Quinn and Leki were great Halloween helpers. Leki supervised and Quinn enjoyed watching the kids come to the door.
We dressed him in the Superman hoodie a friend gave us (complete with detachable cape!). So he crawled and walked (yes, walked!) around in between kids coming to the door. 

Who knew hairbrushes could be such fun?

Tasty ring!

Leki came back to check out bath time. Quinn and I were watching the water fill up the tub and Leki had to see what was so fascinating.

Quinn really likes chewing on this plastic Cookie Monster Chris picked up a few months. He prefers it to Oscar the Grouch and Grover.

The kid has good taste.

Someone has been working all day on his balance and taking steps!

Leki spent part of the afternoon attempting to sunbathe. Quinn took the opportunity to "pet" the cat and have a good time. Leki was a good sport, considering there was a baby smacking, I mean "petting" his back.

I will admit - that cat is very stubborn. He absolutely refused to move out of the sunshine. Instead he just vocalized his protest as the baby kept crawling over to him and giving him attention.

 Today is Chris's birthday! My parents came out to Grand Rapids and we celebrated.
They picked up KFC and we all had a tasty lunch. Quinn enjoyed sitting at the table with everyone and eating tasty pureed food.
He also really liked the sequins on my moms shirt.

We had a good time with them and I know Quinn had a blast! And they took a lot of good photos, which I stole and used for this blog post (I was super tired and took like one photo - shame on me!).

Quinn is finally starting to get into the touch and feel books. Chris says he's really been pulling on the "fur" of a sheepdog in the farm animals book he has.

This month's Loot Crate came and it was time travel themed. Hooray!

Chris set up a folding table in the living room, draped a blanket over it and created a fun little tunnel for Quinn to go through.

Somehow the cat managed to fit inside a paper grocery bag. He's not a small cat. It just doesn't seem possible, but somehow he managed to get in the thing.

The nice thing about working downtown and having a doctor downtown is that I only have to walk few blocks to get to my doctor's office. That makes having a lunchtime checkup super easy.

 Quinn is 8 months today!
He's getting big and enjoys getting into everything!

Today is the 3rd annual Grand Rapids Comic Con! Every year they've moved the venue because the event keeps growing, so this year it's downtown at the DeVos Place.

Chris is a big fan of Green Lantern and a few years ago he bought me a Red Lantern shirt. So of course we were going to make Quinn a lantern too! We decided on a White Lantern.

Dan came over and we all rode downtown together.
 We ran into R2D2 while we waited for the doors to open.
 We visited Comfort and Adam's booth, which was pretty nice (it was a corner booth!).
 And we stopped by to see Corinne in artist alley.
Corinne is so sweet she had this adorable little Green Lantern hat made for Quinn.
The line to get into the con around lunch was getting longer. It wasn't quite out the door, but it was almost there.

This was our first experience out and about with Quinn at an event like this. It was a little stressful for me, just worrying if he was going to get tired, hungry, frustrated, or just be unhappy. I'm not sure why I worried so much - he is usually so happy and easy going. Plus Chris, who is home with him all day, wasn't worried at all.

And of course everything went fine. He was a trooper and stayed awake from 7:40 in the morning to about noon. We even tried to step aside into a quiet place to let him nap and he was too interested in everything to nap. It wasn't until we were on our way back to the car did he finally pass out in the stroller.

I think next year will be even more fun. Quinn will be older and it will be the second year in this venue, so some of the traffic flow oddities will be resolved by then.

Quinn has been taking a few steps here and there during the day with Chris all week. And tonight he took about three toward me in the kitchen when I got home from work.

Pretty cool to watch!

I woke up to an email with a download code for the Zelda Triforce Heroes demo. So I quickly downloaded it to try the game out.

I realized pretty shortly that the game doesn't have a single player demo and it's just online or local play with friends. Unfortunately Chris doesn't play video games and Quinn is too young. So maybe I'll try some online play this weekend.

He seriously loves that orange hammer.

It's getting chilly out, so Chris decided to break in the new jacket we bought Quinn.

Someone is clapping hands!

 We took Quinn to the park by our house this morning.
We goofed around and had a good time before any of the bigger kids arrived to play and enjoy the nice weather.

We headed out to the Wyoming Pumpkin Path today. There were a lot more people there than we had anticipated, and the lines were very long. But since Quinn is so little we had no intention of trick or treating and there was no way he could be disappointed by anything. 
He had a really good time looking at everyone and just taking the whole scene in. 

It doesn't matter what obstacles Chris puts in the way, Quinn is determined to get at the plant by the wall.

Someone does not like green beans AT ALL. 

 A co-worker brought in some books (and cool bibs and bowls not pictured).
Quinn really liked the books. And they're pretty fun to read. I've been getting tired of reading Peek-A Who? over and over to Quinn (which is also from the same co-worker). He loves that book so I hope he loves these books just as much.

Packages arrived today!

Another bag of crap arrived today, and this one truly is the crappiest one I've received. The macaroni and cheese air freshener is just weird. I guess it's the kind of thing you'd give to your enemy..?

The knife is interesting. I look forward to cutting things with it. But a lipstick case and a mousepad are super random things that I'm not sure what to do with. I have A LOT of mousepads. Hmm...

If you drop something, chances are the cat will eat it. He never, ever would eat food not in his food dish, but this baby changes everything, apparently.

September and October are very busy months for my family because of all the birthdays. Since my dad's birthday is next week during the week, we headed over this Saturday to see everyone.

We first stopped over at my mother-in-law's so she could spend some time with Quinn. Since she can't drive out to see us by herself, we try to stop in if we're able when we're in town so she can see how much he's grown.
In the early afternoon we headed over to my parent's house to do an early birthday celebration and to let them watch Quinn crawl all over the house.

It's Friday after work and we're all smiles over here!

A co-worker brought in a bag full of DVDs and bibs for Quinn. They're awesome bibs that have little pockets to catch all the food he drops (and will drop). And as he gets older the DVDs are going to be fun for him too.