I've been alternating between practicing crochet and knitting (which is more twisting on my wrists and harder for me to do for longer periods of time than crochet) for the last few weeks. One of the small projects I decided to try was a bouncing door hanger for the cat. Today I wrapped up the project and I have to say, I'm happy with how similar the colors are to Leki's preferred ferret toy, Thing 1.
 Leki messed with it a little once I hung it up, but honestly despite the bell stuffed in the ball end, it wasn't too interested. It bounces, it moves, but it's too high for my orange sausage cat. He has to stand to swat at it, and he really just prefers to squat and swat.

I may make another one down the road has a longer squiggle so he's more apt to swat at it.

If the cat never does quite take to it I can always just give it to the Peppy, who is always excited to stash fabric toys.
I also have a ball (or is it skein? Or is that the same thing? I'm not clear on the terminology) of this insanely weird looking Fun Fur that I ended up not using. Originally I was going to crochet the ball end with this so that the toy was more enticing to the cat. I tried crocheting with it a few times and kept getting it knotted with all the fuzzy strands sticking out. What a freaking nightmare. Maybe when I get better I can go back through and weave it in or craft another ball out of this.


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