We spent part of the day finishing up one of the brick areas.
I'm slowing cleaning up the terraces we have, that have been overrun by grass and what not. We will plant some flowers soon as well.

We have completed the story line in Lego Batman and Lego Batman 2, so we've moved onto Lego Batman 3. I'm glad I picked these up on a sale years ago.
The little patch of garden I planted is starting to really take off, now that the weather is warmer.

Beautiful day today.

We spent part of the day practicing for his virtual theater class on Saturdays. This Saturday is the last day of class, which is exciting!

There are so many!

We took an early morning walk together. He was my Mandalorian partner, exploring the neighborhood with me.
Kent County is starting to see a decline in the number of positive cases again, so that's good. Hopefully things continue to trend downward across the state. With the Upper Peninsula and Traverse City area open, my fingers are crossed that people in the south who are asymptomatic don't drive north and bring COVID-19 with them.