a little chilly with the wind.

It's May the Fourth, which is a Star Wars day. And It's is Free Comic Book Day! We snagged a few comics from Quinn at a local comic book store called The Comic Signal, who does a really nice job.

In the afternoon we headed over to John Ball Zoo for some Star Wars themed fun!
It was sunny and finally warmer so a lot of people were out and about. It was a great day for a zoo visit.

Meet Lights, Quinn's new betta fish.

Our friend Corinne Roberts stopped by for a few hours this evening. Quinn absolutely loved showing her every new toy since she'd last been over, and telling all kinds of stories. It was great to catch up with her. Now that winter is behind us, we will hopefully be able to see her a lot more often!

A co-worker had mentioned how much her 5 year old loved his Kanoodle Jr. Since we've been doing more and more jigsaw puzzles together, I thought we'd try this little puzzle game out. He's been loving it the past several days. Playing with it was one of the first things he did this morning.