Today is a day for Harry Potter things. I did some cooking on and off today, as well as assembling a spider PB & J sandwich for the six-year old.
We had magic wands.
And chocolate frogs.
As well as pumpkin pasties and polyjuice potion. It was a fun day for making an array of different foods.

Tried grapefruit this morning...he wasn't impressed.

Instead of asking to play Minecraft, he asked to play Clue Jr again. I'm super excited for variety and not arguing about trying different things in the evening.

Today is the cat's 13th birthday. He is a good sport about the party hat every year.

We played our first round of Clue Jr tonight. He really enjoyed it.

I put another shelf into the 6 year old's closet. This will be a good spot for all of his board games, now that he's getting old enough to start enjoying them more.

During a conference call I looked over and found this in my pen holder. Sometimes my husband is so silly, which I love.

I logged in and played a bit of Guild Wars 2, which I haven't done for ages. I have so much junk in my inventory I spent at least 30 minutes organizing things trying to figure out if stuff was worth keeping or not.

We spent some time outside enjoying the sunshine together. I think he had a lot more fun than I did.

He spent a chunk of the day building one of his gifts - a LEGO Minecraft pig house.

Today is a full day of birthday festivities. A scavenger hunt and delicious pancakes.
Fun in Animal Crossing, celebrating with villagers on his island.
And opening presents with Grandma Karath.... well as Grandma and Grandpa Oslund and uncle Jeff.
Even the cat joined the celebrations when it was time for cake!

We filled up a few balloons with water and food coloring and then let them freeze overnight. The result is a fun little ice globe!

Who doesn't enjoy trudging through snow up to your knees?

We decorated with the colorful ice today.
He was a pretty big fan.

Hooray for Valentine's day!

We filled an egg container with water and put food coloring in it. We will have lots of fun seeing how everything looks outside once the water is frozen! much snow.

 It's almost Lunar New Year! We were amused to see this free skin pack in Minecraft for the holiday.

We've been talking about Norse mythology today and decided to watch the first Thor movie (yes I know it's not mythology's Thor but he's 5). He had to get changed to enjoy the film.

While we were out taking a walk we stumbled across this guy that someone had made.

It's Monday and there was a bit more snow this morning again.

Every day there's a fresh layer of snow to shovel. I guess this makes up for how little there was the last two months.

This is the kind of snow I dreamed about as a kid. I would have loved to have this much to play in. I'm less excited as an adult having to shovel it, but it's great not having to commute anywhere while the roads have to get cleared.

We definitely received snow overnight. This is early in the morning and it's supposed to snow all day.

We're in for quite a bit of snow overnight. It started late this afternoon and we should have quite a bit by morning.

I am absolutely loving all of the sunshine lately.

We built some forts and had a snowball fight at lunch.

We went sledding again in the morning before work.