My office-mate is great. He's so quiet.
 On lunch we did some painting. A lot of time setting up and a lot of time screaming it wasn't perfect.
In the evening I worked on sewing a mask. Studies indicate a home-made mask is better than nothing at all, so for now we'll use home-made ones if we need to go out.

It's been cold, cloudy and rainy. So we decided to exercise a bit in the morning before work. I wrapped up my session and let the little one do the jogging exercises.
He spent part my lunch break working through a kindergarten workbook. 
In the evening I linked up with a co-worker who has been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. This loading screen is adorable.

It rained yesterday, and it's going to rain later today. But in the morning we were able to get out and enjoy some warmer weather. We went up and down Buck Creek Nature Trail and enjoyed all the puddles together.

I woke up determined to bagels, which came out questionable. I also baked some donuts in muffin and twinkie pans, as requested by the resident 5 year old.
We took a long walk up to the local elementary school, which has a large field behind it. 

There were some signs in front of all the playground equipment, reminding everyone not to play on the eqiupment.

Worldwide the cases of COVID-19 have surpassed 600,000. The metro Detroit area, where both of our families live, is considered a hot spot for the virus.