With the week off between jobs, we decided to take a mini-vacation to the east side of the state and visit the grandparents. Our first stop is The Henry Ford!
Since it's a Tuesday, the museum was pretty empty. That's perfect for a 2 year old who loves to run around everywhere.
He had a really great time with all of the different exhibits, especially those he could climb into.

The alternate cover for The Stars are Legion arrived today and it's awesome. The book features only women on living world ships. It's a fast-paced book by a pretty awesome author, and I was excited to receive the promotional stuff Kameron Hurley mailed out.

Bedtime was a weird time this evening.

I met up with some old co-workers for another former co-worker's baby shower. She's having twins!

It's my last day at my current job. A bunch of us all went out for drinks after work and had a good time.

The weather was nice today so we took a trip to the park after dinner. He had a lot of fun marching around before the sun set.

Today the toddler practiced sharing between Doc McStuffins and Abby.

This is my last week at my current job so I've started the process of clearing out some of my personal items. The walls look empty now.

I met some old co-workers after work for dinner and drinks. It was good to catch up with everyone.

Rather than drive his presents across the state to drive them back, we decided to have Quinn just open his gifts from us today. So this morning was filled with shredded wrapping paper all over the living room.
The weather is beautiful and warm again today, so we spent some time at the local park with his tricycle.

Today Quinn turns two! We decided this year we'd just hit the grandparents and so a small thing at each house.
He had fun with his balloons at his grandma Karath's house. He also had fun unwrapping his present when no one was looking (he was alone for two seconds!).
At my parents house we spent quite a bit of time outside enjoying the weather. My parents bought him a tricycle, so we tried to teach him how to ride.
He is hit and miss with his feet on the pedals, but he loves to walk himself or have someone push him along on it. With 60 degree weather, who can blame him for having such a great time outside.

I have the day off to run some errands and do things before birthday #2. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some time at Skyzone this morning.

When kids are around, reading is hard. I tried to explain several times there are no pictures but he didn't care. He wanted to flip through the pages himself.

A co-worker gave Quinn a magic wand for Abby (and some other toys). He's really been enjoying trying to turn things into fish.

Today is Valentine's Day, which is fun when you have a toddler. He colored this lovely work of art for me (and enjoyed some tasty treats himself this morning).
And at work there were delicious desserts. Who can say no to those?

Last night was a rough night for everyone. When toddlers don't sleep well, no one sleeps well.

We went to story time at the book store today. It was an interesting experience.

Start small and eventually you have enough practice you can drive the big cars. That's how that works, right?

We enjoyed a lot of music videos this evening, including a lot of Kimbra's Cameo Lover video.

A co-worker loaned me her copy of Trolls so we had a movie night tonight. He definitely enjoyed the movie. It had lots of singing, lots of bright colors - everything a toddler loves!

Quinn has been excited to wear my hair ties as bracelets. This morning he and I whipped up a fat bracelet with a train on it. He enjoyed watching the sewing and "helping" but once it was done he lost interest. Kids.

It's always the right time of year for Halloween decorations.

We checked out AirTime, which is nearly identical to SkyZone and a giant trampoline place. AirTime, however, has an awesome play structure like you'd fine in a McDonalds. We had the whole thing to ourselves so I crawled through it with the little guy. He took a few steps out on this bar then turned around and insisted I help him across. He's had a great time running around like a crazy toddler.

We had a delicious meal and tea this afternoon.

This boy loves taking photos.

Books are fun!

So many dinner options and nothing looks good to the toddler.