Almost a year ago Chris 3D printed this Tardis model for me so I could make a snow globe. I'd seen this Adafruit tutorial and I wanted to make something Dr. Who-themed.

The idea of painting it was something I didn't want to do. Chris had primed it white for me but I really dragged my feet on doing anything else.
I finally started to do something with it this month, nearly a year later. So first I painted it with some acrylic model paint.
Then the next weekend I glued it to the base with E6000 and coated the model in Envirotex.
I'd had these supplies lying around for a year so I finally cracked open a gallon jug of distilled water and got pouring. The glitter and glycerine added made it look like a snow globe for sure. I used 1tsp of glycerine and just under that for the glitter.
I tried for awhile on and off the past year to figure out a way to get a Tardis sound on a Circuit Playground Express. I'm sure there is an easy way to do it, but I just don't know about reading sheet music or programming to get it quite right. I tried a few different tones and nothing quite sounded correct. I opted for no sound, and I can always update the programming at a later date if I do figure it out.

I ended up using MakeCode, which is pretty easy and fast to use. 

I placed a small lipo battery under the microcontroller and used double-sided tape to stick it to the bottom cap of the snow globe. 
The lightup is pretty basic, but it glow all colors of the rainbow when you shake it. With the envirotex coating the plug, there was still some leaking out of the globe so I followed the advice of the Adafruit tutorial and coated the out edge of the plug with E6000 glue.
I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out. I especially like that


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