We had a very active morning this morning. First he asked me to layout the blankets and create his beach, then he asked for his doctor pillow set. Next he set to giving his stuffed animals check-ups.

After work today we all got together at Dave and Busters for drinks and games. Everyone always has a pretty good time there.

N.K. Jemisin's latest book arrived yesterday. It's a collection of short stories and while I'm not a huge fan of short stories I do love her work, so I'm excited to dig in.

Trying new foods is always a struggle with the little one. Tonight he finally tried pizza, after sitting at the table for over an hour. He ended up eating several pieces, so that's something.

Today is my last day off for my mini-vacation and boy, did I pick a good day to have off. We were hit with a snowstorm overnight, which absolutely thrilled the youngest member of our household.
We went out a few times to play in the snow. It is a little too cold to make a snowman (though we tried and tried) but we could manage sledding!
We had the entire park to ourselves, which was a little surprising. It's a snow day for nearly all schools and normally this park is full of kids rolling down this hill. That meant we had the whole place to ourselves, which mostly involved a giggling 3 year old falling down over and over as he climbed up the hill to slide down once more.

We normally set up our Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend, so today's the day this year. The little one had tons of fun decorating his own felt tree. I'll have to make another ornament or two this year.
Setting up the tree this year was interesting, since all of our strings of lights were only half working. I'm not even sure how that happened, but it did.

It's not quite like my parents' and it's much smaller, but it's as close as I'm going to get to that ceramic tree my parents' have that I love. It even came with a missing light to give it that authentic 70's ceramic tree fee (that I totally didn't notice until we arrived home).

It's another day of Thanksgiving foods, this time at home. We started the day with some turkey-shaped pancakes.
 We also played with a ton of Duplos.
And, while still incredibly fussy about foods, he was willing to eat sweet potato at least. I consider that a partial win, since the last few years he's not tried much in the way of new foods.

Thanksgiving is here! We traveled to Grandma Karath's house first, for presents and tasty lunch.
Then to Grandma and Grandpa Oslund's house, for dinner and fun times with Uncle Jeff.

The little one had quite an elaborate story this afternoon, where a Scooby Doo zombie attacked the city and took out all of the heroes. It was up to a mystery hero to save everyone....

They've started putting up wreaths at work. The decorations are slowly coming in.

Night sight on the Pixel 2 looks great!

Another fun morning swimming. He is getting more and more comfortable with the water, although he still won't put his face in it.

Chris's cousin was in town today so the stopped by with their two little ones for some fun cousin playtime.

The new pokemon game came out today, so we tried it out a bit after dinner. I picked up the pack with the pokeball controller, which works perfectly for the little one. He loves the lights, the sounds, and the vibrations.

Well, it was going to start sooner or later. I was just hoping for later.

It's important to keep everyone's feet warm.

The touch screen in our new car works well with gloves. I honestly didn't even think about it but as soon as I got in today I was convinced it wouldn't work. I was wrong! It makes sense that they'd build the screens to be both resistivite and capacitive, but it's still nice to confirm.

The fun thing about Starlink is that the toys that came in the box are just that - toys. I'm sure I will regret this purchase at some point, but right now the little one is enjoying being Star Fox in a video game and outside.

He will finally get on Sandy, the penny pony at Meijer, but he absolutely will not let us put a penny in. A year ago he wouldn't get on Sandy, so I guess we are making progress?

It's another year for Grand Rapids Comic Con! We visited our friends Adam and Comfort, as well as Corinne.
 We also played some arcade games together.
And did lots of LEGO construction!

It snowed overnight and the 3 year old is beyond excited!

He wouldn't wear these earlier this year when we were at Great Wolf Lodge, but he's all about these wolf ears now.

They're celebrating birthdays again this month at work, which means delicious cakes, pies and more!

It's important to vote!

Some co-workers brought me post-conversion presents, including this hilarious dolphin. I am totally leaving this guy in the corner in my office to greet visitors.

It's day two of the conversion and we're still going strong. One happy coincidence is that since this conversion is right after Halloween a ton of people brought in their left over candy. Delicious snacks all day long.

It's been a very long day. The team and I worked a 12+ hour day and we're looking to have another full day tomorrow. The great part is the team is wonderful and so far so good. Plus I come home to these two which make the day so much better.

There is a large conversion this weekend at work so I headed out with a co-worker to pick up provisions for everyone.

These signs always frustrate me. Buy one, get one on all EXCEPT the exclusions listed below. I know that's the nature of these types of signs but I feel like there is a better way to communicate it.