The push walker we picked up over the weekend is kind of nice because it transforms to a little toy he can sit on and push himself along. He's a little short to be able to use it that way, but he does like sitting on it and playing.

The little guy loves to stand, crawl, and try to get out of all places. Even rooms with barriers.

It's my parent's 41st wedding anniversary. I stole these photos from Facebook because they're adorable.
Look how happy they are!

I finally had time to sit down and work on Quinn's outfit for the Grand Rapids Comic Con. Now to wait for everything to dry and see how it comes out.

 We did some grocery shopping this morning...
...then headed out to Toys R Us to pick up a walker for Quinn. He played with it a little bit. He likes it, but he tries to walk around it instead of using it to walk. But I think in a few days he'll really enjoy using it to get around by himself.

McDonald's set up a booth downtown for ArtPrize. I'm not sure if it's for the day, weekend, or duration of the event. They were handing out free apple muffins and apple slices.

So much writing by hand. I used to be able to take a ton of notes back when I was in school, but thanks computers I almost never have to write by hand any more. Now I get hand cramps too easily!

No place is safe. Not even the back of the couch.

Today we tried sitting Quinn in his high chair and feeding him when we ate dinner. We gave him mash potatoes. Dear god did he make a mess. Babies are so, so messy.

Today's my birthday! There were delicious cupcakes at work that I munched on all day.

Quinn and I went to the park so he could run around in the tennis court with his walker. He had a pretty good time and enjoyed watching everything.

Adam and Comfort are back home after 2 weeks of traveling to conventions and giving talks. They came over today to catch up and swap stories since we've last seen them.

7 months and climbing all over everything. He really enjoys going up the stairs.

Quinn is enjoying moving from one wall onto the next. He is determined to be independent.

Stroller rides are tons of fun.

A delicious box arrived today from my parents, packed with truffles. Even Leki liked the package. Or rather, the string on the package.

He's going everywhere and standing against everything.

I went a little crazy in the kitchen and made a pumpkin cheesecake and a giant chocolate chip cookie in the cast iron skillet. Delicious desserts all week!

He's really been pulling himself up on everything. Straight up walls, up the stairs (yes, he can climb the stairs - very slowly but he can do it!). Honestly, if the cat would sit still he would try to climb up the cat. So when we took Quinn outside to watch the cars and enjoy the being out, I decided to hold him and let him touch the tree as opposed to letting him try to pull himself up. The last thing he needs is a treebark-shaped mark on his forehead where he slammed into it.
As you can see, he likes to use everything to climb to a standing position. EVERYTHING.

One of the things that came in the Bag of Crap from yesterday was a stylus for cooking games on the DS. I have no idea why you'd ever want one of these things, but I figured I'd try it out since I have a cooking game.

Last month during a Woot Off, (which is when the Woot site sells random things for a certain amount of time or until its out of stock and then moves onto the next item all day long) one of things that went up was the infamous Bag of Crap. It's a $5 grab bag of random stuff that can be good or bad and sells out very, very quickly.

Due to a server glitch, the item was up much longer than it should have and they oversold by quite a bit. Initially they'd canceled my order, but they decided to reinstate mine as well as over a thousand others. They took a little longer than usual to fulfill the order since they had to make so many, but it shipped way sooner than I'd thought it would.

The Bag of Crap arrived today and was pretty random, but much better than the last one. We now have two shower radio things for all of our showing needs I guess.

It did come with a pair of shoes in exactly Chris's size, which was pretty nice. And some weird bowls to make bacon bowls. Plus other random things.

All in all a pretty amusing random box of stuff to get for $5.

Walks are SO much fun.

In the morning I came in and found Quinn standing straight up in his crib. He's been slowly pulling himself up when holding onto me or Chris, but to finally translate that to the crib means we will be lowering it today.
He loves to pull himself up. This kid has wanted to walk since forever, and he's so much closer to being able to do it now.

Today has been a rough day. Quinn did not want to take a nap. He hasn't slept good at night the last few weeks (getting up every 2-3 hours to eat). So when he refused to take a nap it was very frustrating. He had fun chasing his Gloworm though. In the whole day he only slept about an hour and a half. Ugh. He has so much energy.

He really enjoys all toys, even lightsabers that he's just a little too small for.

Labor Day is late this year, which means the long weekend is closer than usual to my mother's birthday! We spent the day at my parents house, letting little Quinn play with my dad's baby toy, Brownie Long Ears.
He enjoyed seeing everyone...
And trying out my childhood chair. He is going to have a lot of cool things to play with at his grandparents house when he gets older.
He and Jeff even had a good time. He really enjoyed chasing after Jeff on the floor.

There were some deer off the back deck while we were eating dinner. It was kind of amusing to watch because both fawns wanted to nurse and it didn't quite seem like the mother was interested in letting them for very long.

Leki has still been having a hard time with Quinn, especially since he's mobile. Leki wants to sleep somewhere, but the baby wants to pull his tail. So the cat gets up, moves three inches, then settles back down. And the baby immediately crawls over such a short distance and the whole thing starts over again.

So today Leki tried hiding in a box. It didn't work that well for him. The baby still kept trying to grab anything he could, but it certainly makes for a cute photo.

Someone had fun climbing Leki's tower this evening.

Dan and Lorelei came by today while I was at work. They had a good time and Quinn really enjoys when they come over.